Dog Cooling Mat: Buyers Guide

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As humans deserve a better life, dogs also require the best care and proper living conditions. A dog is not able to cool appropriately and thus rely on panting and fur coats to release heat from their bodies. Even those dogs with heavy coats can suffer from excess heat from their bodies. 

Putting air conditioners and electric fans in their crates or kennels can end up in higher electric bills. Dog’s cooling mat can help sort out these issues by cooling off the dog’s body. However, not all dogs chilling units are the same. The cooling mats design enhanced different comfort levels of a dog. Different dog cooling mats designs give considerate cooling mechanisms regarding their different sizes.

What you Need to Know When Buying a Cooling Mat

What Size is Best for a Cooling Mat?

All cooling mats and pads come in different sizes. Getting the right size of a mat can be tiresome if one is not familiar with the dog’s body size.

For small dogs, a 40x50cm mat can be suitable and 90x60cm for large dogs. These sizes of the cooling pads have the merit of being thin and foldable, making them convenient to pack.

How Durable is a Cooling Mat?

The question of where to place a mat is vital. This is essential to withstand different elements, such as hot weather.  Dogs often get rough with their stuff to be active. This can be noticed through consistent biting, scratching as well as chewing the mat. For this reason, the mat should use a sturdy material that can last longer.

Maintenance of a Cooling Mat

Dogs are known to love playing to keep them busy in need to keep them active all day. As such, their movement cannot be limited. For this reason, they carry a lot of dirt and debris with their coats. This dirt will often drop off in the mats only to make them dirty and expensive to maintain.

In this scenario, purchasing a cooling mat that is easy to clean is essential. A dog owner should thus consider a cleanable mat that uses a damp cloth and some detergent. This will cut costs and also save on time spent. Alternatively, training a dog to use the m