Best Hunting Outfitters and Guides: State by state

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What we looked at when making the list?

Obviously and sadly we couldn’t visit all of the number one picks for the best hunting outfitters and hunting guides on our list. We had to find another way to find the best ones. So in our case, it was obvious – we looked at reviews, a ton of reviews! so you wouldn’t have to.

In this list and map, we only have hunting guides and outfitters with a lot of recommendations and reviews in order to minimize the chance of you having a bad experience.

In this map and list you will find the best:

  • Deer hunting outfitters
  • Wolf hunting outfitters
  • Moose hunting outfitters
  • Elk hunting outfitters
  • Duck hunting outfitters
  • Pheasant hunting outfitters

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What to expect from a hunting guide and outfitter?

  • We expect them to provide an amazing hunting experience. This doesn’t mean shooting a huge trophy every time, it just means a fun and friendly experience.
  • That they provide excellent food based on the local cuisine. Either that they cook with their own chef or have a close cooperation with a restaurant.
  • Comfortable housing, believe me, I’ve been to places where the lodges and housing are terrible and it really ruins the hunting experience if you weren’t expecting it.

Contact us

If for some reason one of our suggested hunting guides or outfitters doesn’t meet your expectations and are rude or just useless, please let us know and show us some sort of evidence and we will immediately remove them from our list of recommendations. You reach us by the “contact us” in the menu. Happy hunting my friends!

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