Hog Hunting In Oklahoma – Helpful Guide

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Wild hogs eat about 4% of their body weight daily. Take that and multiply with the 1.5million wild hogs in Oklahoma, and you realize that the damage they leave behind is astounding. The amount of damage in agriculture and wildlife habitats makes them a nuisance. You can help control this problem while getting yourself bacon for your freezer and having fun while at it. But of course, you do have some questions before you hit the road to drop some hogs which include:

  • What legislation should you know before hunting hogs in Oklahoma?
  • Where are the best places for hog hunting in Oklahoma?
  • Is there public land in Oklahoma where you can hunt for hogs?
  • What hunting methods are there in Oklahoma for wild hogs?
  • What are the best hunting shops in Oklahoma?
  • Where do you pick up hog bait in Oklahoma?
  • Best hunting guide in Oklahoma
  • What Legislation Should You Know before Hunting Hogs in Oklahoma?

Hogs are not classified as wildlife but rather as vermin in Oklahoma, and that means you can kill as many as you want all year round. The regulations, however, may vary season.

If you are a landowner, you are free to hunt the hogs any time any day. You may, however, need to get a free night shooting exemption in case you want to hunt them at night. During big game firearm season, you don’t need to purchase a big game license but rather just obtain a free hog control permit from the local game warden. The use of shotgun and rifled slug with a rimfire larger than .22 caliber during these seasons require a filled or unfilled license for that season.

Similarly, on public lands, you do not need a hunting license to hunt hogs unless it’s during the elk, deer, antelope, bear firearm seasons, and you are using a larger than .22 caliber rimfire shotgun. You are free to hunt hogs between one hour before and after official sunrise and sunset. At night, you will need to use methods other than firearms, have a resident or nonresident license and season-specific license as above.

Where Are The Best Places For Hog Hunting In Oklahoma?

Wild hogs are currently present in 70 of the 77 counties of Oklahoma. That means that you have a wide selection of places to head to for hog hunting. Their numbers become higher the further south you go within the state. You will, therefore, have better chances in the south.

Being a problem on most private lands, you are more than welcome to hunt the hogs down. Private property owners, lessees, and land occupants are always looking for people who can help them control the hogs. All you need is their permission, and you will be ready to kill some wild hogs.

In case you are wondering where you will get the information on which landowners have this problem, here is a simple way. Find out from local animal feed stores because farmers will often complain about the issue in these stores. The damage left behind by the wild hogs is also frequently reported to the wildlife offices.

Is there public land in Oklahoma where you can hunt for hogs?

If you love the thrill of hunting in the wild or just don’t want to deal with landowners’ restrictions, Oklahoma has still got you covered. There are so many public lands across the affected 70 counties that have wild hogs. They are Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) with hogs that you can hunt.

Some of the best options include:

  • Waurika WMA in Cotton and Stephens counties with 10, 580 acres
  • Hackberry Flats WMA in Tillman county covering 7,120 acres
  • Black Kettle WMA in Roger Mills county that has 30,710 acres
  • Canton WMA with 15,000 acres
  • Keystone WMA in Creek, Usage, and Pawnee counties covering 22,393 acres
  • Heyburn WMA in Creek county having 5,865 acres
  • Deep Fork WMA in Southern Creek and Northern Okfuskee counties with 11,900acres

What hunting methods are there in Oklahoma for wild hogs?

You are free to use any hunting method that you deem fit as long as it conforms with the state hunting regulations for that season. The common methods that you can use are:

  • Trapping– you can set traps to catch many hogs at the same time
  • Stand hunting where you hunt over a baited area from a tree stand or blind
  • Still hunting is also an effective method due to the hogs’ mobility
  • Stalking can also be used where you track and shoot the hogs
  • Hunting with dogs is one of the best ways to hunt especially if you have a well-trained hunting dog
  • Bows, primitive firearms, handguns, and shotguns are allowed for hunting as long as they conform with the regulations of the specific hunting season.

What are the best hunting shops in Oklahoma?

Now that hunting is a popular sport in Oklahoma, finding a hunting shop is quite easy. The best hunting shops for your archery and firearm needs are:

  • Brigadoon Army Surplus in Del City
  • Bass Pro Shops in Oklahoma City
  • C&J Sporting Goods LLC in Bethany
  • Village Tactical Guns and Ammo in The Village
  • Sports World Hunting Headquarters in Tulsa

Where do you pick up hog bait in Oklahoma?

Hog bait is vital whether you want to trap, stand hunt, or still hunt. You can easily find the wild hog bait in an animal feed store near you. Some of the best places to pick your hog bait include:

  • Cook Feed Outdoor in Oklahoma City
  • D&D Feed Store in Newalla
  • Brighton Feed and Seed in Oklahoma City
  • Winter Livestock & Feed in El Reno
  • Stillwater Milling Company in Stillwater
  • You can also order online from Amazon.

Best hunting guide in Oklahoma

It may be challenging to kill your first wild hog as a beginner. Luckily, there are guides and outfitters ready to help you get the best out of your hunting trip. Some of the best are:

Final Thoughts

Whether hunting for trophy or food, Oklahoma gives you some of the best opportunities. Now that you have all the information you need, why not plan that hog hunting trip. Remember to leave a comment on how it goes after your hunting trip. Best of luck on the hunt my friend!

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