The Vizsla Dog: Buyers Guide

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A vizsla is a medium-sized golden-brown dog with floppy ears. A male dog may weigh up to 50lbs and is 22 to 24 inches while its female counterpart weighs 45 lbs., and it has a height of 21 to 23 inches. Typically, a vizsla may live for 10 to 15 years and will reach maturity at two years and generally reach a full body at around six to eight months. 

In this article, you will learn about Vizsla dog characteristics, training, price, plus everything else you need to know about this remarkable dog breed. Please scroll down to find out.

Overview and History

Vizslas were initially owned by the Magyar, an ancient tribe that conquered central Europe during the dark ages. The Magyar tribe lived in the Carpathian basin around the Eighth century. Early primitive drawings show a Magyar warrior with a falcon and a Vizsla. It was used as a companion and also as a hunting dog by the warriors, and later adopted by the noblemen of Hungary.

A Vizsla is a friendly dog and does very well socially; they are kind to strangers. The breed socializes well with other dogs and also does well with cats and other animals. However, you should keep them away from small animals such as rodents and birds as they tend to attack and hunt them down, given their hunting history.

Vizslas require a lot of human interaction and company and will typically suffer from separation anxiety. They do not thrive in solitude. Additionally, they exhibit very high levels of intelligence hence requiring activities that can keep them busy to avoid boredom. These are very active dogs and are used for hunting and sporting activities. Due to this high level of energy, Vizslas are great pets for owners who participate in several outdoor activities such as hiking and other physical activities. They can also be excellent watchdogs.  

What Temperament Does a Vizsla Dog Have?

Vizsla dogs are unique since they tend to keep their owners happy, or they are eager to keep their owners pleased. It is good to note that the dog’s temperament may vary from one animal to another, and it is hard to predict while the physical inheritance is not there. When training your dog, it is easy to mold its temperament; achieved through consistent training. Training a Vizsla dog is easy since their main character is that they are easy-going.

Are Vizsla Dogs Social?

Vizsla dogs can socialize with strangers, animals, and birds if they are well or adequately socialized with them. Training of most Vizsla dogs starts at their early stage so that they can gain the experience they are being trained for. In the case of a new situation, the dog may become more excited and startled in new jobs; this can come with destructive behavior and hyperactivities.

If the dog is lacks training on how to socialize with people, animals, or birds, it might be hard for the dog to adapt to the new environment, and the dog may have a big struggle to get through with it.

Do They Require Attention?

When you decide to have a Vizsla dog, you have to keep the children away from the dog since it may see the children as rivals in case it loses its attention; thus, it has to become accustomed to.  The rivalry of the dog may create panic within the home, which you may not like to deal with. It is advisable never to neglect a Vizsla dog.

In case you don’t want an excitable dog, Vizsla is not the perfect dog since one of the main characters of Vizsla dog is to keep its owner pleased. Vizsla dog needs someone who will be able to handle their tenaciousness, sensitive nature, energy demand, and be gentle. It is the only way you can have a good life of fun with your dog.

Are They Aggressive?

This character differs from dog to dog, but the breed tends to be aggressive. Since the Vizsla is an aggressive dog, it can dominate other dogs and people. The dog’s interagency gives them the tendency to test their boundaries on what they can get away with. When the dog feels neglected or lacks enough attention and enough exercise, it may get into trouble since it loves disruption. 

The only time this dog may be excessively aggressive is when it senses danger. They are more attached to the humans they live with, so they are much overprotective. With training, you may be able to reduce their aggression.

What Activities Should I Engage the Vizsla Dog In?

Vizsla is the best dog to have in a family that has an active lifestyle. Here are some of the activities you can engage your dog in.


Having a daily walk with the dog will make it more than happy. He feels good when it runs beside you when you ride a bike. 


Vizsla dogs are excellent mountain climbers. They are strong and fast; thus, they could be great companions while going for a hike.


The training should be done daily since it takes forty minutes to prepare. When the dog runs, it can have an opportunity to stretch its legs. This breed loves to work in most of its time, so you should be able to involve it in work so that it cannot feel neglected. Vizsla is the best breed in athletics, and it does well in competitions.

Are Vizsla Dogs Intelligent?

For Vizsla, it takes time for their brain to develop, but still it is known to have a high level of intelligence. When their brain fully develops, they can grasp the commands that their trainers give them. A Vizsla dog is a knowledgeable dog which can be able to solve some complex tasks or problems. These dogs can be classified to be more classical in what they do since they can get into difficulties, and they tend to solve the problem.

How Do They Relate with Their Owners?

It is good to note that Vizsla dogs express emotions too. They may portray massive affection towards the owner, and it may not allow any trouble to come near its trainer or owner. Dogs show their love for people in various ways.

Are Vizslas playful? 

Vizsla enjoys interactive games. They are generally good with people, and love entertaining or being entertained. Vizslas are fun to be around and enjoy the interaction. Most homeowners admire playful dog pets more than those who tend to look dull. Some games for dogs are like playing tug war, catch and throw, chasing of bubbles, and many more that goes with one’s creativity.

What are the Benefits of Keeping Vizslas as Pets?

Vizslas are more common in today’s life because of their hunting skills, cattle grazing, and more so man’s best friend as they are most actively involved in today’s human duties. They are fast running and active pets. Also, they are intelligent, making them easy to train, welcoming, and easily adaptable to new environments. The following are benefits of keeping a Vizslas as a pet.

Great Companions

They are friendly and tend to be an excellent companion to people. 

Hunting Abilities 

Vizslas are also hunters; they are great at hunting deer and rabbits when trained

Can be Used as Watchdogs

They are good watchdogs, especially to homeowners at night. When trained well, they can help in closing and opening of doors for the right or familiar people. You feel safer around dogs because they sense danger very quickly.

Do the First Time Homeowners Need Vizslas? 

Vizslas are suitable for a new owner who is looking to keep a kind of pet. Homeowners need to have enough time and a friendly environment for them. They are best used as family pets for those who are like outdoor activities. New pet owners should ensure there is enough space, and the environment should be of a private surrounding.

How to Train a Vizsla

It is vital to train your Vizsla for obedience as they can become destructive due to their high level of energy. If one fails to train this dog, it may become difficult to control. The good news is that Vizslas are incredibly trainable and are very eager to please their master.

It is possible to make them understand the exact behavior you want from them. Vizslas generally take longer to mature, so they may need some patience when training. They have shorter concentration spans hence will often get bored during the training sessions. Reaching their optimum potential may take some time.

As I previously noted, Vizslas are very smart, with high levels of intelligence. Their eagerness towards learning and their energy makes the training enjoyable for both the trainer and the dog. Once they mature and have successfully learned the basics, teaching more complex instructions will become easier. They will be able to pick up more over a relatively shorter time.

Puppy training is done on new puppies who have been given birth just a few weeks as it’s fun and easy for them to understand and adapt. The owners also need teaching on how to train them in case the dog forgets. There different types of dog training which include:

Crate training  

This is giving a command to enter a Kennel. The crate helps the puppy to with an enclosure.

Potty training 

This training involves showing the dog the right place to poop or pee. It needs monitoring the time the dog eats and drinks the water. When we do this, the dog can comfortably stay around people without messing up things.

Destructive behavior

All dogs need teaching while they are still puppies so that they adapt, and they can relate to people and surroundings. Their teaching starts on how they are to handle people and the household; by doing this, they usually need a reward to have motivation. The award can be their special dog biscuits or even clapping for them.  

Relationships training 

This training is for both the pets and the pet owners. The owner learns how to handle the dog and appreciate it when it does something right. The owner must know the dog’s body language. They should be able to understand one another as they are in one household. 

What Should You Consider When Training a Vizsla Dog?

It is advisable to start training early if you want to have successful sessions, even though their mental development is higher. Training the puppy might be hectic, but your efforts will be worth your while in ensuring you have a well-behaved dog. Below are things to consider when training your Vizsla;

  • Though affectionate, vizslas will need some training when around toddlers. Due to their high energy, they may be too rough for small kids, hurting them in the process. Also, hunting is in their core, so small children may be at risk of being under attack when their killer instinct is on.
  • Teach your kids to interact gently with your dog. Often kids may want to tug on the dog’s ears or hit at the dog; to stop the nagging, the dog may react by biting and harming the kid. Teach the kids also to respect the dog’s space. Its sleeping area or crate is its safe space, and the kids should never be allowed there as this may cause some severe insecurities. They may result in aggressiveness.
  • When potty training your vizsla puppy, you might want to consider crate training. Make the crate as comfortable as possible by putting in cozy blankets. The puppy should see its crate as its safe place and not as a punishment area. Take the puppy out to the bathroom every time you let it out of its crate. It is an effective method of potty training as it teaches the puppy that this is the right behavior and not go inside the house. You may want to eventually do away with the crate at a later stage in its life. Consider placing the crate near the door you use to go out. Every time you let your puppy out of the crate, it will need to be in the bathroom, which may prove helpful.
  • Training a puppy may take several days. The trainer should, therefore, uphold consistency and to create an achievable routine. They may need to use clear instructions so that the puppy can understand better and avoid frustration.
  • Aim at positive reinforcement as compared to the use of negative words. Criticism may have a negative effect on the Vizsla as it is a susceptible breed. Positive reinforcement entails commending your dog when it achieves a milestone or follows instructions correctly. When it makes a mistake, focus instead on the right way and positively encourage it to try again. This will make learning exciting and enjoyable for the dog and not as frustrating for the trainer.

Is it Easy to Train a Vizsla?

They require patience in times of training so that they can grasp what they are learning. For some Vizslas, they may take time to pick up the training that they are undergoing. Others can master commands in a few days. Once they grasp their training or instructions, they become eager to learn more.

The earlier you have Vizsla trained, the better it can gasp instruction. It is more challenging to teach an old dog; trying to change what it is accustomed to is quite challenging.

The best technique to use when training your dog is by being calm, using positive reinforcement, and being patient with it. When it does something in the right way, you have to commend it or gift it. The gift may be by giving it a special meal or taking it for a nature walk. You should not be too hard or harsh to Vizsla to encourage it to attend more training sessions.

How to Enhance Training

There are a few items that you require to train your dog to sit. They include;


Giving a dog a gift when they obey your command is one of the most effective ways to use when teaching a dog anything. So, when you are teaching your Vizsla, make sure that you reward them every time. This will encourage the dog to continue obeying you, and it will become part of their routine. 

Keep some of the dog’s favorite treats in your pocket so that you always have one when you need it.


Apart from giving the dog a treat, you can also reward good behavior. This is easy to apply if you have rewarded the dog before. The dog will know that they will always get something right when they are obedient. Rewards can be toys, petting them, or even praising them.

Training Environment 

If you are training your dog to sit, you want it to learn fast. It would be best if you did it in a familiar place. This is because the dog will master things more quickly in an environment that it is familiar with.

When you are using a new home, you should take time to make sure that you familiarize the dog with the situation fast. This can take a lot of your time, and therefore, it would be best if you started the training with a place that is more familiar with the dog. 

Demonstrate and Use Gestures 

Sometimes when you are teaching a dog to do the trick, you might need to show the dog how to do it. You can also apply this technique when you want to train your dog to sit. 

If you have someone to help you, they can do the trick as the dog watches, and the dog will do as they do. If you are alone, you can also demonstrate and have the dog copy you. Tell the dog to sit and demonstrate how to do it. 

You can also use a gesture if you feel like it will be more effective. Make sure that you use the same gesture every time and make sure that the dog is getting it right. 

Always follow up with saying ‘yes’ or ‘good’ every time the dog gets it right. Be consistent when you give a reward or a treat. The dog will know that every time they hear the word yes, or right, they will get their gift.

Are They Good Hunting Dogs?

The Vizslas have distinguishing characteristics, streamline the body, making it very active and have an excellent range of speed. While training, they are well mannered and obedient, they were thus used by the Hungarian nobles to hunt down birds and rodents such as hares and hamsters.

With time, they have been trained to adapt to different terrains, so hunting down other big animals, including deer, was found easy. The Vizslas have a unique noble instinct and sense of smell. They can lead one to a group of deer or birds by the use of their sense. The Vizslas work best in the wild.

What Hunting Qualities Do Vizsla Dogs Possess?

Stamina and endurance

Hunting requires excellent force stamina for hunting. Vizsla dogs are enduring and have great strength.

Strong bones and joints

They exhibit a significant amount of energy and can manage to take down bog animals during training. As with proper training, dogs need a balanced diet, and nutrition is required to grow healthy bones and joints.

Heavy coat

Vizslas have a heavy coat for insulation. Nice healthy skin is good for the dog to adapt in any weather conditions while in different serenity.

Good temperament

A good hunting dog can be calm around people; ideally, you want a dog that can adjust behavior according to circumstances. A Vizsla dog has a great temperament.

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for Vizsla Dogs

Vizsla is a common dog breed in the United States. They are rated 31st out of 189 breeds in the American Kennel Club.  Most owners choose Vizslas because of its attractive appearance and general gentle temperament. On the downside, they demand a lot of companionship and exercise. Vizsla is bred as hunting dogs meant for the outdoors because Vizslas are restless and easily bored if this is left unchecked, they turn to destroy things around them.

How to Choose a Vizsla Puppy?

There is a lot to be done to have the puppy live at your home comfortably. It is good to purchase a puppy from a breeder who is well known so that if the puppy has some complications, you can call the breeder and get some guidance. When choosing it, you should look for the size because smaller ones are faster and most active. The age also matters as it depends on the owner’s lifetime goals. Depending on the owner’s needs, it should be pure breed as these are suitable for hunting and have a good sense of smell. 

Factors to Consider When Looking for Pure Vizsla Dog Breed


Homeowners who are looking for protection, a more aggressive dog is suitable. They should be active and of good energy. 


The smaller the size, the faster the animal. Homeowners should also know that small sizes also need care and affection. 

Family member’s needs

Homeowners should consider first why they need the breed. Do any family persons have any allergies? Most of the pets have fur that tends to be a cause of an allergy to some people


A pure breed needs a friendly and calm environment. They tend to like affection and care, unlike other breeds.

Where Can You Buy or Adopt a Vizsla?

Adopting from Dog Rescue Organizations

When looking for a Vizsla, you can find them in dog rescue organizations. They are mostly lured over to Rescue groups due to the increased attention they require, which is daily exercise, daily care, and different activities to do. Owners keep finding this demanding and time-consuming.

Vizsla owners are giving up due to changing family circumstances or behavioral issues like anxiety, shyness, or merely barking.

Adopting from Public Animal Shelters

Vizsla occasionally ends up in public animal shelters, although animal rescue groups and human societies from all over the country try to move them into rescue groups.

Buying Vizsla from a pet breeder

You can buy a Vizsla from a person who has one, and it has given birth to puppies.  Vizsla species can also be found with hunters who graze animals in the fields. 

You should know the breeder, who has a good reputation. A reputable breeder can have only one breed of a dog in his entire territory. Acquire more about the breeder from the other dog owners who purchased puppies from the breeder.

As discussed above, Vizsla puppies can be adopted from animal shelters or rescues in your area. Ensure that you get the proper documentation and that the rescue has provided the puppies with a good base for life, including the necessary vaccines.

How Much Does a Vizsla Cost?

How much are vizsla puppies? Vizsla’s price ranges between $1000 and $2000. Prices may vary depending on the quality of the breed and the breeders’ reputation. Daily maintenance of Vizsla is relatively less compared to other breeds.  A Vizsla has a short coat and, therefore, does not require much grooming.  

What is the Average Cost to Keep and Care for a Vizsla?

On top of buying prices, buyers should be considering the dog’s upkeep. The most priority expenses of a pet dog include food, veterinary cost, and insurance premiums.  Buyers should need to buy quality food, whether wet and dry. Vizsla may need to change diet every once in a while, depending on different stages of growth.

Veterinary costs include initial vaccination, annual boosters, yearly health checks, and occasional spraying. Insurances are calculated depending on several characteristics like the dog’s environment, age, and general health. This cost may start rising depending on the insurance cover you opt to buy.

Some other expenses may include chewing objects for the pet. Vizslas are retrieving dogs, and they like to chew. The chewable objects or toys should be changed because Vizslas are easily bored and may not turn to chew on furniture or other home objects

Buyers may also consider medical expenses in general for Vizslas as they are not prone to diseases. Still, local breeding programs may cause hereditary conditions like canine epilepsy, food allergies, just to name a few.

What to Look out for When Buying a Vizsla Dog

Vizslas are extremely popular globally, which means that well-bred puppies are relatively expensive. Due to this, some sellers may take advantage of making quick money. Buyers are therefore advised to be cautious of amateur breeders who mostly neglect the welfare of the puppies, their dam, or the breeding in general.

Buyers should always check the related paperwork pertaining to the dog’s history of vaccination and microchipping. Under Kennel Club rules, a dog can only give birth to four litters.

Buyers should beware of online cons who usually post adverts showing images of Vizsla puppies on sale at low prices. Buyers are advised not to move payments before the puppy is delivered. The buyer visually inspects the puppy and examines the relevant documentation or physically visits the pet shop or seller’s house for inspection. 

Tail docking and tail banding are illegal in some countries, and such offenses may attract fines, and in extreme cases, prison sentences. Tailing in the UK and Scotland are unlawful.

In England and Wales, hunt, Point and retrieve dogs can be tailed subject to correct paperwork and procedures carried out by a qualified vet in adherence to standard operating procedures. Buyers should source for reasonable prices. Breeders may sometimes charge exorbitant prices for Vizslas and though the breeder may, and the puppy will breed. Buyers should compare prices to get the best offers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vizsla dogs (FAQs)

Is a vizsla a good family dog?

Vizslas are generally gentle, loving, and caring. They are also very loyal dogs. However, they require a lot of outdoor activities; hence are not your ideal apartment pet. They also display aggression when they sense completion for attention from their owners. It is therefore not advisable to adopt a Vizsla if you have a young family with small children.

If you own other smaller pets like birds and hamsters, you will need to keep them out of sight as the hunting instinct of the Vizsla dog might lead to their deaths. They develop more slowly mentally hence may require a lot more attention before letting them into the family life.

Are Hungarian Vizslas good watchdogs?

Hungarian Vizslas are excellent watchdogs and will quickly let an owner know when there are strangers around or when something they don’t like is going on around them. It is in their nature to protect the people they love and their property. However, they are not aggressive dogs by nature and would simply bark rather than show any aggression towards a stranger, especially if they have been well-bred and socialized.

Do Vizsla dogs like water?

Most Vizslas like water and enjoy swimming whenever they can. Care must be taken when walking around off the lead anywhere near more dangerous still water, just in case they decide to leap in, and then need rescuing. However, Vizslas hate going outside when it is raining, and it would be a mistake to force a Vizsla into the water if they don’t want to go because it would just end up frightening them.

Are Vizslas adaptive? 

Vizslas are adapting well to outdoor environments because they are active, intelligent, and have lots of energy. Due to this, they do not adapt well to small spaces like apartments. Buyers should consider placing Vizslas in houses with ample and secure backgrounds or placing them in farms or ranches. Vizslas are friendlier and tend to adapt to a new home quickly, especially if the homeowners are friendly and tend to love pets. Vizsla tends to enjoy a big compound for its outdoor games and running. 

Do Vizslas Bark a lot? 

Vizslas are not the kind of dogs that bark a lot. They are generally good watchdogs and are friendlier to people unless they feel threatened. They are bred and trained to hunt and retrieve, a task they learn quietly.

Barking at visitors may occur if the dog is unhappy or maybe an indication of inadequate training. A Vizsla may bark excessively when bored or as evidence of separation. However, they may occasionally bark as a sign of joy or also to communicate a need.

What is a Wirehaired Vizsla?

A wirehaired vizsla is a rare breed and has a wire coated golden-colored appearance. It is muscular and has a well-built body. It has a beard and visible eyebrows.  The dog has a high level of energy and is famed for its loyalty. It is also gentle and very affectionate. The wirehaired Vizsla is popular thanks to its excellent hunting prowess and also possesses good retrieving and pointing skills. Its determination is exceptional, and it can follow scents even when underwater.

How do you tell the difference between Vizsla and Weimaraner?

They both look alike, and it’s likely to confuse them. Vizslas is an old breed dog, while Weimaraner is of a new breed.  Weimaraners can only survive best in the company of other dogs, unlike Vizslas, which can move to any first time owner’s homes. Vizslas are loving, gentle, and energetic while the Weimaraners are fearful, and obey orders when given.

The longest lifespan of Vizsla is up to 14 years, while that of Weimaraner is shorter by about 13 years.  The weighing size of each dog depends on the gender, but we find that Weimaraner tends to weigh more pounds than Vizslas.

Bottom Line

All homeowners need to have a dog breed like Vizslas. They are a plus for every home, especially if you have a ranch or big farm with all kinds of animals. They love affection and play, making them suitable for children. Their loving nature makes them reliable and quickly adapting to family life. 

Vizslas are good keepers, hunters, and watchdogs. When well-trained in keeping time and herding animals, they reduce the workload of a man. They are easier to maintain and are less expensive compared to other breeds. However, before buying one, keep in mind that a bored dog will become a destructive monster, and they should not be left alone. It is a companion dog hence craves affection. When denied human interaction, it will not live up to its full potential.

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