The Best Mosin Nagant Scope mounts – Buyers Guide

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The Mosin Nagant is one of the best military spare rifles on the market today. It is one of the famous bolt action guns in the United States. It is a bit affordable, superior, and dependable, and this could be the reason why it is preferred by many. The rifle has a cartridge of 7.62*54R; hence it is suitable for shooting at a distance range, especially hunting. It is the perfect rifle for a tight budget shooter or hunter, and one only needs an appropriate scope.

Essential Details about Scope Mount

Scope mounting on a Mosin Nagant is one of the toughest things to do compared to other rifles. The intention was to cater for superior long-distance shooting when on a gape sights. The guns have a curved bolt, as is the case today, which is different from the common Mosin Nagant that uses a straight pin. The main reason for using the straight bolt on the Mosin Nagant was to provide the shooter with a constant high firing speed. The shortcoming of using a straight pin is that it does not function with receiver mounted scopes.  

To ensure this does not happen, the shooter needs to do two things. First, twist the handle of the bolt, and secondly, to apply a “Scout type” of scope mount. We are going to see how each of these two works, which is the ideal for installing on the Mosin Nagant. However, before mounting a scope on your Mosin Nagant, it is highly advisable to have a high-quality carbide drill bit since the injured steel on the rifle is generally soft. 

The Top 5 Best Mosin Nagant Scope Mounts

The following are the top five Mosin Nagant scope mounts available on the market today. It would be best if you went through them to make an informed decision on which one to buy, depending on your requirements. 

Brass Stacker MN9130SSM Scout Scope Mounts for Mosin Nagant Rifles.

Brass stacker MN9130SSM scout scope mount is ideal for shooters who want to maintain the rifle as much as they can without necessary trimming the handles of the bolt, detaching the back-end sight, or doing more drilling. It is mounted by separating the two pins in the hind end sight and putting other attachment pins by use of an inserted punch. By doing so, the shooter can return the rifle into its original place. It also allows the iron sights in the area to be cast-off as the support sights in case the scope fails. 

The more significant shortcoming of this mount is that it is not ideal for the Finnish M38 or M39 or M44 Carbine variants. It is only suitable for the 91/30 Mosin Nagant Model. It is good to note that Brass Stacker is the most straightforward rifle to mount, and it more rugged. The company has its headquarters in North Carolina and provides a lifetime warranty. 

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ATI Mosin Nagant Scope Mount with the Bolt Handle

The mount and bold handle have been there for more than 20 years, made by the Advanced Technology International (ATI). This mount is made using T6 aluminum with a hard-coated finish. The bolt handle has stainless steel manufacture, and it needs trimming off the bolt handle, inculcating and tapping the body of the bolt for mounting. 

Ideally, the trimming and reaffixing of the bolt handle are not for the trainee as it needs one to apply a drill press or end mill for appropriate mounting. In case you want to attain a better mounting, it is essential to weld the handle or take the existing handle to a gunsmith. To mount the scope mount, one needs to drill and tap the receiver using Rocksett or Loctite that is on the screws. It is essential to note that ATI provides a lifetime warranty against any production defects and flaws. 

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