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Hog hunting with spears has been around from as early as 700BC, and that is just when Homer first recorded it. It has roots in mythology from Hercules to the legendary King Arthur, who practiced it. Spear hunting of hogs spans over many centuries and continents, and even today, you too can be part of this incredible tradition.

According to drawings in tombs and caves, for instance, in India, it was done in teams. One man distracted the wild hog while the others speared it from different angles. Upon domestication of horses, hog sticking from a horse became preferable as it was safer.

As hogs started to increase and run out of control after their introduction in the US from Germany in the 1890s, hunting them with spears became a common practice. It is now many years since then, and even though it has been replaced largely by bowhunting and the use of firearms, it remains one of the most reliable ways. Hunting hogs with spears has evolved into a more effective sport. Some of the concerns most people have about it include:

  • How do you hunt hogs with a spear?
  • Is it legal to hunt with a spear?
  • What type of spear do you need?
  • What is the strategy when hunting with a spear?

How Do You Hunt Hogs with a Spear?

Although it is the simplest method of hunting, you need to be skilled with a spear before you get any results. Besides a throwing skill, you have better chances with a good spear and a backup firearm for safety.

The first step will be learning how to use a spear. When you are hunting a hog that can weigh as high as 600lbs and can run as fast as 25mph, you better be sure about your capability with a spear. There are 2 main reasons why you need to learn or if you already have the skills, practice:

Safety- a hog will charge at you, and if you miss or even worse partly wound it, you may end up severely injured
Being humane- you need to kill the hog in the shortest time possible to prevent undue suffering which happens if you partly wound it and it runs away

Secondly, find the right spot to hunt. They are best hunted in the mornings and evenings when it’s cooler or around water areas when it’s hot during the day, as they don’t have sweat glands. Track them down, and once you come across them, you are ready for your catch.

Finally, aim and throw or jab the hog. Pierce its shoulder region so that the spear penetrates the lungs and heart. You can do that if you are above or in front of the hog. Aim for the lower point of the chest next to the front legs if you are on the side. Find out more about where to strike from the anatomy article. You may need to strike more than once to drop it.

Is it Legal to Hunt with a Spear?

According to the Animal Legal Defense Fund survey, hunting with a spear is allowed in at least four states. These states are Alabama, Hawaii, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. The other states are silent on this matter. Given that it is not mentioned among prohibited hunting weapons, it is, therefore, essentially legal.

Hogs have overrun most places in the US, and they are considered a nuisance. In some states, they are neither recognized as a game nor non-game animals. That means you are free to kill them in whatever way you deem fit as long as it conforms to the state laws. You will also need to meet your state requirement for hunting, for instance, if a hunting license is mandatory and any other permit.

What Type of Spear Do You Need?

The use of spears in hunting hogs has evolved to result in a special spear designed for this purpose. It is called a boar spear and has several key features that make it perfect for hunting these animals:


Its spearhead is wide and strong to penetrate deep and cause massive damage with only a single jab or throw. The thick hide and bones of the hogs over the shoulder region are easily cut through with this spearhead.

Wings or Lugs

The spear also has two wings on the spear socket just behind the plate, which serves two purposes.

Preventing a wounded and furious hog from moving up the shaft to attack the hunter
Makes the spear easier to remove so that you can strike again


Finally, the shaft is relatively short and heavy, which maximizes the effectiveness of the spear when you lodge it.

What is the Strategy when Hunting Hogs with a Spear?

Although hunting hogs on horseback are not common currently, you can still do it if you are comfortable and want some adrenaline rush. The popular way is hunting on foot. There are two strategies that you can use:

Still Hunting

In this strategy, you attract the hogs to your position and use your spear to strike them. It needs skill, patience, and camouflage. A tree stands or hunting from behind a blind is the best way to use this method. Remember to camouflage your scent too using scent products because hogs have a sharp sense of smell.


You can also actively follow, track, and find the hogs and then spear them. Observance, quiet movement, and flexibility with the spear are critical to the success in this method. Your scent needs to be eliminated too, for you to be successful at this method.


Is boar hunting dangerous?

Hog hunting using spears is dangerous as it needs a hunter to be close to the hog, which has thick, razor-sharp tusks, intelligent minds, can weigh over 600lbs, and behaves aggressively and unpredictably. Excellent spear-throwing skills and a backup firearm can make you safer.

Is wild hog hunting legal?

Yes, wild hog hunting is legal and encouraged in most states as their population is excessive, and they cause immense damage to croplands and wildlife areas.

Do people still hunt with spears?

One, still hunting using a spear is an effective and safe way to hunt for hogs. Two, people still use spears for hunting for hogs in many states across the country.

How do you hunt a hog?

You will need to choose the right hunting spot, weapon, and strategy, which are crucial to successfully hunting hogs. Simply locate and shoot once you meet the legal requirements like a hunting license and permit. You can also use hunting dogs to help you catch the hogs.

YouTube hog hunting with a spear

There are tons of videos about hog hunting on YouTube that give you a front seat to what you will experience on the hunt. Tim Wells is a well-known hunter who shares his footage on YouTube. You can look at this video to see how he spears a hog.

Final Thoughts

Hog hunting with a spear is an age-old yet consistently effective method that you can use today. All the best as you try out your luck with the spear. You will love the adrenaline rush of being up close to your target!

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