Best Hunting Belt: A Review of 10 Hunting Belts

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Rugged and sturdy, suitable hunting belts make it easier for you to carry hunting knives, firearms, EMS equipment, and other vital objects compared to conventional belts.

Even when loaded with equipment, an ideal hunting belt should not flip, sag, or carve into your belly. They should be sturdy enough to accommodate your gear and, conversely, flexible enough to allow for easy movement.

For you to purchase the right belt, here are the key factors you should consider: material, rigidity, adjustability, and buckle strength. 

What are the Factors to Consider When Buying a Hunting Belt?


Most hunting belts are crafted using nylon, but many of them are not durable or sturdy. Opt for belt straps with heavy-duty tensile strength and reinforced stitching. For improved stability and strength, some belts are made of multiple strips of reinforced stitching.

Another key advantage of belt straps made of nylon is that they dry quickly, whether damp from precipitation or perspiration. Nylon is also a tear-resistant and breathable material. Sure, there are many fantastic leather hunting belts, but belts constructed with nylon are the most ideal. 


Adequate rigidity makes it possible for a hunting belt to carry heavy gear without rolling, twisting or pinching. But if a belt is too rigid, it won’t be comfortable – which is another vital factor.

The rigidity of the hunting belt you opt for should be hinged on the weight of the equipment you typically carry. If you only carry a 2-pound pistol, your belt doesn’t have to be as rigid as a belt you could use to carry a heavier firearm, flashlight, extra magazines, and other essentials. Wider straps are typically more rigid and often don’t sag or twist.

Adjustability and Buckle Strength

If you opt for a hunting belt that offers limited adjustability or one with a weak buckle, it’ll give you a lot of grief when you’re wearing it. Many hunting belts come with metal buckles (either aluminum or steel), while some have strong plastic buckles. Both types can do the job well when well designed. 

But for adjustability’s sake, avoid hunting belts with holes. You simply can’t micro-adjust them for a precise fit. Ideally, you should get a good quality nylon belt that’s firm enough to hold hunting gear, a strap that adjusts easily, feels great, and durable.

Here are some of the best hunting belts:

The Best for Deer Hunting

Fairwin Tactical Belt, Military Style Webbing Riggers Web Belt Heavy-Duty Quick-Release Metal Belt for Men

This durable webbing belt with a quick-release buckle makes for a fantastic deer hunting belt. It is 45” in length, 1.5” in width, and suitable for a 30” to 36” waist. The buckle is 5/16” thick and 2” wide. 

What Outstanding Features Does this Deer Hunting Belt Possess?

  • Quality Alloy Buckle – this tactical belt comes with a military-style belt buckle that is crafted from excellent quality metal alloy. 
  • Breathable Webbing – it’s made from an eco-friendly nylon material which is comfortable and breathable.  
  • Quick Release – Unlocking the belt is intuitive, quick, and smooth. You only need to press the golden tabs simultaneously. If you just push one tab, the connection will still hold and relock automatically.  
  • Excellent service – with this belt, you get a 60-day return allowance and a 2-year quality guarantee.

Best Belt for Dove Hunting

ALPS OutdoorZ Dove Belt

This Dove belt comes with a pair of large shell pockets, a water bottle pocket, and a game bag pouch. You can access the pockets easily thanks to the magnetic closing system. Besides, the pockets are removable, and you can configure and move them to suit your hunting needs. 

Why You Will Love this Dove Hunting Belt?

  • Customizable – the pair of large shell pockets, the game bag, and the water bottle bag are easy to clean, and they can be adjusted or removed to suit your preferences.
  • Easy access – all pouches have a magnetic closure system, so you can easily access your gear. All these considered you should consider getting this belt for your next dove hunting expedition. 

Best Belt for Camping

ArcEnCiel Tactical Fanny Pack for Men Waist Bad Military Hip Belt Out Hiking and Fishing Bumbag

This bag is constructed using dense 1000D nylon, which is wear-resistant and water-resistant. It also has a personality patch which you can personalize. 

What Outstanding Features Does this Camping Belt Possess? 

  • Size – the belt’s adjustable strap goes from 27.6” to 51.2”. Belt width is 1.5”. The belt also comes with a quick-release ABS buckle and durable, adjustable straps. Besides, it’s easy to use and easy to carry in your suitcase, luggage bag, or backpack when you travel.
  • Large main compartment – the compartment is large enough to accommodate your cell phone, iPad mini, tactical flashlight, glasses, snacks, cigarettes, compass, umbrella, kettle, etc. The back pocket is zippered and hidden, and therefore you can use it to protect your essential stuff like ID card, passport, wallet, credit card, etc. And, you can use the front pockets to carry some of your gear.
  • External expansion system – the system enables you to attach other equipment to your belt. You can load your water bottle bag, pouches, accessory kits, and more.

All these features make this belt ideal for camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, shooting, traveling, cycling, biking, running, and other outdoor activities. Besides, the belt looks great when paired with a variety of outfits and styles. 

Best Hunting Belt during Summer

JASGOOD Nylon Canvas Breathable Military Tactical Men Waist Belt with Plastic Buckle Suckle 

This military-style belt is made using wear-resistant and lightweight nylon material that’s super comfortable, breathable, and flexible. It allows for sweat to evaporate fast, and thus it’s ideal for summer hunting.

Besides, it fits pants that are below 40”, it’s 47.2” long, and it’s 1.5″ wide. The buckle width is 1.8,” and the length is 5.2″. 

Why You Will Love this Belt

  • Fully Adjustable – you can adjust the belt to fit you with precision. The buckle is removable and doesn’t need holes. And if you find the belt strap too long, you can trim it to fit your ideal size. 
  • Nickel-free – the premium quality plastic buckle is easy to wear and comfortable. And because it’s non-metallic, you’ll have an easy time walking through security checkpoints. It’s also sturdy, and it’s especially great if you have metal allergy. 

With all these features, this belt makes for a great daily belt and a reliable partner in outdoor activities like hunting, shooting, sports, etc. It’s a fantastic gift for a father, a husband, or a son. 

Best Belt for Waterfowl Hunting

Mossy Oak Bottomland Hunting & Fishing Belt – Waterproof & Stink Proof, Hypoallergenic Cut-to-fit, by C4 Belts

This water and stink-proof belt fits up to a 44” waist size. You can also cut it to fit your ideal size.

What Outstanding Features Does this Hunting and Fishing Belt Possess? 

  • Airport Security Friendly – the belt is metal-free, and thus it’s ideal when you have to navigate high-security environments.  
  • Easy to Clean, Waterproof, and Non-leather – the belt is made of quality and recyclable thermoplastic. You can easily clean it using your dishwasher.
  • For Active Use – this C4 belt is ideal for hunting and fishing and surfing, skating, sailing, golfing, and other outdoor sports.
  • Lifetime Guarantee – the belt is built for lifetime use.

Best Multifunctional Hunting Belt

HAITRAL 10 in 1 Tactical Duty Belt, Modular Equipment System Security Military Tactical Duty Utility Belt, Black Belt for Law Enforcement Guard Security Hunting

This 10 in 1 multifunctional tactical belt can be used both in hunting and law enforcement. It comes with nine built-in components that serve various functions. Besides, it’s made of 600D nylon, which is sturdy, durable, and wear-resistant.

Why You Will Love this Multifunctional Hunting Belt?

  • Convenient to wear – with its buckle design and Velcro, this military-style belt is easy to put on. You can quickly unlock it and take it off during various unexpected situations. 
  • Adjustable strap – the belt’s length goes from 80″ to 105″. You can easily remove some components or configure them to your preference.
  • Multifunctional design – This belt is ideal for outdoor activities like hunting, but it’s also suitable for security guards, and military and law enforcement personnel. It’s also a fantastic accessory for cosplay in events and festivals. 
  • Versatile set: The belt comes with a holster/T-shaped stick bag, aerosol/chemical preparation bag, mobile phone/walkie-talkie bag, telescopic baton bag, handcuff box, double clip bag, and keychain and extension strap.

This unisex belt provides comfort and adapts to various waist circumferences, it’s also military and law enforcement equipment friendly. All these features make it one of the best multifunctional belts. 

Best Tactical Hunting Belt

KYDEX Men’s Tactical Belt 

 This belt is constructed using the durable and sturdy 1000D nylon. Besides, it comes with a quick release plastic buckle, and it’s padded by multilayer mesh foam. The belt is flexible, sturdy, and comfortable.  

What Outstanding Features Does this Tactical Hunting Belt Possess?

  • Excellent weight distribution – this tactical belt’s ergonomic shape allows for even distribution of the weight of your gear across your waist. 
  • Molle webbing design – The belt has an attachment system that allows you to attach your first aid pouch, flashlight pouch, magazine pouch, water bottle pouch, and anything else that can increase your storage space.
  • Removable Inner Belt – The molle belt can be detached, and its length can be adjusted; you can remove the inner belt and replace it with your other straps. Besides, the belt can be extended from 37 inches to 57 inches. 

Best Duck Hunting Belt

High Springs Leather Duck Hunting Leather Name Belt Personalized

This brown hunting belt comes with a strap that depicts a hunter, a hunting dog, ducks, and duck calls in a continuous outdoor scene. Besides, your name will be engraved at the back of this stunning 1 ½” wide leather hunting belt. 

Why You Will Love this Duck Hunting Belt?

  • Quality leather is made of thick 9/10 OZ cowhide (which is ideal for use in belts), and it’s hand-finished with a heavy-duty lacquer finish that’s durable (it’ll last for years). 
  • One-piece leather – This belt is made of a single piece of leather, it’s not composite or pieced leather. The belt also comes with seven holes punched, a leather keeper, and a silver belt buckle. Besides, it comes with quality snaps and so you can interchange buckles with ease. 

Best Interchangeable Buckle Hunting Belt

Best for Buckles 100% Full Grain One Piece Leather Belt, w/Snaps for Interchangeable Buckles, 1.25” Wide

 If you’re looking for a full-grain leather belt that you can pair with various hunting belt buckles, this US-made belt strap is one of the best. The belt is made from genuine cowhide leather, it’s durable, and the snaps are of excellent quality. 

What Outstanding Features Does this Interchangeable Buckle Hunting Belt Possess?

Full-grain leather – the belt is made of a hundred percent full-grain leather and with the highest quality of craftsmanship. No disappointments or surprises.

Unisex and versatile – this classic styled belt can be worn by both women and men and complements any attire.

Sturdy – this 1.25” belt is strong and durable, it won’t break or split, and it has a ‘high-end’ feel and look. 

Best Bird Hunting Belt

Browning 30910628 Belted Dove Game Bag, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, Regular

This adjustable belt allows you to stay light by providing you with all you need without any frivolous additions. It comes with a huge blood-proof game bag, and two sliding pockets for your gear and shells. 

What Outstanding Features Does this Bird Hunting Belt Possess?

  • A hundred percent poly oxford fabric – the material is sturdy and durable.
  • Adequate storage – this belt comes with an adjustable buckle, two shell pockets that include pouches for accessories like glasses and choke tubes. Besides, it comes with a large game bag, which is blood proof and mesh sides that help with ventilation. 
  • Easy positioning – the pouches slide on the belt so you can position them in a way that allows you to move swiftly and efficiently.

Hunting Accessories You Didn’t Know You Need

A hunting belt is as equally important as your hunting dogs and weapons. You should check out a review of the best hunting belt buckles to go along with your hunting belts.

Also, here is a table of hunting accessories you might find useful.

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