Duck Hunting: The Best Kayaks and Canoes

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Everything about aquatic venturing is fabulous. To start with, is the serene life in beaches, sporting activities like water surfing, swimming, fishing, and hunting. One may wonder the difference between fishing and hunting. Hunting involves tracking and trapping the waterfowls. This activity is a fun ordeal, especially if you ride on kayaks to pursue them.

The ducks live in the mangrove area where the motorboats cannot penetrate easily. Therefore the kayaks are the best for this fun affair. This article contains the prices and guidelines to buy the kayaks. The kayak brands are very many, and they have different characteristics.

What are The Top Models of Kayaks and Canoes?

Hobie Pro Angler 12

The kayak is best for the muddy area to pursue the teals. A powerful mirage drive system is what dictates its significance. It is a method of propulsion that utilizes kick- up fin technology. That means the boat can move forward or reverse resisting forces of currents.

It is a 13-foot inch and bears custom pads and custom floor mats. With its rectangular trapdoor and shell storage, you can store duck catch. Luxurious seating and peddling is a trademark of this canoe. A four-way seat design adjustability is a muscle relaxant.

The presence of dual steering bars makes you enjoy the maneuvering and dodging the water current. You give a good chase to the ducks while using such steering.


  • Have an excellent adjustable seats
  • Driving and controlling is easy.
  • Dual steering that articulates any water current
  • Packed with features and storage compartments of the hunted ducks, large decoy and gun storage
  • Provides accuracy room for shooting the ducks


  • It is expensive
  • It is heavy

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Old Town Predator PDL Kayak

A 13-foot canoe with 36 inches beam. It has improvised watertight storage, tanks, a hatch, and gear storage. The deck surface is slip-resistant with a cockpit that allows hunting ducks while standing. It has a significant weight that enables you to hold many objects. Its price is $2449

The docking of this boat is marvelous because of its shape. It creeps on the reed, bushy mangrove without difficulties. Its docking and creeping motion give your hunter dog a chance to pounce on an unsuspecting teal.

The driving experience is excellent, with a revolutionary pedal system. This system will allow you to dodge the reeds and upcoming water tide. That peddling system improves its speed.


  • Easy to maneuver because of excellent peddle power.
  • Presence of adjustable comfort seats.
  • It has a cockpit that makes you stand for a gun target.
  • Have higher space to hold lots of hunting materials
  • Excellent stability on the water


  • Bulky for a single person
  • The absence of a pedal drive triggers you to search customized pedals.

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Wilderness Systems Radar 115 Peal Kayak

It is an enormous big boat carrying more than 550pounds, which costs around $2499. That means it can store all your hunting material. Do not forget to bring your accessory tracks due to its exceptional improvised boat rails.


  • Presence of adjustable and comfort seat
  • It has a higher space that allows the storage of armory and other hunting materials.
  • Customizing is made possible because of that big space.
  • Its wideness and weight improve stability.
  • Can be fortified with a sophisticated motors system


  • Comes in color uniform, therefore, a limited color choice
  • Heavy

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Beavertail 400238 Phantom Marsh-Brown Bird

This kayak is a 9-foot vessel with an inbuilt drag handle .It is famously known for camouflaging. It disguises itself with the environment. Sorry to that blind bird that will walk to it thinking is a piece of enormous vegetation. Space and weight enables much storage of hunting materials.


  • The boat makes it easy to navigate the marshy places with its fantastic puddle.
  • Its color camouflage with the vegetation, making you unseen as you hunt.
  • It has a space for installing an electric motor.
  • Waterproof quality to preserve perishable materials from going bad
  • Beavertail is right and easy to drag


  • No adjustment of seats making it uncomfortable
  • Hard to peddle

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Lifetime 10 Foot, Two Person Tandem Fishing Kayak

This boat carries a considerable weight of 500 pounds and a big space. Its distinguishing feature is that it has room to take more than one person, not forgetting the extensive facilities it carries. That tells, you can customize the boat to your preferences.


  • Durable with a five-year warranty. Durability comes from a dense polythene element to mold it.
  • It has the capacity to accommodate more people.
  • It has a more significant weight and width to improve space and stability.
  • Has a multiple footrests postures, that improves your recreation


  • Very heavy
  • It has fewer features

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4FeelFree Lure 11.5 Kayak w/ Sonar and Electronic Pod Orange Came

The kayaks have a small sonar pod that has some materials for your hunting practice. The boat makes your seat a recreation. The seat comes with a fastening button for the right comfort.


  • Fascinating seat with relaxation and comfort
  • Easy to peddle
  • Its hugeness ensures stability when shooting the bird.


  • Its rear end tend to catch the reeds

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3Malibu Kayaks X-Factor Fish and Dive Package

This vessel is ironical. It has one of the largest capacities, yet it has a lower overall weight. The size is about 625 pounds, but its weight is 62. That makes you able to carry without assistance. The space it has, it is incredible too. It is quite broad that suits stability. That wideness makes it efficient to hunt in bays or big shores.


  • Adequate space for customizing it.
  • Very stable due to its weight and size
  • A bingo when dealing with chops.
  • You can easily carry your canoe without much assistance.
  • Able to navigate to large water bodies where a flock of ducks settles.


  • It is not the champion for your shooting aim.
  • It is expensive

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Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Inflatable Kayak

This object has a protective attribute against puncture and marshland trapping. Many canoes and kayaks suffer from weeds and direct UltraViolet rays. Sevylor Coleman has a PVC build and rugged to prevent it from sticking in the weeds. Moreover, its nylon cover prevents puncture too.


  • Nylon and PVC build that is waterproof and prevents puncture.
  • Can be fitted with a motor engine that enhances penetration to the dense reeds
  • Magnificent lightweight that you can carry by yourself
  • Affordable price
  • There is a paddle holder to harness.


  • Lack of puddles and pump inconvenience how the boat moves.
  • The seat is low in the boat, such that there is an unclear view of the outside.
  • Can be unstable in the water when swept by the tides
  • Insufficient storage space

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What to Know Before Buying the Right Kayak

As discussed above they are the models of kayaks available. The differences are clearly noted. It is up to you to digest those differences in knowing the suitable products. Moreover, the following are some of the factors to consider in buying the duck hunting vessel.

Identify the Area You Are Going To Hunt.

The teals are found in the marshy area because they feed on those weeds. Always buy a boat that has a sharp bow able to penetrate those reeds. The reeds trap the kayak, such that you need assistance. If you are operating in shallow regions, be aware of the pebbles and rocks. Your duck hunting boat can hit the rock and develop a puncture. The bottom line is that you can quickly sink or drift. If you understand a dabbling duck playground, you improve your guns aiming focus.


Acquire a kayak with sufficient storage. Duck hunting requires many materials, including your hunting gear, duck hunting waders, a shotgun, and duck storage safe. You also need a boat that has a bungee system. It helps you to tie your waterproof backpack. A dry hatch is essential in a kayak, to protect sensitive objects like a phone from water.

Beamwidth and Tracking

Whether a wide or narrower boat, that is a question you have to answer. A wide duck hunting boat is more stable because it does not drift from the water wave. That stability reduces when you shoot the ducks. That is because the gun tremor causes vibration that tilts your boat. A narrow vessel, however, penetrates much in marshes and narrow pathways.


That is where the question of warranty comes. Buy a boat with a warrant of more than one year. Most canoes are expensive, and you need some coverage if they falter. However, you can opt to buy a durable vessel. A PVC, polythene, is the best with UV protection.

A Camouflaging Capacity.

The ducks are always cautious, and if they spot a strange thing, they fly away. You need to remain invisible and unseen while pursuing the mallard. Buy that object with green, brown, or blue color to disguise the color of the seawater, reeds, and rocks. This aspect can also be called duck hunting boat blinds.


You have to be in an upright position while pursuing the ducks. That makes your shooting more accurate. Sometimes you have to adjust your seat to a lying position if you feel sleepy. Others have a cockpit that you can stand for an accuracy shooting. If a boat has such luxurious facilities, go for it.


These boats come with variable prices. Some are more expensive, and others are cheaper. Those issues depend on your budget, however, do not compromise quality with cheapness. ‘Cheap is expensive’ sometimes. Carry extensive research, including the use of referrals from other sailors to know the better prices.

Consider the System of Propulsion.

Traditionally, there was the use of pedals. However, there is an improved system of pedaling like an improvised mirage drive system or installing a canoe with a motor engine. This latest development helps the boat cruise past the tides and marshes. A motor engine is sometimes ineffective because that sound will scare the birds. However, you cannot ignore the use of pedals. What if the drive system fails? Will you stay there stranded? Consult an expert to help you identify the best pedaling facilities involved.

Consider the Different Seasons of Hunting.

You must know the best seasons for mallards hunting. The weather also affects the boats, like rainy weather is not suitable for the kayaks. They will undoubtedly submerge from the storm. Moreover, the birds do not cohabit in such conditions.

Recognize the different seasons of various states in the United States. These birds move with distinct seasons. Such periods offer peak sales of kayaks. Always stay informed to identify those spells.

Duck hunting in Oregon

December is the perfect month. In Oregon, they come in large packs of ducks where it is easy to shoot one. And guess what else happens in Oregon; Squirrel hunting! Read more here.

Duck hunting in Florida

September is a perfect time. That ticks around September 24-27. The states also attract species like bluebills and redheads, mottled teals, and whistling ducks.

Duck Hunting in Louisiana

Other states put restrictions on the shooting hours. The duck hunting season Louisiana runs from September to January. Hunting time starts from one-half hour before sunrise and in the one-half hour after sunset.

Duck Hunting in Missouri

On September 1 through November 29, Missouri duck hunting is frequent. Shooting is one and half hours before sunrise and after sunset. There is also a limited number of the birds you have to kill. The state warrants the killing of 25 birds a day.

Duck Hunting in Pa

Some states mandate hunting in two periods. For duck hunting Pa, the periods run from April to May, then from November and December. In that period, shooting starts from morning to noon.

Duck Hunting in Virginia  

The ongoing wildlife act licenses only the hunters who register with Virginia Harvest Information Program. The registration is annually renewed. Possession limits for mallards are two to three bags daily. Hunting time is one-half hours before sunrise and after sunset. On Sunday, it is allowed full time only far from places of worship. The season is from October to December.

Duck Hunting in Tennessee

The season for Tennessee duck hunting starts from November 15 to the end of January. The daily bag limit is 6. You can only hunt in the morning and evening.


The kayaks and canoes for hunting are essential. You must follow the proper guidelines to get the best mode. Hunting voyage is a hobby, do not lay at home while others are enjoying. Therefore recognize the stipulated law on hunting in your state and start the practice.

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