Gamo Viper Express Review

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The Gamo viper express 22 caliber gun is an air shotgun. This air gun is built on a Gamo 100 power plant providing the shooter 750fps if using pellets. This speed differs from when using shotshells, which gives around 725fps.

It has a dove rail on its smoothbore bull barrel that is quite efficient when it comes to attaching a scope. However, before rushing to connect your favorite range, remember that it is a smoothbore barrel air shotgun, and its power might vary from standard air shotguns. You can get a quarter-inch penetration into 200lb materials when shooting at close range.

The gun has a sleek modern design, given it being in the market for a couple of years. With soft rubber finishing on the forearm and stock, it provides a firm grip of the gun. It has a raised cheek piece on each of its sides.

What the Gamo Viper Express Has to Offer

Unique Design

One glance at the Gamo viper is enough to sweep you off your feet. This air gun sets a high standard when it comes to modern layouts. From its sponge finishing to its lightweight body, this gun will provide consistent, accurate shots.

It offers easy cocking, and you will require about 30 lbs of cocking effort while operating this shotgun. It feels lighter than it actually is. The layout of the gun brings out an excellent overall balance, weighing 5.5lbs. It is very light as compared to other weapons.

The stock that comes with the Gamo Viper is very comfortable to handle and easily gripe. The grip is increased with the rubber sponge pad finishing visible in the stock and forearm of the shotgun. It adds a great feel to the air gun, and most users go for it for this feature.

Bead Front Side

This gun does not come equipped with a scope. The  only feature that may provide you with an aiming attribute is the bead located at the front end of the air shotgun. No rear sight is available from the manufacturer’s side.

An 11mm glove rail is available for attaching your preferred scope, it may however, affect the balance of your gun. Check out this article for insights on the best scopes.

Ventilated Rubber Buttpad

The stock found in the Gamo viper express is a significant factor in the success of the gun. The gun comes from sturdy plastic with a soft chequering rubber finish. The rubber provides a better grip to the user making you more confident while taking his or her shots. It also absorbs recoil from the gun’s firing power, ensuring comfortable, consistent shots.

Single-Shot Air Shotgun

It can only shoot one shot at a time. Its spring piston is mighty, the pellet reaches a speed of almost 750 fps with the spring-piston, canceling out environment distractions. It is very efficient at hunting down small games such as rodents and birds at close ranges.

Two-Stage Adjustable Trigger.

The trigger found in this weapon is smooth and very light. It is also adjustable, and you can set it to your preference before firing. This feature is a very significant addition as some of the guns at the time of its production were not familiar with this technology.

A manual safety flip lever is in front of the trigger. You can lock and release your safety quickly without distancing your finger from the trigger.

Gamo 100 Powerplant

The Gamo Viper boasts of running on a Gamo 100 Powerplant, which is pretty powerful. When using pellets, the gun can give you up to 750 feet per second. It is reasonable, given it is a smoothbore barrel. However, if you are using shotshells, expect a lesser speed of 725 feet per second. 

Anti Beartrap Mechanism.

The safety button found in front of the trigger comes equipped with an anti-bear trap mechanism. This safety technique prevents the safety button from putting itself off, in case of malfunctions. It locks the safety lever in a position to prevent accidental firing of the gun when cocked, making it safe to use around kids at home.

The Not So Good of the Gamo Viper Express.

The Gamo team would have done better on this weapon. We will discuss some cons which I found would have a high impact on the guns case.

Expensive and Incompatible Ammo

Gamo vipers only use ammo manufactured by Gamo organizations. The ammo is not that easy to come by, and when you get them, the prices are not fair.  Found only at selected dealers, the ammo comes at a cost that most users find hefty. 

If by any case, the manufacturers decide to discontinue the production of the ammo, then you will be stranded with a gun but no ammo.

Removed off the Shelf by Most Retailers

Reliable sources revealed that most retailers have been offloading this piece from their shelves. Allegedly, the Gamo Viper Express did not reach the expected sales their manufacturers had set, making it not that great of a success. It is therefore unable to compete with more modern airguns and pistols and you are likely to miss it at your nearest gun retailer.

Manual Shot Removal

Unlike most guns which are automatic, the Gamo Viper Express requires you to remove the shell after each shot manually. This makes it slower and you are likely to miss out on shooting if you miss the target the first time. It is therefore unsuitable for slow and novice shooters.

Is the Gamo Viper Express Better Compared to a Close Competitor?

Gamo Viper Shadow Express Air Shotgun vs. Gamo Viper Express Air Shotgun

The shadow express is very similar to the Viper express since both guns come from Gamo manufacturers. The shadow and viper primary target was small game hunting, either in basements or background. Its design limits the gun to short and medium ranges, mainly for pest control.

The viper comes with an all-weather stock, which happens to be synthetic, similar to the Gamo viper express air shotgun. This ambidextrous gun has molded cheek pieces on both sides of the gun’s layout with a textured grip.

This smoothbore bull barrel air shotgun comes with a full vent rib. You require at least 30lbs of cocking effort while preparing for a shot. I recommend you stock up on ammunition as the Gamo ammo is not easy to come by.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Re-use my Shotshells?

The Gamo made shotshells are steady enough to be used multiple times. All you need to keep in mind is to replace the caps after each fire. Your willingness to load this weapon will determine how many times you get to reuse your shells.

Does the Gamo Viper Operate on a CO2 Cartridge?

The Gamo Viper Express is a break barrel, single pump air shotgun. No batteries or carbon dioxide are required to fire this gun. It is effortless to load, just pull down the barrel and put it in the shell. While closing the barrel, the weapon automatically accumulates the firing pressure from your locking force.

At What distance does the Gamo Viper Start Losing Accuracy?

The Gamo is very accurate at 5 to 15 feet. At close range, this is a deadly weapon to take down small games such as rats and hedgehogs in your basement and backyard. If behind cover, 10 feet is standard for a more efficient shot. 

Beyond 15 yards, the chances of attaining a clear shot are halved. This air gun is unable to provide enough speed and power to reach your target accurately. However, this depends on your expertise, and some shooters will get an accurate reading even on more than 15 yards.

Can the Gamo Viper Express be an Alternative to a Shotgun?

Despite being less powerful, the Gamo shadow viper air shotgun is a perfect alternative to real shotguns. It is perfect for hunting birds and rodents, as you do not need a full shotgun to kill them. 

Is the Gamo Viper Express Worth its Price Range?

I would like to believe that the Gamo Viper is not the best air gun in comparison with its peers. However, you cannot overlook the fact that you get value for your money. This weapon is a beauty, with standard performance capabilities.

This gun is very efficient when it comes down to eliminating rodents and pests on your farm. It may not exactly kill mid-sized games such as raccoons, but the damage inflicted on the target will be significant. This air shotgun can shoot miniature lead loaded number 9 shots, giving a steady distribution pattern with a narrow spread. At 600 fps, you will get a 12-inch pattern on less than 10 yards. The Gamo viper express 22 caliber supports the use of both pellets and shot shells.

It is a great weapon that is safe to use, even when indoors. It does not over-penetrate, causing damage to your walls and floor like standard shotguns. It is a terror to mice and rats, with a very minimal kick when firing. Well, the Gamo viper air gun is most famous for its uniqueness rather than its functionality. 

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