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If you had the childhood I had, you would understand why owning an air gun is essential. It goes beyond the mean kid who kills pigeons and rabbits for entertainment. I grew up on a farm, and I would spend most of my days hunting for pesky pests like squirrels, pigeons, starlings, bats, and rabbits for the meat.

What people should know about hunting is that the skills are honed over many years. Just like everything you do, the more practice you have, the better you become at it. I began hunting when I was quite young, and I had to experience both full rifles and air guns. Today I love using air guns for small game hunting. They are useful, easy to handle, and readily available.

For a gunman like me, there are a lot of quality air guns in the market today. If you are a novice hunter or want to embrace your hunting side, consider owning an air gun first. 

Why You Should Own the FX Boss Air Rifle

The FX Boss air rifle is among the first big-bore caliber rifles that comes in traditional stock. And nothing is more convenient than this gorgeous ambidextrous FX Boss air rifle stock. It is not a cheap air rifle, and you will not need to replace it anytime soon as it is hardy compared to some other air guns. It is of actual high-grade materials to ensure that you can take care of it well and pass it on years from now to the next generation of air gun hunters. 

.30 Caliber

The larger.30 caliber pellets that the Boss fires allows air gun hunters the luxury to target larger game. Never one to be content, the FX air gun manufacturers have shown their ability to listen to all of their customer’s demands, and they have delivered. The FX Boss.30 Cal big bore air rifle is among the first sporter air rifles to feature a larger Caliber. 

FX Boss Smooth Twist Barrel

And since the Boss features the FX Smooth Twist barrel, the accuracy, muzzle energy, and range is up to the challenge to deliver excellent shots consistently. The idea of having a big bore barrel that shoots.30 caliber at a suppressed sound level is modern, and it is because the barrel is both shrouded and moderated.

The FX Boss features a.30 caliber Smooth Twist barrel, FX’s patented barrel design that has proven itself time and time again to be a consistent and accurate barrel. It is also a shrouded and moderated barrel.  The consistency of an air rifle is what you will want, and in this instance, it is delivered by the internally regulated action. The action ensures the same airflow goes through the valve regardless of how much air or the lack of it is in the onboard air cylinder.

Internal Air Regulator

The FX Boss rifles deliver shot after shot consistently because of the internal air regulator. The regulator will hand out the same measured amount of air for each shot. It does not matter how much air there is left in the onboard air cylinder. When the cylinder has a full fill, you can expect to get at least 40 shots. It is because of the regulator that you will be able to get the same velocities on your first shot as you will get on your last shot.

My recommendation to all new hunters is to try using the JSB .30 caliber pellets as the Smooth Twist barrel was designed with those pellets in mind. They will be highly effective and will travel long ranges but maintain their high impact upon contact. The onboard air cylinder can be filled to a maximum 250 bar which is 3600 psi. With this air-fill, you can get approximately 40 full power shots. Also included is one removable nine-shot rotary magazine.

One thing I realized was that I was able to obtain around 870 fps resulting in 80+ ft. /lbs of muzzle energy. As an accuracy expert, it was nice to achieve an excellent long flat trajectory and the ability to have sub-1-inch groupings even at 100 yards.

Trigger Adjustments

Firing your FX Boss is my favorite part of the hunt. The reason is that it has an excellent trigger. All FX Boss air rifles are known for having incredible triggers, but the FX Boss is an exception and is a cut above the rest. It features the new generation of FX triggers that have made what was an already perfect trigger even better. 

Out of the box, the FX Boss air rifle has a trigger set at 12oz only, and this is a good thing. It means it is incredibly light and crisp, and it will be love at first pull the moment you take your first shot. But if you’re more of a firearm person and you are used to a heavy trigger typical of most hunting rifles, this is also not a problem. The trigger of the FX Boss Air gun is fully adjustable. 

With a simple mechanism, you can turn your trigger into 3 lb. pull, and it will still maintain the perfect break that will aid you in getting the best shot placement in any condition. 

This FX Boss comes in a soft-touch coated synthetic thumbhole stock that is right hand only. There are ambidextrous models, such as the FX Boss walnut and laminate stocks. A simply incredible and fully adjustable match trigger is standard on all Boss rifles. It is also the same for all air rifles found on high-end field targets. 

Side Lever Cock Action

While most people do not see any significant difference between a bolt action air rifle and a side cock lever action, there is a significant variation. As a hunter who has used both I find the side Lever cock action to be more smooth, and this gives me accuracy and precision when hunting. Side lever cock action for the FX Boss is also smooth and will result in fast and precise follow-through shots. 

Another advantage of the FX Boss side lever mechanism is that you can stay on target way better. It is because compared to some of the bolt action air rifles; you don’t have to move your head since the pull of a side lever action is easy to pull. When using my FX Boss air rifle the side lever actions and cycling is relatively effortless. 

Is it Worth it?

Why I Like This Air Rifle in Particular

  • It is a quiet and both shudder and moderate air rifle despite its big bore—.30 caliber barrel.
  • Highly accurate and precision target because of the smooth side lever cock action.
  • It is a balanced air rifle with excellent quality and smooth finish 
  • The FX Boss is ultra-lightweight and suitable for a long-distance trek in the woods 
  • The trigger adjustment is a new concept that allows you to choose according to your preference for the trigger weight. 
  • It fires consistently regardless of the air left in the onboard air cylinder. The internal air regulator ensures that you have the same velocity in each of your 40 shots despite the air remaining inside the cylinder.  

What I Wish the Manufacturers Could Change

  • The FX Boss is a single-shot air rifle

FX Boss Air Rifle Buyers Checklist

A good air rifle must have excellent functions so that you can have better hunting success. If you are yet to buy an air gun, then you should consider the FX Boss.30 Cal. It has so many impressive features that are typical for all FX air rifles. As a hunter and an experienced marksman, the following features will impress you with the FX Boss air rifle. 


No hunter wants to miss, and that is why most people have target practice so that they can perfect their hunting skills. The FX Boss air rifle is no exception, especially when complemented with a powerful scope that will help you hit targets accurately.  At distances less than 100 yards, the FX Boss in the hands of an expert is quite lethal to the small game as you can hit targets with precision.

Silent Air Rifle

Most air rifles do not support the repeat magazine feature, and this means you will always have one shot to hit your target before you re-cock to take another shot. However, an advantage you have over your prey is that they will not hear your shot coming and hence more chances of hitting them. With the FX Boss, air rifle silence is an outstanding feature and is among the best air guns that are the quietest.

When you compliment the FX Boss air rifle with a silencer, it becomes the ultimate stealth weapon. Check out a list of the best silencers. The FX Boss is easy to handle, and since it does not use gunpowder to fire but air tanks, it becomes exceptionally silent. Many rifle silencers in the market are compatible with the FX Boss air gun.

Long-Range Air Rifle

When you think of a rifle, you probably want something that can hit targets from far away, but with precision, you can have a hunting advantage. The FX Boss air gun has a velocity of 870 feet per second with 78 ft. /lbs. which is quite powerful for an air rifle. It also has a Cylinder volume of 500cc capacity that allows it to fire at small targets that are far away with precision.  

The advantage of a long-range rifle is that you can hit targets without scaring them away hence a chance of more hunting success. It also has a smooth trigger, and this makes it possible to hit at moving objects when they sense your presence. The good thing about the FX Boss air rifle is that it is suitable and devastating to hunting small game.  

Big Bore Air Rifle

The FX Boss air gun is one of the best big bore air guns available today. It fires pellets.30 Cal, which is powerful enough to take down small game but subtle enough not to damage your prey’s flesh. The magazine loads nine shots, which is enough for an expert hunter. The advantage of using the FX Boss air gun is that its ammo is readily available, making it practical to use it for target practice.


The FX Boss air rifle has minimal recoil compared to full air rifles. It comes with a padded butt to effectively reduce the recoil effect, and you will not feel it even after spending hours on the gun range. Air rifles have less recoil, which makes them very accurate and lethal when hunting for a small game where a slight difference can make a significant change in where you hit or if you miss.

When it comes to handling, the FX Boss has an ambidextrous ability, making it easy to handle for both left-handed and right-handed shooters.


No one wants to hunt with a heavy rifle, and most air rifle designs prefer lightweight models as they are a hunter’s preference. The FX Boss is also lightweight and only weighs 7.15lbs. It is a comfortable design, and the barrel length is 24-inches and an overall length of 47.5-inches. To make it suitable for carrying into the woods, you can consider a strap to hang it over your shoulder. Vital accessories that enhance accuracy include scope and tripod. 

The FX Boss is compatible with many mounts, and you can quickly fix your scopes on it, thereby improving its performance. However, the more accessories you add, the more weight it will have.


When it comes to buying the best air rifles, you must consider the use you have for it. The FX Boss is a rifle that is suitable to use in all kinds of situations when hunting. It is practical and kills the small game with accuracy and lethality. There are many other FX air guns models that you will find exciting and worth trying them out. 

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