The Best Bow Quivers: A Buyers Guide

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A good bow quiver allows you to access your arrows effortlessly, protects your arrows, and it doesn’t scare off your prey by being too noisy. Given the importance of having great quivers in bowhunting, it’s really strange to me why there isn’t more focus on quivers in bowhunting. 

It’s not the fanciest part of your bowhunting equipment but having an awesome bow quiver will for sure make your hunting more successful and fun! and that’s why we have tested a ton of quivers for you. Hopefully, this buyers guide will help you in making your choice.

Buying Guide

To choose the right bow quiver, there are a few things you need to consider. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a quiver that’s not fit for purpose. Let’s take a look at the key considerations. 

Types of Quiver

Having a good understanding of the various types of bow quivers will help you determine the ones that suit your needs. There are several types of quivers available in the market. Each type is geared toward a given use. Let’s briefly take a look at each of them.

Back Quiver

Back quivers are carried on the back like a backpack. This is a traditional way of carrying arrows – it entails you pull arrows over your shoulder. Carrying your arrows in a back quiver is, however, less safe as they don’t stay in place, and it doesn’t provide easy access to the arrows, which is vital, especially when you’re hunting. 

However, back quivers do offer an effortless way of carrying your arrows while hiking. Besides, back quivers usually have an impressive carrying capacity. 

Pocket Quiver

Pocket Quivers are attached to your back or side – creating an additional pocket. Because of their belt-like attachment, these quivers allow you to access arrows with ease.

Bow Quiver

Bow quivers are designed to be used for recurve and compound bows. This type of quiver can be mounted on the bow, which makes it easily accessible and therefore ideal for hunting. For hunters who prefer to detach the quiver before shooting quickly, there is a variety of bow quivers that are easily detachable and attachable.

Ground Quiver

As the name suggests, this type of quiver is placed on the ground. Ground quivers are ideal for practice as they can hold numerous arrows. However, they aren’t suitable for game hunting as they’ll slow you down when you’re in a situation where you need to shoot quickly. 

Hip Quiver

Hip quivers are also referred to as side or belt quivers. You can hand them either on your side or back. This type of quiver is usually attached to the belt using several straps. They fit securely, and they’re light. Also, you can modify them to suit your dominant hand – whether you’re right-handed or left-handed.

Quivers with Tubes

Some quivers have tubes in them while others don’t. Usually, quivers come with 3 to 5 tubes. The tubs enable you to separate your arrows. When too many arrows are packed together, they clash against each other and consequently become dull. So having a quiver that allows you to pack arrows in tubes can help you protect your arrows. 


You should consider the number of arrows that you’ll need in archery adventure. Most bow-mounted quivers can only accommodate five arrows, at most. If you want to carry more arrows, you should consider back and hip quivers. The size of your arrows, though, determines how many of them you can carry at a time.

Hip and back quivers, however, don’t do very well in hunting situations. Bow-mounted models are ideal as they enable you to shoot rapidly. Being aware of the number of arrows you need for the type of activity you’ll be undertaking will improve your archery experience. 


For some people, the color of the quivers isn’t important. But some may want something unique and personal. Some models like the Kwikee Kwiver provide a wide variety of colors to choose from.

If you are using your quiver in hunting, you can opt for a camouflage colored quiver like the LimbSaver Silent Quiver


You likely want a quiver that will last many years. For that, you need a solidly constructed quiver that’s made using top quality materials. Bows made of high-quality polymers are sturdy and impressively durable. The polymer is also a lightweight material and thus won’t overload your bow and affect your shooting. 

You should also look out for other features like rubber grippers, which are silent. Besides, some quivers allow you to adjust the height, which is fantastic, especially if you’ll be shooting varying arrow sizes. Back quivers like TOP ARCHERY Traditional Shoulder Back Quiver are made of leather, which makes them quite durable. 


You quiver should match the size of the arrows that you’ll be using. If you prefer longer arrows, getting a short quiver will mean that your arrows will stick out and won’t be secure. You should also consider the ease of pulling out the arrows. For instance, pulling out arrows over your shoulder from a back quiver that’s too long can be difficult. 


Bow-mounted quivers like the Trophy Ridge Spot Arrow Quiver come with a hood that covers the tips of the arrows. The hood is meant to protect your arrows as well as hold them in place. When arrows are hanging loosely, they clash against each other and soon become dull. Some quivers don’t incorporate this feature, and so arrows rattle and dull. The best back and hip quivers like the Easton Flipside 3-Tube Hip Quiver have a soft lining that minimizes this effect. 


For bow-mounted quivers, weight is a key consideration. An ideal quiver should be lightweight, and it shouldn’t add strain. Besides, a good bow-mounted quiver doesn’t affect balance, and it even improves it by adding stability

Quivers under 20 oz are thus preferable. Anything heavier than that will compromise your ability to keep the bow straight. Quivers that aren’t mounted on the bow, however, can be a little heavier without causing issues. 

Right or Left-handed

Some bow quivers are exclusively for left or right-handers. There are models, however, that work on either side. So before buying a bow quiver, you should check if it suits your hand. 

Noise Reduction

Silence is vital when you’re hunting. You don’t want your prey to detect you creeping around. So you quiver should ideally come with a vibration isolator. It will limit the noise generated by the arrows rubbing against the quiver and thus help you remain undetected. 

Extra Features

  • Adjustability – Your quiver should be comfortable if you’re to thrive while practicing or hunting. Comfort is especially vital if you’ll be using your bow for a long period. Adjustability improves comfort and ensures that your quiver fits various types of arrows.
  • Pockets – Pockets can be a useful addition to your quiver, they can help you to carry the extra accessories you need.
  • Broadheads – If you prefer shooting broadheads, you should go for quivers that accommodate even the biggest broadheads. 

Here are our favorite bow quivers on the market right now:

Best Bow Mounted Quiver 

Trophy Ridge Lite-1 5 Arrow Quiver

This Trophy Ridge quiver is made using premium quality materials and works well with a crossbow. Besides, it allows for numerous mounting configurations, and if you want to lighten it, you can easily remove some of the components.


  • Ballistic copolymer construction – The robust construction material makes this quiver durable and sturdy.
  • Dual arrow grippers that accommodate both mechanical and fixed broadheads –The dual gripper enables you to keep your arrows in place and accommodates any type of arrows. You can fit in a maximum of 5 arrows.
  • Customizable mounting bracket – You can, therefore, move it lower or higher on the bow.
  • 3 LED lights – The quiver’s green LED lights that are positioned on the hood not only look cool, but they’re also useful in low light situations. 


  • Quick detach feature
  • Easy to install
  • Convenient, durable, and flexible
  • Regardless of prior experience, any archer can use it
  • Removable components 
  • Durable


  • A bit pricey but worth it

Trophy Ridge Lite-1 5 Arrow Quiver is flexible, convenient, and durable. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned hunter, you can use this bow quiver without any issues. And given the quality of construction, the price is reasonable. You will have a great time with this quiver, whether it’s in the hunting field or practice. It’s one of the best quivers for compound bows.

Best Side/Hip Quiver

Easton Flipside 3-Tube Hip Quiver

This Easton quiver gets its name from the front pocket, which can be flipped to either side (you can also remove it). This means both left and right-handed shooters can use this bow quiver without any issues. Your arrows will be protected by the plastic tubes which accommodate even broadheads.

Besides, this quiver provides additional storage that you can use to carry other accessories like bowstrings, string wax, or an extra glove.


  • Switchable loop and hook pocket that allows for ambidextrous use.
  • Integrated bow square slot, belt clip attachment, and accessory attachment hole. 
  • A three-tube design that will keep your arrows organized.


  • Ideal for both beginners and pros
  • Sturdy 
  • Includes a pocket that will help you store extra items
  • Can be used frequently without issues
  • Neutral color
  • Allows for right and left side use


  • Shifts a lot when you’re walking or running

If you’re looking for a quiver that you can use regularly, This Easton Flipside 3-Tube Hip Quiver is ideal. It produces very little noise, and so you can hunt without being detected. And with its solid build, it’ll serve you for many years.

Best Back Quiver

TOPARCHERY Traditional Shoulder Back Quiver

Top Archery is one of the most reputable archery brands. The TOPARCHERY Traditional Shoulder Back Quiver lives up to that reputation. For one, it’s put together nicely using quality leather. And because of its loose nature, this vintage quiver can accommodate numerous arrows for your shooting training. 


  • A hundred percent leather build – the quality leather construction makes the quiver sturdy and durable.
  • 18-inch Depth – the arrow compartment can thus accommodate any arrow
  • Zippered accessory compartment
  • Can be used by both left and right-handed shooters


  • Highly durable
  • Can hold numerous arrows
  • Useful pockets
  • Vintage design
  • Can be used by both left and right-handed shooters


  • Loose arrows

This TOP ARCHERY Traditional Shoulder Back Quiver Offers an easy and comfortable way of carrying your arrows, and it’s certainly the best traditional bow quiver

Best Youth Quiver

LimbSaver Silent Quiver

The Limbsaver Silent Quiver offers an innovative lightweight and low profile design. It also comes with a super-quiet hood and a pair of rubber grippers that can accommodate any arrow size, and an ultra-quick detach system.

This quiver is especially suitable for hunting. The double grippers are built using LimbSaver’s patented NAVCOM technology – an exceptional vibration and noise control material – which limits unwanted noise and vibration. 


  • Universal design – the universal design accommodates all types of arrows
  • Robust construction – it can withstand harsh environments
  • Quick disconnect system – you can quickly detach it thanks to its accessible thumb release shaft gripper


  • Fits broadheads
  • High-quality build
  • Up to five arrows can fit securely
  • Silent operation
  • Comes in a variety of HD camouflage patterns


  • Some kids find it heavy  

You can adjust the LimbSaver Silent Quiver system for size, and you can easily reshape it using its single thump mechanism. The design is brilliant and well suited for people with bigger bows. All these features, coupled with its sleek design, make this model the best bow quiver for hunting for kids and teens.

Best Versatile Bow Quiver

Kwikee Kwiver Steel Air – 4 Arrow Quiver

This Kwikee Kwiver quiver suits both left and right-handers, and it’ll allow you to access your arrows with ease. Its hood protects the arrows. Besides, it’s solidly built using shatterproof material, which makes it one of the most resilient bow quivers in the market.


  • User friendly and multi-purpose – this quiver accommodates most shaft diameters. Besides, it weighs only 10.6 oz.. It’s just 14” long, and it comes with Kwikee Kwiver’s renowned quick detach system. The quiver is, therefore, easy to use, light, and comfortable. 
  • Durable – Unlike most nylon made quivers which degenerate with use, this quiver is constructed using a shatterproof polymer which is sturdy and durable.
  • Excellent arrow retention – the quiver’s dual reversible grippers will secure your arrows at two points, so you won’t have to worry about losing your arrows. The grippers are also left-hand friendly.
  • Broadhead friendly – The quivers rubber-lined foam-free headcover will ensure your blades don’t become dull and that broadheads don’t open prematurely. 


  • Quick attack system
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Accommodates expandable broadheads
  • Great color options 


  • A few quality control issues have been reported – but very rare

The above features make the Kwikee Kwiver one of the best compound bow quivers

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a good quality quiver cost?

Bow quivers are not overly pricey products; the price varies depending on the build, quality, brand, and size. You can find excellent products across the price continuum. So you can be certain that you’ll find a decent bow quiver if you have a reasonable budget. 

Which quiver is ideal for hunters?

Bow mounted quivers are the most ideal for hunting. Hunting using the other types can be restrictive because they can be ‘noisy’ and they can limit you when you need to shoot from a specific position. 

How much do bow-mounted quivers affect accuracy?

How much a bow-mounted quiver bothers a shooter varies for each user. Some archers think that bow-mounted quivers help them make more accurate shots while others think that they take some getting used to; a lot of archers like the extra stability and balance that the quivers provide. 

The bow quiver’s construction and weight can counteract vibrations. With time and practice, you won’t have any unwelcome effects on your accuracy if you’ve mounted your quiver properly. 

How does one mount a quiver?

Mounting a quiver is easy. Each quiver comes with a manual that outlines the process. Some quivers are designed to be attached to your bow sights. Others are attached to the bottom or top of your bow riser and thus add balance and stability. 

There are mounting holes which you’ll use to fasten the mounting bracket; to do this, you’ll only need an Allen wrench. Ensure you place it on the side that makes it comfortable and easy to use.  

Do quivers pose safety issues

Safety is central in archery – the arrows have sharp points, and they travel in high velocity. Quivers improve safety as they hide the arrows’ shard ends. 

The hoods that come with bow-mounted quivers protect arrow ends. They attach arrows in place and are very durable. So bow quivers are safe, and they provide you with a convenient way of carrying your arrows and protect the tips when the arrows are not being used. 


With all the above in mind, we hope selecting the right bow quiver will be much easier. We’ve shared an excellent collection of bow quivers and key buying tips. But ultimately, your buying decision should be hinged on your preferences and your needs. Your budget and hunting style should help you decide on the quiver that suits you.

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