The Maltese Dog Breed: Buyers Guide

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Having a loyal and lovely pet sounds nice. We have a variety of pets more so in the dog family, but Maltese Dog Breed exceeds them all as a cool breed of dogs in the toy group. Compilation of different thoughts indicates that this breed of dog originated in South-Central Europe from dogs of Spitz type, although the name Maltese given to this breed of dog has no connection at all with the Island of Malta. These dogs are the best breed for kids with allergies and are ideal for an apartment lifestyle. 

This elegant toy dog breed is well famed for its silky cool white hair covering its body. The thick and straight coat falls to the floor. Many people consider this breed as hypoallergenic, and therefore suitable for those with allergies.

Maltese dogs are loving, and many people long to cuddle these dogs. They do well as companion dogs and are eligible for spending many hours with their people. There many things that you should put into consideration when planning to take Maltese dog as your pet. Let’s go through something that you need to put into account;

What you need to Know When buying Maltese Dog

What is the Size of Maltese Dog?

It is crucial to know about the size of Maltese Dog both when a puppy and an adult is an essential aspect, as this will help you in identifying whether your Maltese is growing at a healthy rate.

A full-grown Maltese dog weighs less than 3.17 kg, implying that their weight varies from 3.12 kg and below. Most of Maltese adult dogs will weigh between 3 to 7 Ibs. When it comes to the height of Maltese Dogs, there is no standard height for this breed. However, most male Maltese will be 21 to 25 cm 9 (8 to 10 inches). Most female Maltese dogs tend to have slightly smaller bone structure; hence their size ranges from 8 to 9 inches. Some of these dogs can have an increase in height to a possible height of 27.94 cm (11 inches)