Aimpoint: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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Aimpoint Scopes from the Swedish company Aimpoint has provided target acquisition solutions to shooters, hunters, and the military all over the world. Since 1974, reliability, ease of use, long-life battery, and speed of acquiring targets makes Aimpoint Scopes the ideal soldier’s companion. These scopes are easy to use, mounted onto rifle, shotgun, or handgun, enriching your shots with a concise reticle.

High quality Aimpoint scopes use red dot technology to benefit law enforcement with standards by which life or death situations can depend.

Aimpoint red dot scopes are the hunters choice. You can leave most Aimpoint scopes lying there for three years and still find the battery-powered.

What You Need to Know about the Aimpoint Scopes

My Own Review of the Aimpoint

Ok, I totally admit that I’m an Aimpoint-fanboy and nerd, I have owned maybe 14 different Aimpoints over the last years and right now I have five of them which I use for almost all kinds of hunting and practice shooting. It started out maybe 15 years ago when I tried my friends Aimpoint 9000L when we were going out hunting for deer. I was really questioning the use of a scope without magnification and how well useable it would be.

After trying it a couple of times I was completely sold, there’s absolutely no scopes that compare in speed and accuracy with the Aimpoint. I was getting opportunities to shoot deer that would have been impossible with a normal scope. I highly suggest you go and try one for yourself if you’re not sold on the concept already, your shooting will be so much more fluid, instinctive and on point with these scopes.

I myself really love the T1 and T2 and most likely they are the best scopes ever made for hunting that requires fast shooting, like hog hunting with dogs or driven hunts. Unless you’ve tried it I highly suggest you take a trip to Europe and try out the driven hunts in Sweden or Bulgaria, it’s a magical experience – and the Aimpoint scopes are a necessity

Where is Aimpoint Made?

Aimpoint is a red dot scope maker for military, civilian, and police use, and the headquarters of the company located in Sweden. Numerous military forces all over the world use many series of the Aimpoint scopes.

These versatile scopes include the Aimpoint Comp M class, which is the most popular.

The company started its operations in 1974 from Malmö in Sweden, building a primary reflex sight of the red dot subgroup, introducing their Aimpoint electronic red dot in 1975. The optics design on the LED red dot was an idea by John Arne Ingemund Ekstrand, a Helsingborg engineer.

Many products from Aimpoint rely on red dot technology. They also come with accessories to support the scopes such as mountings and rings are also manufactured. 

The US army started awarding multiyear tender contracts for the supply of red dot scopes from Aimpoint in 1997. Their purchases included the Aimpoint Comp M2 for their M68 CCO designates.

How to Zero an Aimpoint Pro

Aimpoint relies on the centering of their red dot scopes, which means that the actions of the firearms should align with the mount base for less adjustment. The zeroing work starts with short distances going upwards.

25 meters is the recommended adjustment distance, which allows you to see whether the scope needs further change.

Zeroing an Aimpoint Pro includes setting up a target at the recommended 25 meters, and then aiming your firearm center dot and on solid rest at the target. With one shot, you can inspect your point of impact, which may be too low or too high to the target.

Move the clicks needed to adjust your Aimpoint Pro scope from the actual Position of Impact to the desired one. Use this first shot target as a reference.

Precisely and quickly determine the adjustment by moving the screws, which in turn zeros your scope to the target. Use the distance to your target to calculate the number of clicks needed, and then take another shot to confirm that your point of impact centers on.

Keep adjusting slightly until your scope is entirely zeroed. 

Adjusting the rotation screws when zeroing an Aimpoint Pro

To adjust the scopes rotation screws, remove the Protective caps and unscrew from the turrets. Instructions printed on the adjustment screws may vary according to Aimpoint modes, but can have R and UP on the windage and elevation or UP-R for both. 

Adjusting windage requires that you move the screw labeled R to the position of the arrow or the UP-R. This movement should be towards your weapon’s point of impact. When you want to move windage away from the point of impact, turn the screw in the opposite direction.

Elevation adjustments require that the adjustment screw moves to the UP position, towards your points of impact, and the screw should twist toward the points labeled UP-R. 

Which Aimpoint Does the Military Use?

The US military has relied on Aimpoint red dot rifle scopes for years. This is mainly due to the simplicity that they exhibit and their durability. A simple design makes it easy to learn using an Aimpoint red dot and operating one enables soldiers to acquire and engage targets. And they use all different models of Aimpoint depending on which rifle and feature they are looking ofr.

Aimpoint scopes perform under any environmental condition and will stand up to demanding situations.

These sights last long, taking all the knocking around without the loss of clarity or telescopic efficiency. Traditionally shockproof and waterproof, Aimpoint red dot scopes have a battery life that plays a massive part in making the sights popular.

Integrated with magnifiers or night vision sights where applicable, Aimpoint scopes will shine both at the range and on the field.

How Does Aimpoint work?

Aimpoint scopes are the preferred red dot sights for novices and professionals alike, enabling you to gain accuracy and speed to your target acquisition. An Aimpoint scope on top of your rifle, carbine or handgun guarantees clarity and conciseness of shot. Its ease of use increases the versatility for stressful situation uses. 

Regardless of the weather, Aimpoint scopes will give you years of continuous use on single battery life. These scopes are implements relied on by range operatives for durability, performance, and reliability. Aimpoint scopes have revolutionized short to mid-range target acquisition techniques, a favorite for sports shooters, military, and police forces worldwide.

Red dot scope from Aimpoint will increase your shot on target chances and improve aiming confidence. Using an Aimpoint scope not only allows your shots to be on target, but your eyes are open, and you are fully aware of the surrounding situation.

The reliable optics from Aimpoint ensures that accuracy is always maintained while being lightweight and portable to reduce demands on your equipment load.

Performance for Aimpoint scopes is exemplary both on and off the range, with the scopes preferred for rough terrain, poor lighting, and foul weather conditions.

Features of the Aimpoint Scopes

The standard features of all Aimpoint scopes include;

  • An unlimited field of view
  • Being parallax free
  • They are not affected by weather conditions, however extreme
  • Don’t have laser emissions harmful to your eyes

Parallax free scopes 

No matter the angle of your eye to your weapons bore, the visible dot remains parallel for Aimpoint scopes. You don’t have to center the dot within the scope, as when the dot is on target, the rife is on target despite your eye’s position. 

Moving targets and bad light can’t challenge your shooting, and getting in a target is fast with a parallax-free Aimpoint scope.

Any conditions, everywhere

Scopes by Aimpoint will work in all lighting conditions. This includes the dark of a forest or the bright glare of snowy mountains or sandy desert sunlight. While some of the Aimpoint models are submersible up to 80 feet, others are waterproof to lesser or greater degrees.

Don’t worry about water immersion or rain, as none of the Aimpoint sights lets in moisture.

Thorough testing after development executes better models that ensure that the operations of all Aimpoint scopes are not affected by weather conditions, including severe heat, cold, or humidity.

Using one battery for years

Aimpoint pioneered the red dot scope technology, and every advanced model has over 45 years of optic-electro science built within it. The Advance Circuit Efficiency Technology is a superior combination which perfects low power usage through ease of use to maximize efficiency and battery life.

Giving you more years than the nearest competitor, Aimpoint’s ACET maximizes battery life, and one battery can last up to 8 years or 80,000 years. 

User friendly scopes

Aimpoint scopes use push-buttons and mechanical switches for a more user friendly experience, adjustability, and quick changes for simultaneous aiming. Easy to press even in cold weather or when wearing gloves, the scope’s push-buttons and switches don’t freeze solid and will give your perfect feedback at any setting. 

What Aimpoint Should I Choose?

Choosing the highest quality sight requires that you be conversant with optics and red dot scopes in general. Aimpoint gives you value for your money. Don’t worry about quality control when you interact with an Aimpoint scope.

There are a variety of sights by Aimpoint to suit the MOA and size of your shooting requirements. 


Size is a preference when it comes to target acquisition. The more significant sights tend to offer more field of view than smaller ones. Smaller size scopes, however, undercut their counterpart’s weight and portability, offering functionality and balance even to your sidearm. 

Minute of Angle

MOA is a term that represents ‘Minute of Angle,’ which means the spread of your view at certain distances. The lower your scope’s MOA, the better for long-range shot accuracy.

Lower MOAs will, however, presents poor visibility so that a large red dot reticle will represent a larger MOA. 

While most shooters will be happy with any of the Aimpoint red dot scopes, many still prefer the Aimpoint Pro, which reliably meets your optic and target acquisition needs. You can’t beat an Aimpoint scope for its clarity and ruggedness.

For better compatibility, the Micro H-2 and Micro T-2 will mount onto anything from an AR-15 to a .38 colt special. 

The best red dot scope for its price belongs to the Aimpoint Comp M-4 and M-4s series. These take anything you throw at them to perform splendidly, whether on military or civilian circuits.

How to Spot a Fake Aimpoint

The only way to identify a counterfeit or genuine Aimpoint scope is to have it in your hands, inspecting the notable elements. Aimpoint scopes come in a black housing, except for the limited edition models of the Micro H-2 and Micro T-2 series.

One red dot is visible within the scope, and when observing a genuine Aimpoint sight from the front. The lens appears red, when viewed from the front or it may seem orange or green depending on lighting conditions.

Fake scopes purporting to be Aimpoint will have a lens that appears clear or bluish when viewed from the front.

Any Aimpoint scope that’s manufactured outside the USA will come from Aimpoint HQ, in Sweden. Not from Hong Kong, Vietnam, India or China. Suspect Aimpoint sights will also have solar power cells and flip-up covers that don’t have the company’s logo embedded onto the front.

You can find out whether your Aimpoint Product is the real deal by checking for a serial number on the side of the scope. 

Aimpoint recommends that you buy their scopes and accessories from authorized or reputable dealers. Buyers are advised to be aware of Aimpoint products that are being sold at below-market prices.

Some Aimpoint scope models are more affected by counterfeiting than others due to their popularity. 

What to Look Out for to Avoid Buying Fake Aimpoint Scopes

The manufacturer offers some points to look out for when acquiring Aimpoint sight models that include; 

Aimpoint Micro T-1

The logo on a Micro T-1 scope is always on the side, in black, and the adjustment knobs are below the 4-millimeter height of the sight. On this scope, the intensity switch ranges from zero to 12.

Aimpoint Micro T-2

Check to see that the Aimpoint logo located on the sight’s side seems genuine. The Aimpoint logo should be a black color similar to the standard version of this scope.

The adjustment knobs at the top and at the side of this scope appear different and will not extend beyond the Protective surroundings.

Aimpoint Pro, Comp M-2, Comp M-3 and ML3

The Aimpoint logo situated at the side of these scopes is in black color. The real Aimpoint product has a peculiar design for the intensity switch. 

Aimpoint Comp M-4 and 3X Magnifier

The logo for Aimpoint on these scopes is on the battery tube or on the side in black color. An adjustment knob on its top shouldn’t adjust past the Protector.

On the M-4, the logo is super embossed, raised above the ground. It should not be written in white or italics.

Ensure that screws are present at the bottom of the magnifier, and the design of the intensity switch is Aimpoint labeled.

Counterfeit Aimpoint scopes will feature the following drawbacks;

  • Has a short battery life
  • Zero is not maintained.
  • Can’t withstand excessive shock or drops, recoil impact, moisture and severe heat conditions.

Aimpoint Optics

An extensive line of red dot scopes manufactured and marketed by Aimpoint assist targeting marksmen, military armaments, hunters, and law enforcement agencies across the world. More than 3 million Aimpoint scopes are in operation each day, using non-magnifying collimator optics.

Aimpoint scopes are in reality reflector, or reflex sights, which have battery-powered LED diodes which emit a red aiming dot. The optics includes a Mangin mirror system that consists of a semi-reflective mirror with a meniscus corrector element as a double lens system.

Optical axis spherical aberration is an error that causes the position of the dot to diverge with eye position change. This is compensated by the Aimpoint two-lens system.

The phenomenon for correcting spherical aberration at an optimized set distance called ‘being parallax free,’ a term which Aimpoint uses for its marketing. 

At ranges other than those optimized by Aimpoint, there’s some parallax induced by the collimator’s nature. The company sells its Products as commercial hunting, sport, and Professional models.

Best Aimpoint Scopes

Aimpoint Micro: 

This is a mounting standard that features a central recoil stop alongside an asymmetrical Profile on its longitudinal axis, and is a convenient mounting for the Micro-series. This Aimpoint Micro standard is in adoption by several other manufacturers of optics, including Sig Sauer, Blaser, MAK, and Holosun.

Aimpoint Comp 

Unique for the Comp series of professional Aimpoint scopes, this standard catered for mounts Produced by mounting and tactical gear solutions Providers. Original types of the Comp mount are available from Aimpoint as an answer to your scope mounting solutions.

Aimpoint ACRO

A new product from Aimpoint, the ACRO mounting standard, supplied to equip ACRO red dot scopes, is part of the existing Micro designing a compact form. Since plates for Micro mounting on most handguns weren’t feasible, this saw standard mounting for Aimpoint’s ACRO devices.

Aimpoint 3X Magnifier (add-on)

The 3X magnifier system from Aimpoint is compatible with red dot scopes from the same manufacturer, a sight famed for flexibility and maximum performance on the field. A handheld monocular, the 3X Mag has revolutionized how military personnel, sport shooters, hunters, and law enforcement use Aimpoint scopes.

This twist mounted magnifier enables you to split-second switching from close-quarter combat or CQC to medium far distance sniping, and back again. Your hunting shot can switch from magnifying to non-magnifying with the Aimpoint 3X Mag while the scope is still on your rifle.

Aimpoint recommends using the twist mount for more natural attach and detach operations. The 3X Mag is adjustable to fit any Picatinny rail. 

Special Features of the Aimpoint 3X Magnifier 

  • Rail system for mounting behind counterpart Aimpoint scopes
  • The mounting solution is extremely fast
  • The standard 30 mm ring also used to mount
  • The extended operational range provided
  • Conducive for semi snipping and CQC
  • Point of impact has limited influence 
  • Can double as a magnifying monocular
  • Increases your confidence, flexibility, and performance

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Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic 

The Aimpoint patrol rifle optic is also called the Aimpoint PRO and is continuously in operation, and you can rely on this scope for up to 3 years on a single battery. With this scope, you don’t have to look for an on and off switch.

A battery change date reminder allows you to mitigate running out of the scopes power mid-mission or in the midst of a hunt. 

Aimpoint’s patrol rifle is compatible with all generations of NVDs. This scope offers the same standards of optical clarity with night time applications. An adjustable scope, the Aimpoint patrol rifle optic, is mountable to the perfect height that suits all users.

The patrol rifle optic’s brightness settings can adjust or amend to match your preferred light conditions. 

The patrol rifle optic lenses are set to the very back to reduce scratches and fingerprint marks that may interfere with its optical clarity.

What makes the Aimpoint Pro the best scope for an AR-15?

The perfect scope for an AR 15 or other medium-range rifles, Aimpoint’s Pro, is slightly larger than the Aimpoint Micro. This scope weighs in at 7.8 ounces. Designed for medium to close range target acquisition, the scope magnifies using 2 Minuted Of Angle optics.

The Aimpoint Pro offers versatility as well as dependability. The Pro is a rugged scope, able to take abuse, and is resistant to oil as well as water for up to 150 feet.

Aimpoint’s Pro rifle sight is the red dot scope that will withstand any conditions and still perform flawlessly. The scope comes completely housed and ready to be speedily mounted on any standard rifle or shotgun rail coupling. It integrates seamlessly with a night sight or magnifier.

Countless military, law enforcement, and civilian users place their trust on this scope, and the applications for the Aimpoint Pro red dot are endless.

The Aimpoint Pro comes supplied with one DL battery, which gives 30,000 hours of battery life. This is equivalent to three years at setting seven of 10. This scope co-witnesses well with iron sights using the supplied spacer and performs at red dot 2MOA accuracy at all distances.

Battery change and in-service dates display within the decal as a reminder, and the Pro is night vision compatible.

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Aimpoint Micro T-1

The performance of a full-size scope repackaged is in the Aimpoint Micro T-1, reducing the critical factor of weight for all manner of shooting missions. Featuring a robust build, and lightweight, the Micro T-1 has become popular globally since its introduction in 2007.

This small Aimpoint aiming system comes ready to mount, with a standard configuration that includes Picatinny mount, the site, and a rubber bikini lens covering.

Aimpoint’s Micro T-1 is the ideal scope for rifles, shotguns, carbines, handguns, and sub-machine guns. This sight only weighs 84 grams (3 ounces) 105 grams (3.7 ounces) including mount. A parallax-free optic Provides 1X non-magnification, and the Aimpoint Micro T-1 is compatible with all NVDs.

This scope attaches seamlessly to any rail, thanks to its integral base and Picatinny style mount. 

The Micro T-1 features eight daylight and four-night vision compatible settings. This scope integrates an extra brightness selection that’s conducive for bright sunlight or when using laser Protection glasses.

The Aimpoint Micro T-1 scope is aptly finished in non-reflective hard-anodized material and is submersible down to 80 feet (25 meters).

You can precisely adjust elevation and wind without any extra tools. The Micro T-1 can mount alone or piggybacking larger night vision, thermal, or magnifier scopes. Here you can check out our full review of the Aimpoint T-1

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Aimpoint 5000

This is one of the sights used by Battle of Mogadishu Delta Force operatives in 1993. The Aimpoint 5000 is still a favorite of the Special Forces community.

Aimpoint’s 5000 series consists of the Aimpoint 5000, the Aimpoint 5000XD, the Aimpoint Mag Dot, and the Aimpoint 5000-2X-XD.

General working principles of the Aimpoint 5000 red dot series is reflex collimation. This helps to meet the battery life and LED intensity expectations of armies around the world. The 5000XD, now discontinued, started design as a hunting series rifle.

It had three times the battery power span and intensity that its predecessors.

This series made Aimpoint introduce the ten-year warranty on its XD diode sights that offer no parallax or centering required. Though not a night vision compatible scope, the Aimpoint 5000 provides enough eye relief. It also comes with anti-reflex multilayer coating on its entire surface.

Using one type of DL1/3N or 2L76 3 volt lithium battery, this scope guarantees between 250 and 300 life hours. 

A manual rotary switch provides adjustment for dot intensity. Mounting the Aimpoint 5000 scope involves the use of two 1.18 inch or 30-millimeter rings.

Aimpoint T-1 vs.T-2

The versatile Micro T-1 from Aimpoint has a sister in the T-2, an advanced scope system that features unmatched clarity and optical light transmission. Compared to the T-1, the T-2 is a 2 MOA dot scope that gives nearly five years of continuous life on a single supplied battery.

This scope also comes with rear and front lens covers. The T-2 from Aimpoint, sold with weaver and Picatinny mounts, has reinforced elevation and windage turrets. 

This scope, designed by Aimpoint, is a compact, rugged, and lightweight red dot scope. It has shape improving clarity that reduces optical parallax to extremely low amounts. Able to withstand rough handling and all manner of weather conditions, Aimpoint’s T-2 scope integrates well with magnifiers.

These include the likes of Aimpoint’ 3X Mag, 3X-C Mag-1, and 6X Mag.

Ideal for use on all long weapons, the Aimpoint Micro T-2 mounts seamlessly to shotguns, carbines, and rifles within a 1X non-magnifying spectrum. This scope offers water resistance for up to 82 feet.

It has 12 brightness settings, an ‘off’ setting, one extra-bright setting for sunlit conditions, and four NVD compatible ones.

From one CR type battery, you will get over five years or 50,000 hours of service. Aimpoint’s T-2 scope weighs only 3 ounces. 

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Aimpoint Comp M4

The most rugged of Aimpoint’s scopes is the Comp M-4. This scope has been concurrently touted as the best Aimpoint has ever produced. A combat-proven firearm accessory, the Aimpoint Comp M-4, and its cousin the M-4s are soldier tested.

Due to their ruggedness, the M-4 series scopes are close to indestructible. More than a million of Aimpoint’s Comp M-4 scopes are in service all around the world, a standard for NATO forces. 

A high-quality product, the Aimpoint Comp M4 is ready to mount, and the scope, rated for a single battery. This gives a life of 80,000 hours or up to eight years. The competitive Comp M4 uses a standard AA size battery, which is common worldwide, and the scope is submersible for 150 feet.

Aimpoint Comp M4 scopes are usable in all environmental conditions without problems. This makes them the most versatile red dot sights in the market. 

Featuring a high battery compartment, the Aimpoint Comp M4 scope, introduced in 1995, has since seen distribution to over 1 million customers worldwide. Soldier-proven and combat tested, the Comp M-4 belongs to a series of robust, rugged, and extremely durable scopes.

The US army utilizes one of the latest Comp M4s like the M68 Close Combat Optic or CCO that has been operating since 1997. 

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What’s Good about the Aimpoint Comp M4?

Aimpoint Comp M-4s are compatible with various generations NVDs. This red dot scope incorporates an integral mount without the need for a separate ring. The sight and mounting can be customized to sit better on your rifle, with the use of a provided spacer.

Aimpoint Comp M-4 rails-on to a variety of firearms.

Ready to mount at any time of day or night, the Comp M-4 is a waterproof red dot scope that offers clarity and efficiency in light transmission. 

This scope comes with nine daylight and 7 NVD compatible settings, including an extra bright for desert situations,

Aimpoint Micro H-2

If the Aimpoint Micro T-2 has a small brother, it’s the Micro H-2, the civilian version of the Aimpoint H2. Similar to the Micro H-2, the only variance is that while the T-2 is a night vision scope, the H-2 and Micro H2 don’t have NVD optics. 

Aimpoint Micro H-2 is submersible for up to 15-feet. This scope is designed for hunting or marksmanship as the more budget-friendly option than its larger counterpart. Redesigned from the earlier model to supersede clarity and durability in scope, the Micro H-2 mitigates distortion.

This scope pairs seamlessly with a magnifier.

Unlike previous generations of the H-2, the Micro H-2 stands up to most outdoor conditions. Its reinforced body housing, built to last. For improved clarity, this scope offers new optics with cutting edge coatings, is lightweight and performs well except at night. Aimpoint’s H-2, made in the US, had dimensions of 3 inches high and 4 inches wide.

The scope comes with a standard Picatinny-style mount as well as a weaver mount. You can get up to 5 years or 50,000 hours of operation from a single CR type battery that comes included.

The 2 MOA optics scope has 12 settings for daylight brightness and low light. This scope also featuring a front and back lens cover.

A parallax free 1X magnifying optic features on this 3 ounce Aimpoint H-2 scope, which is submersible in the water down to 15 feet.

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Aimpoint M68

A favorite for branches of the military, the Aimpoint M68, or CompM2, M4 is popular with the armies of the US and NATO countries such as Norway and Sweden. 

Watertight up to 82 feet, the Aimpoint M68 has adjustable aiming dot brightness that increases visibility. This helps to extends the life of its single 3-volt lithium battery. Parallax free at 50 yards, the Aimpoint M68’s red dot doesn’t change optical position when you move your eye.

The scope is available for civilian uses, a favorite of close quarter combat specialists in law enforcement, such as police SWAT teams.

With over 1 million M68 scopes sold to by the US army alone by 2011, Aimpoint’s scopes are in service as a close combat optic or CCO for the military’s M4 assault rifle. The scope is useful in allowing soldiers to acquire targets at 1000 feet while keeping situation awareness on peripheral engagements. An 85 % acceptance rate follows the M68 CCO from recreational shooters for its optic effectiveness and mid-range accuracy.

EOTech vs. Aimpoint 

From past and present years, the US military elite forces have used the EOTech and Aimpoint red dot scopes for their AR15 assault rifle. For personal home Protection, all manner of law enforcement, and Aimpoint’s Comp M2, M4 and Eotech’s 553 holographic suits. When purchasing either of these companies’ sights, personal choice hinges on what your use for the high-tech scope will be.

The iconic EOTech red dot scope was in everyday use by the US military during its ‘war on terror,. The company has also supplied it to various units of law enforcement, and civilian shooting communities. Using L3 communication optics, the site’s popularity took a dent from a lawsuit instituted against the manufacturer by the US government. 

The suit involved the scope’s tendency for substantial drift deviations, which occurred when shooting zero in high moisture or heat settings. Charges filed included Fraudulent Disclosure, which ultimately saw EOTech settling for $25.6 million. All in all, EOTech’s optics supplier L3 communications, ended up found liable for withholding test data.

This indicated that accuracy for their scopes was, in fact, compromised by extreme heat and cold settings.

While the AR15 is used for many ranges or sport shooting scenarios, law enforcement and the military may have had issues with EOTech’s scopes. This is mainly due to the rigorous testing they have to put them through. When comparing both scopes, the track record brought by Aimpoint stands out over EOTech recently who settled a lawsuit for the effects, which humidity, cold, and heat has on their scope’s accuracy. 


Aimpoint scopes enhance the vision that you get and provide clarity for when accuracy needs to be perfect. These sights have changeable settings that allow use in different weather conditions, and the Micro H-1 scope as 12 settings.

Depending on what you are after, an Aimpoint scope speaks reliability with a battery life that’s off the charts. Sights like the Micro T-2 will offer up to 5 years of constant use without battery changes. 

Use Aimpoint scopes on rifles, handguns, shotguns, and carbines, with adjustability features that mount to almost all firearm weaponry. 

We promise you wont regret getting your first Aimpoint! Happy hunting my friend and let us know how it goes.

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