Collie: Buyer’s Guide

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Collie dogs are one of the best family dogs you can find. See more family dogs here; they are eager to please, house train easily, and need less grooming than you’d think. The Collies are also known for their undying loyalty and the fantastic ability to foresee their owner’s needs.

Collie dogs are also primarily used as herding dogs, and they get along with other pets. Collies also love children, love playing since they bond quickly with everyone. However, given that Collie’s history of herding, they tend to nip at heels, which sometimes frightens children. 

This breed is bred to work all day long and needs quite a bit of exercise. Like all other dogs, a collie dog barks as a form of communication.

What to Consider When Buying a Collie Dog

A Collies Physical Attributes

A Collie is a medium-sized, high energy herding dog. The male has a height of 19-22 inches while its female counterpart measures between 18-21 inches. Male species weigh up to about 45 pounds while the females weigh up to about 42 pounds. 

Collies can have short and smooth coats (1 inch long), and longer and coarse (3 inches long). The hair on the face is always shorter.

Their eyes are oval and usually brown, although they can also be blue, maybe one or both eyes. Many collie dogs have these weight and size characteristics. On the other hand, mixed breeds can tend to grow smaller in size and weigh less. 

How to Groom a Collie Dog

Proper care and maintenance of a dog keep it happy and healthier. Shedding of the coat is average for collie dogs. Their fur is easy to brush, and brushing several times per week will keep the coat healthy and free of mats and debris.

More frequent brushing is, however, necessary during periods of high shedding. Bathing can be done as needed, along with regular maintenance duties, such as cleaning the ears, trimming the nails, and the teeth.

When purchasing a brush for your Collie, a soft wire brush is good since it will be gentle on the coat. It brushes off the skin without leaving patches on the dog’s body. 

Collie dogs are fond of water, and they don’t have “dog odor” as long as they get brushed often. Regular trimming of the coat is also needed.

Characteristics of a Collie Dog

While it is still the famous dog for herding, the collie dog is also a great athlete for competing in dog sports and a proper family choice. Collies have lovely personality traits that make them fantastic pets, but they also can be a little demanding on the time and attention of their owners. These dogs maintain an upright stance when on all feet. They are energetic and keep on running around. They love to work and thrive most when given some work. 

Collie dogs are always on alert and highly intelligent. They need early training, and the owner should keep them occupied. The athleticism, their intelligence, trainability of collies has a perfect outlet in agility training. When they are happy, they tend to jump or wiggle their tail sideways. 

These dogs have high energy levels that can be expressed in an attempt to escape and recklessness if they don’t get enough exercise. Their desire to engage in activities can lead to misdirected herding instincts. When they are left alone for long periods, they get bored and will fill their time barking. Collies are sensitive, and they tend to get depressed if handled harshly.

Health Concerns of a Collie Dog

The lifespan of collies ranges between 12 and 15 years. Although they are all-weather dogs, they dislike cold seasons, and you should consider keeping them warm.

According to The American Kennel Club, Collies are generally healthy, but like other breeds of dogs, they are prone to some health conditions.

Besides, a good owner will always screen the dog for health conditions. The dogs can have conditions such as Flea allergy, deafness, epilepsy, progressive retinal atrophy, hip dysplasia, and anesthesia sensitivity, trapped neutrophil syndrome. You must watch for your dog’s health signs and always take it for regular check-ups with a licensed veterinarian. See our article on Worm Treatment for Dogs.

What Can I Feed my Collie?

You should ensure that you find your dog food that supports its healthy growth. Ensure that the food meets are the required health requirements. Good health should also be accompanied by exercise and check-ups with a vet. Collie dogs do best on high-quality food that is meat-based and no grain content. 

What Temperament Does a Collie Dog Have?

Is a Collie Friendly?

Naturally, collie dogs are friendly, and they are not known for aggression compared to other breeds. Facts show that collie dogs are the least aggressive and can be a little clingy to the owners. They are also sociable, and despite being herding dogs, they are people-oriented.

Collie dogs can become very attached to humans and end up suffering, to the varying degree of severity with separation anxiety. So, it is of importance to manage and monitor the dog’s well-being.

What Body Language Does it Express?

You must check the dog’s behavior to know about its feelings and how it can react to different situations. When training your dog to socialize, observe signs like growls and discomfort. The best time to train a dog on how to socialize is when it’s a puppy. You should not force a dog to socialize if it is not prepared.
Make sure the process takes place in a standard environment to avoid stressing the dog.

How Do Collie Dogs Relate with Other Dogs?

Naturally, collies can show malice towards other dogs and animals. Unless the dog is known for its calmness and sociability, you’re not advised to introduce much smaller dogs. 

You should be careful about walking a collie, only do so if you are so accurate about your dog’s behavior. You can, however, introduce the collie dog to other dogs at a young age. If socialized when young, the tendency to show aggression to other dogs will be reduced.

What is the Collie’s Personality?

Buying a dog from a pet shop may not assure you of your personality, and you may not be able to influence your dog’s behavior. With collie dogs, temperament issues can be from the breed’s instinct to herd. Before buying a collie, you should check on its history and background.

What Natural Instincts Does a Collie Possess?

Collie dogs have been herding dogs from way back and tend to have an overarching instinct; something we have harnessed and encouraged in the breed. They show superior abilities as both at herding and long walks. You should learn how to control the dog while herding and also identify what triggers it to aggression.

Are Collie Dogs Intelligent?

There are a lot of positive and encouraging pitches from people who own collie dogs. The collies are known for their excellent trainability. The breed can play flyball, agility, swim, and games of Frisbee. Therefore, keep your dog more occupied if you want to tone it down to some of its undesirable behaviors.

Dog experts agree that collie dogs are intelligent workaholics. Collie dogs are brilliant and excel with purpose. They are loyal and affectionate to their owners when given the proper training.

Types of Collie Dogs

Classic Collie

The classic “Lassie”-type collie possesses the long, “rough” coat, while the smooth-coated version has short hair. There are soft and rough collies. The rough-coated Collie has a beautiful long coat. It has a smooth and elegant wedge-shaped head.

Shetland Sheepdog

It is often referred to as miniature Collie. They mature between 13 and 16 inches at their shoulder.

Bearded Collie

 Bearded collies, also known as Highland collies, get their name from their facial hair. This breed boasts two varieties of coat; rough and smooth. They are both double coats, with a hard outer layer and soft undercoat. 

The rough Collie is medium in length. It has a significant amount of fur on the legs, belly, and chest. A border collie is a herding dog. The dog is highly sensitive, often responsive to the subtlest command, and very able to predict his owner’s desires in advance.

How to Train Your Collie Puppy?

Collie dogs are smart; hence they don’t need much training. Their energy levels are high, therefore doing many exercises. They have to socialize from the time they are young to avoid shyness around strangers. They should have obedience training first, as this helps deter nipping behavior and a tendency to run. Nonetheless, they can be stubborn, but they are generally adaptable and flexible.

The best time to start training your dog is when it’s still a puppy. You should do the following when training the dog.

Teaching them their name

Training a dog starts with making it aware of its name. Calling it by its name emphasizes the understanding and that you’re addressing it. Ensure that there is eye contact when you call it.


Collie dogs are highly energetic. They will get bored if you deny them regular exercise and outdoor activities. Taking them for long walks in the park makes them expend their energy levels.

Housebreaking your Collie Dog

Training your puppy when and where to go for potty calls is very important. When you’re training your dog on housebreaking, let your pup out after 2 to 3 meals. You can always make commands like “potty outside,” then your dog certainly understands what it is supposed to do.

Commitment to Training

Help set up your dog’s training success. Monitor the times your dogs go outside for calls or even when it needs some exercise. You might not be available all day long, so when possible, you can limit the feeding to adjust to the changes, but don’t starve it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I clean my Collie Dog?

Collie does have a hairy coat that needs brushing. Although collie dogs don’t have the “doggie odor,” it is good to wash it more often unless they are filthy or smell unpleasant. You can clean your dog and trim its coat after 4 to 6 weeks.

What other work can a Collie dog do?

Collies make good actors. They have been cast in many films and TV shows. Collie also makes an excellent team for search and rescue. Border collies can be goose masters, whereby they are being trained to keep geese off people’s property.

Why does my Collie dog shed so much?

Collie dogs shed profusely during the shedding season. They have a much feathery coat. You should devote a lot of your time to grooming your dog. But, outside the season, grooming is pretty minimal.

How fast can a Collie dog run?

As a herding dog, they need to run as much as 50 miles in a day. It weighs about 30 to 45 pounds when fully grown. This makes them more flexible.

How much food does the Collie require?

An adult collie needs about 1 to 2 cups of dry food each day. It should be divided into two, one in the morning the other in the evening. A more carb-rich meal in the morning can give them the energy they need in a day. Since they are active dogs, you should feed them on a protein diet.


Collie dogs make excellent family dogs as well as herding dogs. They are friendly and do not require as much attention as other breeds. However, they need regular grooming, exercise, and training.

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