Best Shot Size for Pheasant and Quail

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Most hunters new to hunting pheasants and quails often have one question, and it is with regards to the ideal shot size. It depends on various issues ranging from the shotgun you are using to the season or environment you are hunting in. However, the preference of the hunter also determines the shot size. 

In my experience using both the 12 gauge and the 20-gauge shotgun, I prefer the 7 ½ followed by the 6-shot size as a follow-up shot. It would be best to understand quail hunting because smaller and lighter loads have the best results. 

When it comes to pheasant hunting, you understand how hard these fowls are. You will need a load that carries enough power to drop them yet have enough pellets to avoid the pattern in quail-sized gaps. When hunting in areas where there are both quail and pheasants, the right load should be one with a 12-gauge of 2 ¼-inches of number 6 or 5. Hunting with dogs offers a different experience, and a change in tact will lead to some awesome results. You can shoot a tight load while on the covey rise and use a spreader when hunting for the singles.