Best Rifle Scope for 300 Yards: A Review and Guide

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Do you consider a target located 300 yards out a long-distance shot? My guess is the typical hunter may find it as a long-range attempt and may see the need for a powerful scope. However, 300 yards is a typical attempt he makes in almost every competition for a competitive shooter. To such a shooter, a high powered sighting accessory will seem exaggerated. And therefore, you will need the perfect rifle scope for 300 yards to pair with your rifle.

This article plans to share three of the best rifle scopes in the market and why we rank them highly amongst other products. Also, I hope that you will realize that your shooting style is an essential element worth considering before making a purchase by the end of this article. The budget dedicated to this project may also weigh in on which option you pick.

What to Look for in a 300 Yard Rifle Scope?


Three hundred yards out is not a distance you would attempt without the use of a scope. It is practically too far for the average visual abilities to accommodate and give accurate results, hence needing a range. The responsibility of the scope, once equipped, will be to magnify the target for a perfect shot.

Your choice must not be the most expensive and powerful; it only needs to offer adequate magnification to cover 300 yards. Lucky for you, most optics lay within this range, and you have a variety of options to pick your choice.


This aspect entails issues like the material used in its formation, its components, and exterior design. Such information may seem of no use to some; however, they are of grave importance and should not be taken lightly. Its color and polishing may also be an issue to consider, yet not as crucial as the other elements.

The weight of the scope and size will determine the additional value felt on the weapon and overall balance. A massive piece will mean that your weapon will also increase in weight, which may result in poor attempts on targets. The turret should also not be too long to distract the weapon’s natural aim and handling when in combat.

Eye Relief

First and foremost, I believe that most shooters are not familiar with what eye relief entails. The distance present between your eye and the ocular lens is what we refer to as e