How Do You Use Dog Stands When Hunting?

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Some hunting dogs requires stands in certain environments. There are several designs of stands in the market that can make your hunting more successfull. Its primarily used for bird dogs to get a better view of the situation.

It is necessary to look for ways of making the dogs as comfortable as possible. The best way to keep the dogs comfortable when hunting on a marshy ground is to ensure the dogs are dry.

The dog stands are very helpful in creating an elevation where the dog can relax and wait for the next move. Dogs are used for various reasons when hunting. One can have a flushing dog, retrievers, and even for company. The stands provide the necessary platform where the dog can relax and have a good view of the entire hunting situation so they can help you inte the best possible way.

What Are Dog Stands?

Dog stands are platforms where a dog will be located as you hunt. They are commonly used when hunting duck in the swamps. On the marshy ground, the dog will become wet if you will let it stay on the ground. It is necessary to ensure the dog is comfortable by introducing the stands.

They come in different designs and dimensions depending on the purpose of the stand. The platforms make it easy to spend several hours in flooded rice fields when hunting with your dog. Of course you also use the stand when training or exercising your dog so its used to being on the stand.

Momarsh – Final stand

How Are Dog Stands Used When Hunting?

The dog stands are used for several reasons. You can buy a dog stand to make the dog comfortable or create an elevation so that your retriever will keep watch and know where the bird has fallen. The hunting dog stands come in different brands, making it necessary to research around and locate the best. Here are some of the reasons why you need to get the hunting dog stands:


Your dog needs a safe place to relax as you hunt. On flooded grounds, the dog can catch a cold, leading to several health complications. Some hunting grounds are infested with biting insects. Having an insect-repelling stand will allow the dog to relax with peace of mind as you hunt. There are even some brands that come with covering to keep the dog comfortable.

Dry and Comfortable

You need to keep your dog dry and comfortable when on a flooded hunting ground. The stands will provide an elevation where the dog can stand. Issues, where the dog will have to spend several hours standing in water, will be no more after you get the right stand.

Give the Dog the Best View

Your dog needs the best view so that it can retrieve the kill fast. The dog stands provide the necessary elevation. You can adjust the platform to attain different heights, making it easy for the dog to have a clear view.

What Is Important to Consider When Buying a Dog Stand?

There are several factors to check out before buying a hunting dog stand. First, the stand should be of the highest quality. Check on the materials used to make a stand and ensure they are rustproof so that they can serve for long. It is also necessary to check on the general design of the stand. Here are other features to check out:


The best stand to buy should be highly durable. The use of maters, such as aluminum, makes the stands durable. Ensure you invest in a highly durable stand that will work for long to assure you great services. It should be storing enough to accommodate the weight of the dog.

Lightweight and Portable

You will have to move the stand around. To avoid too much burden when carrying the stand it is necessary to look for a lightweight stand that will make it easy to operate. There are several brands in the market, and they will come in different weights. Ensure you research around to locate the right stand.

Easy Setup

The right stand to buy should be easy and quick to set up. Check on the hinge mechanism and ensure you get a stand that you can deploy within minutes. A quick comparison of the stands available in the market you will make the right decision.


Some stands come in insect-resistant materials. They are the best to buy if you intend to hunt in places where there is insect infestation. Take time to check out the materials used to make the stands; then, you will make an informed decision. A quick comparison of the several stands available out there, you will easily locate the right product.

There isnt that much information about dog stands but i found this video that shows it in action, so atleast you can get a sense of how good it is.

Which Dog Breeds Are Most Commonly Used When Using a Dog Stand?

Some dog breeds are known for hunting. You need to buy the hunting stands to improve their performance. Some of the dogs that will for sure be successfull on the hunting stands are the following:

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

They are athletic dogs that work well as retrievers. The dogs were bred in the United States to meet the highest standards. They have a waterproof coat to allow them comfort as you hunt in flooded areas. They are also effective companion dogs.

German Shorthaired Pointer

Features such as athleticism, determination, intelligence, obedience, and loyalty make the dogs preferable when hunting. They are hardworking animals that require training. You can easily train them to use the stands, and they will respond very fast.

Golden Retriever

They are effective dogs that work to hunt in the woods. High stamina makes them very reliable when chasing after the game. You can quickly train them due to their intelligent nature. It will be easy to train the golden retrievers to start using the stands due to their intelligence that makes them master commands fast.

.. and basicly all good bird hunting dogs

Another good example is the Labrador retreiver that we have written an extensive guide about. Read more about it here.

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