Is There a 5.56 Revolver?

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There are no 5.56 revolvers from modern gun manufacturers, but that’s not to say such a firearm doesn’t exist. Antiquated Belgian classics with folding triggers are chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO cartridges. 

There were reports of a planned Taurus revolver in 5.56, but the actual firearm never materialized. The closest the Brazilian arms manufacturer has is the BFR or Biggest Finest Revolver that is chambered in among others, .45-70 Government. 

Other than that, homemade versions of revolvers in this 5.56 cartridge have cropped up here and there on the black market. 

A Close Look at the 5.56mm NATO Cartridge

The 5.56 is a common round. Its nomenclature is derived from 5.56x45mm as the metric dimension for the standard-issue NATO forces ammunition.

This cartridge is loaded for pressures of 58,000 PSI and above. You must be careful when firing the 5.56 round in chambers that are not rated for such pressure, as results could be catastrophic. 

Of all modern rifle rounds, this ammo is the most common, seeing as most if not all AR 15s function on 5.56mm. 

This cartridge is dimensionally similar to the .223 Remington apart from internal pressure. A larger throat, possibly by .125 inches is required for chambers designed to accommodate this round. 

Typical 5.56 NATO slugs weigh 62 grains due to the low quantity of ammo making materials used. This brings down the price of 5.56 since the cost of brass, copper, lead, and propellant has been minimized.

The 5.56x45mm cartridge is ubiquitous as the primary small arms round for NATO and US armed forces. This caliber in particular is used by designated snipers and as machine gun feed, alongside the 7.62 NATO. 

Is a Revolver Chambered in 5.56×45 NATO Such a Good Thing?

There are revolvers chambered in 5.56 NATO rounds, only you won’t find these available for hunting or home defense. Modification has always been rife in the firearms fraternity, and I suspect with the proper know-how and the right equipment such a gun is doable.

Expect myriad issues to beleaguer your revolver, some which can affect you the shooter. A loud bang and heavy recoil will alwaysaccompany any rifle round firing in a revolver.

Your revolver in 5.56x45mm will come across as a long chambered and extra-long barreled heavy gun. This is not your friendly conceal and carry, plus the range, ballistics, and takedown power are laughable.

The 5.56 round is a rifle cartridge for firearms that have a bore diameter of 5.56mm for its lands and 5.7mm for across grooves measurements. While the cartridge diameter is about as normal as any revolver bullet, this round has a case length of 45mm. 

This is a cartridge whose design was intended for military use, replacing a lower pressure .223 Remington cartridge. It’s rated for high chamber pressure, and firing this round in a chamber not designed for it can be devastating to you or your revolver. 

I am not saying that a revolver in 5.56 can’t be done, casing point the aforementioned Belgian classic or the homemade firearms. There would however be issues beginning from cartridge dimensions to something called leade.

There is a Taurus Raging bull revolver that chambers in .223 Remington. This is the closest to a commercially made