Best Names for Your Hunting Dog: With explanation

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“The bond between a hunter and his dog can not be described; But only felt”.

Steve Reider

These are words of Steve Reider that signifies that hunting is an activity that becomes more efficient when you have the perfect companion. A hunting dog is among the best companions that you can have while in the wilderness. They will help you get your prey as fast as possible and also enhance your security. Therefore it is essential to give your hunting dog the best name for easy identification while in the hunting zones. Here is a list of various types of hunting dogs and the best names that you can give them.

Types of Hunting Dogs and the Best Names You Can Give Them


These are types of hunting dogs that rely mostly on their sight and speed. Their method of hunting is known as coursing. Sighthounds always notice prey from a distance; they then stalk it and start chasing the prey until they catch it and kill it. We can say that they hunt alone. These dogs have an uncontrollable drive for hunting. Most of the famous examples of such dogs include the Greyhound, Afghan hound, skittish deerhound, Irish wolfhound, among many others.

Best names that you can give your sighthound dog

Blaze– this name signifies the fastness of your dog to running after preys
Boomer– it is a perfect name for a hunting dog that runs faster
Chase– since your dog does a lot of chasing, then this is the best name for it
Hunter– you can call your male sighthound a hunter
Huntress– this name fits your female sighthounds
Ranger– because of its sharp site, you can call your dog a ranger as he monitors the landscape
Flash– because of its speed, this is also a perfect name for your dog.
Ray– this name fits your sighthound because of its sharp sight
Master– Since this does type is an unstoppable hunter, and then master fits it.
Hawkeye– someone with a bigger vision

Scent Hounds

Scent hounds are the type of hunting dogs that rely majorly on their nose to hunt the prey. They are excellent sprinters like other hunting dogs. These dog types track their prey until they find where it is hiding. Once they find the prey, they can kill it if they are trained to do so. But if they can’t kill the prey, these dogs send a signal to the hunter to come and do the rest by barking loudly. Scent hounds bark all the time when they are in their chase, making it easy for the hunter to trace them even when they got lost from their sight. Example of dogs in this category includes American foxhound, Beagle, and Basset Griffon among many others.

Best names that you can give your scent hound

Spy– You can call it spy because of its slow and secretive hunting nature
Snoopy– you can also call it this because of its barking nature
Silencer– because of its nature of hunting
Detective– For its nature of detecting the hiding place of a prey
Jigsaw– this is the name of a famous detective who lived in the US
Inspector– for its character of searching hiding places of preys

Here is our list for the 10 best scent hunting dogs.

Gun Dogs

Gun dogs are types of hunting dogs that you can use them for hunting with a gun. What the dogs do, they track for the prey and get it out from its hiding place for the hunter to gun it down. They sometimes watch you as you gun down prey or a bird, then afterward, they go and pick it and bring it to you. However, you will have to train your dog for it to be a gun dog, and they are much useful to hunters who use guns in their hunting process.

Best names that you can give your gun dog

Since you use a gun in your hunting with these dogs, you can give them names inspired by firearms and ammunition.

Jimmy– this is a smooth name that can make you command it easily
Nelli – This is the name of an Italian shotgun manufacturer.
Ruger– it is a US-based firearm manufacturing company
Remy– it is the leading firearm manufacturer in the US
Sauer– it is a German firearm company
Smith-It is the name of an American firearm manufacturer
Trigger– the act of firing a shot
Winchester– is the name of a reputable firearm manufacturer.

What is a gun dog? Here is an article where we answer that question.


These are also hunting dogs that you can use if you are gun-hunter. However, these types of hunting dogs are different from gun dogs in that they are mainly used to help in hunting birds. Setters have the ability to locate birds expertly using their sight ad scent and flush them out for gunning down by the hunter. They can also be used to trace other praise from their hiding place and flush them out for gunning. Some popular types of setters include the Gordon setter, English setter, French setter, and the Irish setter.

Best names that you can give your setter

Tommy– because of the playful nature of the dog
Murphy– a perfect name for an Irish setter
Lucky– for the luck of getting preys and birds
Comet– an Irish term that means fast
Wolf– because of the hunting nature of the dog
Fergus– meaning a dog with high energy
Connell– meaning powerful
Rain– a female name that means little ruler
Mike– the name of an Irish setter that was owned by President Truman


These dogs are similar to setters as they are used by hunters to locate the hiding place of prey and flush it out. However, they have been divided into two categories, namely water spaniels and land spaniels. This categorization is based on where they hunt. Land spaniels are working like setters by creeping towards the prey and pointing it for the hunter while water spaniels retrieve gunned down prey. Some of the dog breeds that fall in this class of hunting dogs include Papillion, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and American Cocker Spaniel, among others.

Best names that you can give your spaniel

Penny– it is a name of Blake lily’s spaniel
Murphy– a cute name because of their curly ears
Davy– name of a famous hunter called David crocket
Bear– The dog mostly hunt bears
Bingo– because of their nature of seeing far