Best Hunting Mittens: A Review and Buyer’s Guide

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Hunting gloves keep your hands warm, safe, and allow you to hunt comfortably free from cold and injuries. Mittens are popular as they allow you to perform complex tasks which would be hard if you’re wearing full-cover gloves. 

The hunting mittens come in all sorts of sizes, designs, colors and materials. Thus, it can prove tricky when choosing the best. We shall be reviewing the best hunting mittens and the factors that could guide you in making the final decision.

 Best Stylish Camo Hunting Mittens

 HOT SHOT Men’s Camo Cyclone

If you want to make your hunting technique superb, you need this HOT SHOT Men’s Camo Cyclone Mitten. It features stylish design making it perfect for fishing, shooting and hunting. The mittens Realtree Edge design will camouflage into your hunting environment. Also, it is equipped with a stormproof and windproof insert which makes it great for all weather conditions.

 The three-layer game stalker soft-shell makes it perfect for tactical use. This  pair of mittens boast shell fabric fused with TPU laminate which creates a single-layer dexterity and protects your hands from harsh elements. Moreover, the combination of fleece and spandex brings utmost comfort.


  • Magnetic closures
  • Lightweight and tough
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Elegant camo pattern


  • Not very warm but ideal in average temperatures

Best Mitten for All Hunting Conditions

Nomad Men’s Conifer Flip Mitt

With exquisite features, the Nomad men’s Conifer Flip Mitt makes your hunting exposition worth remembering. They feature an innovative and authentic construction ideal for hunting in all conditions. Also, this pair offers superior warmth thanks to the insulated and fleece-lined design. The fold-back style makes it flexible for all weather conditions. These mittens are equipped with 140G 3M Thinsulate which keeps temperatures at the desired degree. They also have an extended gauntlet and reinforced palm to make it fit for the job.


  • Magnetic closure
  • Custom-fit design
  • Adjustable wrist
  • Excellent breathability


  • The pair costs more than the standard mittens, but the innovative design and exquisite materials make it worth it

Best Durable Mittens

Hot Shot Men’s Wool Gloves/Mittens – Oatmeal

Your hunting will now be one of a kind with this pair. The Hot Shot Men’s Wool Gloves feature high tech design giving them superb functionality, durability and elegance. They boast oatmeal color and can easily convert to mitten to suit your different needs.

The lining of these gloves is superb featuring 40 grams of 3M Thinsulate Insulation, thereby offering unique heat management. They retain warmth perfectly making them ideal for cold weather conditions thanks to the wool material. Besides, they provide a functional combination to your winter apparel for amazing comfort while outdoors. Also, they feature a tricot lining which offers a soft feel.


  • Classic outlook
  • Versatile hunting gloves
  • Excellent warmth retention
  • Soft feel


  • `They don’t come off quickly. However, you should perceive this as a benefit since the gloves offer a secure fit.

Mitten with Unique Warmth Retention Design

Hot ShotMen’s Camo Huntsman Pop-Top Mittens

Just like other top-rated hunting gloves, the Hot ShotMen’s Camo Huntsman Pop-Top Mittens boast weatherproof construction. They are 100 percent polyester material, therefore, they are waterproof and possess excellent breathability. Unlike others, this mitten features 80 grams of 3M Thinsulate Insulation which offers better warmth retention. 

 Also, the Realtree design is a unique feature that camouflages into the hunting background regardless of the season. The pop-up design makes it more versatile and functional, it lets you use your fingers without exposing the hand to the cold. Moreover, there is a heater pack pocket that allows you to survive even the chilliest environments. 

The other breathtaking feature is the Pro-text touch technology equipped on the index finger. It allows you to operate various devices such as phones while wearing your mittens.


  • Magnetic closures
  • Lightweight and tough
  • Excellent heat retention and breathability 

Premium insulation material


  • Slightly more priced than other standard hunting gloves

Best Unisex and Comfortable Mitten Perfect For Winter

Smartwool Unisex Merino Wool Mittens

Are you looking for the best hunting mitten for winter? With a stylish design and loads of excellent features, the Smartwool Unisex Merino Wool Mittens represent a great offer. These feature Unisex design and are carved from merino wool. Hence, heat retention is excellent. 

Besides, the terry loop interior of these gloves offers an excellent feel, ultra cushioning and warmth. The thumb features an innovative construction that allows you to use your phone comfortably. This is versatile wear for hiking on chilly weather, hunting, or during travel.


  • Versatile application
  • Durable stitching
  • Easy to put on
  • Soft feel and tactile grip


  • Slightly pricier than other renowned mittens

Most Comfortable Mittens

Heat Factory Gloves with Pop-Top Mittens

Whether you love skiing, cycling, snowshoeing, or hunting, these mittens will make your experience thrilling. These Heat Factory Gloves feature fold back caps and have a unique pocket for holding air-activated hand warmers which keep your hands comfortably warm in all seasons. The patented hand-warming technology provides up to 10 hours of long-lasting heat.

 Also, these gloves feature a powerful magnet that is sewn into the top and provides a secure and comfortable closure of the cap. The pair also has an elastic cap which allows secure and comfortable fit while keeping wind and snow out, and features rubberized texture to help you in the perfect grip of items.


  • Custom-fit design
  • Durable stitching
  • Flawless magnetic closure
  • Reliable air-activated technology


  • There are claims by big handed individuals about these gloves being small

Durable and Comfortable Hunting Mitten

FoxRiver Men’s Extra Heavy Double Ragg Mitten

Here is one perfect option if you’re looking for a pair of gloves that can offer additional warmth and comfort. It features an excellent blend of materials and a terry knit liner which offers superb insulation and adorable feel. FoxRiver Men’s Extra Heavy Double Ragg Mitten possesses excellent thermal regulation which keeps your hands comfortably warm and dry.

 Also, these mittens feature double-thick construction for additional padding, and therefore assuring you of softness and warmth. Additionally, they boast anatomically knit Left-`Right fit design so that each glove can conform to each hand perfectly. 

The greatest feature of these mittens is that they can absorb 30 percent of their weight before they actually feel damp.


  • Breathable and odor-free
  • Ergonomic fit
  • Generously padded


  • Not very good for wet conditions though they offer considerable tolerance

Best Mitten for winter

VBIGER Winter Gloves Warm Wool Mittens

If you are hunting in frosty and chilly conditions, these mittens will be beneficial. They feature wool blend material and unisex design, making them incredibly versatile. The VBIGER Winter Gloves also boast stylish knitting giving them an ergonomic shape while keeping durability at best. 

Their flip-up design means that you can easily convert them from fingerless into mittens. Hence, they offer unmatched versatility and give you more confidence in your hunting. The exterior surface features a Pig-skin patch for a stable anti skid experience.


  • Dual-use design
  • Perfect grip
  • Thick flocking lining
  • Wool blend for warmth retention


  • They produce a smell due to wet wool but the smell fades away when the gloves dry.  This makes them unsuitable for wet conditions.     

A Buying Guide to the Best Hunting Mittens

Choosing the best hunting mittens isn’t always easy because you have to consider several aspects. Let’s discuss the primary considerations when shopping for the best hunting mitten.

Gloves vs Mittens: What’s the Difference?

Different hunting gloves possess varying designs. Thus, we have different types of gloves on the market. Apart from design, they may feature varying materials to ensure you get the right one for the task ahead and environment of the hunting grounds.

Full gloves

Perhaps this is the most common type of gloves. They feature a full-cover design which covers the wrist, fingers and hand. There is no specific material for the full gloves, and you have to choose according to the season and the environment of where you’ll be hunting. However, these types of gloves can be worn in any season if the material has favorable aspects such as breathability, heat retention and waterproofness.


These types of gloves feature two-section design whereby one is for the thumb and another one for all four fingers. For quite a long time, some individuals thought that mittens aren’t ideal for hunting, but recent designs have made them quite popular in this niche. Those mittens designed for hunters can be folded to reveal gloves. 

They offer the advantage of additional warmth and yet allow the fingers to move freely to accomplish tasks. Also, most hunting mittens feature woolen material, making them superb for winter hunting.

Fingerless Gloves

This is another unique gloves’ subcategory. These allow you to feel what you’re doing and still offer full protection for your hands. They allow you to accomplish complicated tasks since the fingers aren’t wrapped in the fabric. The fingerless gloves also offer considerable warmth to help you operate in cold weather. Even, they have textured padding on the palms for excellent grip. They can also feature knuckle guards which aid in better grip and protection.

Riding and Falconry Gloves

Some hunters use the horse to chase down prey which requires the use of these unique gloves. These usually feature leather material and sometimes wool and protect your hands from rubbing against the reins, allowing hassle-free finger movement. 

These unique gloves are also ideal for people who use falcons. Most often, they feature a thick leather material and a metal guard for maximum protection from sharp beaks and talons.

Best Hunting Mittens Materials

The outdoor conditions will dictate the kind of gloves you’ll be wearing. The ideality of those gloves will depend on the material from which they are forged. That’s the reason we have all sorts of gloves developed from different materials all over the market. Besides, some materials make the gloves more flexible to suit your various hunting activities. Here are the common materials


This material is common in winter hunting gloves. The wool material has excellent heat retention. It features unique characteristics such that the thickness of the knit can vary. Thus, it is common in mittens, fingerless as well as full cover gloves. 

Moreover, wool accepts different dyes, and you can choose your preferred style. Despite having natural water resistance and excellent warmth retention, wool produces some unpleasant smell when wet. The other hassle is that you will have to reapply lanolin regularly to maintain the wools water repellency.


 Riding and falconry gloves usually feature this material. It is renowned for its toughness and weatherproof properties. Another good thing is that the color and design of leather gloves can vary thereby offering plenty of options to choose from. They are also very durable but slightly pricier than others. Leather gloves may feel uncomfortable the first time, but they gradually take your hand’s shape for a snug fit. Also, leather has significant heat retention and breathability making it perfect for all weather conditions.


 This soft and lightweight material has become a favorite for many. Gloves forged from it are ideal for hunting in colder temperatures. It has high warmth retention and is very comfortable to wear. People consider it better than wool because it doesn’t cause skin irritation or smell when wet. But, one demerit of fleece is that it is flawed in water resistance. Therefore, this won’t be great if you’ll be hunting around waters.


This material is also increasingly becoming popular among top-notch hunters. Those gloves made from this particular material are waterproof and extremely tough against rips and tears. Also, it possesses excellent breathability for comfort in all hunting environments. Interestingly, these kinds of gloves cost lower than wool and leather. The downside of Gore-Tex material is that it causes irritation on sensitive skin and feels quite bulky.


The best hunting mittens should be comfortable, weatherproof, and most importantly protect the wearer from cuts. You should also ensure that they are durable to serve you for a long time. Camo hunting mittens will also help a great deal.

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