Hunting Hogs with a 9mm Carbine?

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Apart from destroying farm fields, contaminating water supplies, and transmitting diseases to livestock, pets, and humans, did you know that wild hogs are known to attack and fatally injure or even kill human beings?

It’s no wonder farmers and hunters are interested in finding a firearm that is powerful enough to take down this invasive species. The 9mm carbine has rapidly become a preferred option for many hunters, especially when it comes to hog hunting. This is because it is effective at short distances, accurate, and cost-effective than most other firearms. Though it requires a perfect shot at a short distance to put down the hog humanely.

Well, this article will be answering some of the frequently asked questions concerning hog hunting with a 9mm carbine.

Can you hunt hogs with a 9mm?

Yes, you can hunt hogs with a 9mm carbine. This firearm is powerful enough to kill a hog at a short distance, and most hunters prefer using it as the only firearm during hog hunting. With this firearm, you will be assured of being able to kill the hogs as quickly as possible. However, you need to take a perfect shot if you are to instantly kill the hog. One can use it as a primary weapon for the hog hunt, but it can be considered as a secondary firearm as well.

You will appreciate that this firearm is not only perfect at killing hogs, but it is also a very economical weapon that farmers, hunters as well as trappers. Importantly to note, you need to have advanced marksmanship for you to be able to take down a hog without causing it too much suffering, especially because this gun is used for hunting in short distances. It brings about a challenging experience during the hunt, as well as an amazing excitement to the hunter. It is, therefore, correct to say that a 9mm carbine is an incredible weapon for you to gun down a hog.

Why a 9mm Carbine Is a a Good Option

It is important to note that hogs have a thick skull and hide as compared to other animals you could hunt. This simply means that when you venture into hunting hogs, you need to have a pistol with a longer barrel, and be loaded with fast, strong bullets that will easily penetrate and kill a hog. If you are to ascertain success in your hog hunt, carrying a carbine greatly increases the odds in your favor.

The 9mm carbine fits this bill, as it has a longer barrel. Though the 9mm bullets are small, they are effective when shot accurately at a close range. This simply means that a bullet in such a longer barrel will be able to build up incredible pressure that will guarantee a greater penetrating force as well as faster nominal velocity. This makes this carbine an incredible firearm to take out your hog.

You will also appreciate the fact that this gun is easy to carry, which will only make the hog hunt a little less strenuous. You will be able to execute your hunts with ease, especially stalk hunts which would require you to move about much more before finally getting your kill.

Destruction of Meat

When you are looking to preserve the condition of the hog’s meat and hide, this is the best gun to use for the hunt. You will note that the 9mm bullets are relatively small, which means that they will only create a small entry and exit points in the hog. You do not have to worry about destroying your meat when hunting with the 9mm carbine, even when you get to shoot at short distances.

Best Handgun to Finish Hogs

For a handgun, you could consider using the Glock 40 for hunting hogs. This is because it comes with a 6-inch barrel. This will ensure that you can pursue the hog effectively, and take it down without issues. This is a lightweight weapon that you can easily carry around as you head out for the hunt. When you are hunting hogs with your dogs, this is the best gun to use as you will not get tired carrying it around, and it’s an overall really well-made handgun.

Is it Humane to Use a 9mm?

Killing a hog with a 9mm carbine is only humane when you do it at a short distance and have the right shooting skills to hit the right spot. This means that you can take out the hog with a single shot and quick. When you do not hit the right spot, you are likely to injure the hog and lead to a lot of suffering before it finally dies.


For a successful hog hunt, it is important to invest in the right gun if you are to realize incredible results. You also need to consider ethical issues towards the hog, and you should not put it through unnecessary suffering. Using a 9mm carbine is a good choice when your sure you will make a perfect shot. And personally I’m really in love with Ruger’s new PC Carbine that I think you should have a look at!

Have a fantastic hunt!

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