Hog Trapping – Helpful Guide

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Wild hogs are now at 6million and rapidly increasing in number. It begs for better control strategies to not only keep the population in check but also bring it down. Trapping has been recommended as the most effective way of dealing with this wild hog problem. Whether you want some bacon for your freezer or want to deal with the hogs overrunning your ranch, trapping will consistently deliver results. But how do you do it right? Here are all the answers to the questions you may be having on hog trapping.

  • Why would you trap hogs?
  • What kinds of traps are there?
  • Where do you place the traps?
  • Where can you buy the traps?
  • How expensive are the traps?
  • How often do you have to check the traps?

Why Would You Trap Hogs?

A simple answer to this question is that hogs are currently a nuisance everywhere, and trapping them is the most effective method of control. But there is more to it.

First, the hogs are regarded as a nuisance in most states as their surging numbers have run out of control. They are destructive animals and wreak havoc everywhere they go. Some of the effects include:

  • Destruction of croplands with annual agricultural damage amounting to billions of dollars
  • Destruction of the environment that other wildlife need and hence resulting in an imbalance
  • Ability to spread diseases to livestock

These are the reasons why most states have no bag limits and allow all-year-round hog hunting. Budgets have been set aside annually to try to control this menace, but it is far from being successful. That is why you need to join in this noble course and have a significant impact by trapping the hogs.

Secondly, it is a question of why trap the hogs as opposed to any other method. Trapping has proven to be the best option of catching hogs due to the following reasons:

It allows you to catch a live animal so that you can sell, send in for research and many other reasons
You can catch