Hog Hunting in Ohio

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‘Every hunting season is hog hunting season for wild hogs in Ohio’. The State Division of Ohio hugely depends on hunters to eliminate the growing population of hogs in Ohio State. Therefore, hog hunting is tremendously encouraged and legal all year. Hunters are allowed to kill 30 to 40 hogs or even more on an annual basis.

This places Ohio among the topmost palatable hog hunting grounds for any hog hunter. However, before you start packing up your hunting gear, there are a few things you need to know about hog hunting in Ohio State:

  • Why is Ohio State the best place to go for hog hunting?
  • Are there any hunting hog hunting regulations you need to know?
  • What hunting tools are advisable for the hunting venture?
  • Why go for hunting dogs?
  • What are the best hunting grounds in Ohio?
  • Best hunting shops in Ohio?

Why is Ohio State the best place to go for hog hunting?

Over the years there have been up to 6 Million hog sightings across the US, specifically Ohio. These pigs are as a result of interbreeding between domestic and Eurasian boars pigs. Their population is highly alarming because a female hog can give birth to twenty hogs a year that only take eight months to reach full maturity.

Hunting these hogs in a way restores the ecosystem. Wild hogs are vigilant when it comes to the destruction of crops, killing ground-nesting birds, and they also spread a ton of diseases to other wild animals, livestock, and human beings.

Are there any hog hunting regulations you need to know about?

It is illegal to hunt on private land without first seeking the owners’ permission. Permission forms can only be obtained through Ohio’s Department of Natural Resources. Any hunter caught trespassing on private property is liable to up 60 days of jail time or a fine of $500 fine irrespective of the fact that a hunter might have been in pursuit of a wild hog they had shot or wounded.

Transportation of trapped hogs across the Ohio State is also prohibited. All hog hunters must have a valid license for deer hunting within the Ohio State. It is also essential to adhere to the game laws that only permit the use of licensed firearms only. Also, during deer hunting seasons, hunting hours are to remain 30 minutes after sunset and 30 minutes before sunrise.

It is regardless of the fact that; the State Division of Wildlife highly recommends hog hunting in Ohio State. Wild hog hunting is legal to be carried out throughout the 365 days of a year, and hunters are not limited to any number of kills. Therefore, gaming hunters from other States are welcome to hunt by the locals on public and private land as long as they adhere to the regulations provided by the State.

What hunting tools are advisable for the hunting venture?

A longbow, crossbow, caliber gun, any caliber rifle, an air gun, ten gauges, or smaller guns are among the recommendable weapons to carry with you on a hog hunt. However, it is also advisable that you bring along your hunting dogs for your security as well as a more successful hunting expedition.

Longbow or crossbow hunting is best, especially for those with superb archery skills because it does not disturb the rest of the wildlife.

A handgun or muzzleloader is best for a hog hunt, especially when it has a silencer attached to it. Also, it is best to keenly observe all the safety measures for your good and the safety of your hunting buddies.

The air gun is more advantageous than an ordinary rifle because it can be able to cover challenging terrain you might not be able to cover on foot.

Most of all, do not forget to cook your kill meat at a temperature of about 160 degrees Fahrenheit least you risk getting infected with 30 to 50 diseases.

Why go for hunting dogs?

Hunting dogs have a convenient sense of smell during a hog hunt. They can be able to smell the hogs from miles saving you the time you would have used trying to locate them. Therefore it is always advisable to get a well-selected pack of bayers and Pitbulls.

Pitbulls and Pit mixes are brilliant for chasing after hogs until they stand their ground. At times they are even smart enough to hold them down. Other dogs like Catahauls, Black Mouths, Mountain Curs, Jagdterries, redbones, Walkers, and Blue Lacys are best used as bay dogs.

What are the best hunting grounds in Ohio?

Williams, Washington, Vinton, Shelby, Auglaize, Brown, Butler, Champaign, Defiance, Fayette, Guernsey, Preble, Pickaway, Noble, Morgan, Mercer, Logan, and Darke are among the hog hunting grounds for local hunters in the State of Ohio.

As for public land in Ohio Counties where wild hogs are likely to be found. They include; Belmont, Gallia, Hocking, Jackson, Lawrence, Monroe, Ross, Scioto, Vinton, Adams, Ashtabula, and Athens. There is no special permission required to hunt on public land; therefore, you and your hunting buddies feel free to make that hog hunting trip to Ohio.

Best hunting shops in Ohio

There is a large selection of hunting shops in Ohio with many rifle picks and other weapons useful in capturing and killing wild hogs. The best of them include:

  • Hilltop Gun & Hunting Supplies
  • Cleveland Armory
  • Top Shot Firearms
  • Cabela’s
  • Jaqua’s Fine Guns & Gun Club
  • BTM Firearms
  • Parma Gun Shop
  • Cap City Outfitters

These shops are among the top-rated in the Ohio State. There is also a high likelihood that you might come across other hog hunters in the area who can point you in the right direction, join in the hunt or even provide more than a few tricks that work in those localities.

We highly recommend that you read our ultimate beginners guide to hunting hogs before you get going!

Final thoughts

Hog hunting in Ohio seems like a public obligation! Any hunter who is very much interested in indulging in this sport here should have no qualms about it. As for those entertaining the thought of getting into hog hunting, Ohio is waiting for you all year. Remember to follow the regulations and safety measures while at it!

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