Silencers & Suppressors: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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We all know how terrible shooting and hunting is for your long term hearing, just try to talk to an older hunter, and usually, you will need to repeat yourself as their hearing is damaged from years of shooting. This was before silencers were introduced on the market.

Also known as firearm sound suppressors, these silencers reduce the amount of gunfire noise when one shoots something. In most cases, silencers are typically attached at the end of a firearm’s barrel. Generally, these are nothing more than a containment system with a series of baffles that help to contain and redirect the expanding gasses that exit at the end of the firearm’s barrel.

Apart from muffling the shot’s noise. By using a silencer, you will have an easier time firing. This is because you will experience much lower recoil and kickback. This is more extremely important for novice shooters and hunters. 

Also, these devices are ideal for ethical hunting. There are many silencers that you are likely to come across out there. This article will outline the best silencers that you should invest in today. They include:

Best Overall AR-15 Suppressor 

The SilencerCo Saker ASR 556

This model is known for being easy to use and can last for many years. You will note that it was actually designed for bolt action, semi-auto and full-auto firearms. When it comes to performance, this silencer is designed for maximum user adaptability and convenience.

It has brought about extreme durability, replaceable end caps and modular systems.

What to Expect:

There are several things that come with this model. These include: your choice of mount, your choice of muzzle device, 5.45 caliber flat front cap, suppressor tools, suppressor pouch and manual.

The model comes with an ASR (Active Spring Retention) attach mount. It is also compatible with other Charlie mounts such as AAC 51t, SilencerCo Trifecta, YHM Y-Mount and Charlie direct thread mount options.You will realize that this suppressor is full-auto rated.

When you mount this silencer on an AR rifle, you can expect the noise levels to decrease to somewhere around 132 decibels from 165 decibels, and it weighs 16.7 ounces, therefore convenient to use.

The length of this suppressor ranges between 6.4 inches and 7.3 inches and it is made from stainless steel for durability.


  1. It is more versatile.
  2. The model can last for many years.
  3. It comes with an ASR (Active Spring Retention) attach mount
  4. It is quite affordable


  • It is not multi-caliber

The Best Value Suppressor

Advanced Armament SR5 

This model is the best choice for you if you want better performance at the expense of price. You will note that it is essentially an upgraded version of the 55-SD.

When it comes to noise reduction, this model can reduce as high as 34 decibels. This makes it one of the best silencers that you should consider buying today. You can trust that you will be able to perform all your shooting activities in a silent atmosphere.

Attachment and Removal System

Apart from this, the silencer comes with a 90-tooth ratcheting quick attachment system. This helps shooters to attach and even remove the suppressor within a few seconds.

Bore Alignment

Talking about bore alignment, this model boasts of offering excellent bore alignment. Therefore, this device has a very minimal impact on the accuracy of your rifle.


It is worth noting that this is a single-caliber silencer. However, aesthetically speaking, it is clean as it comes with a utilitarian touch. If you are interested in a rifle that will effectively help you reduce noise when shooting, this model is the best model you should consider today.


  • It has nice aesthetics
  • High price considering its performance.
  • Has excellent sound suppression
  • Quick attachment and removal system


  • Not multi-caliber

Best for Multi-Caliber shooting

SilencerCo Omega 300

This suppressor is known to have some features that can fascinate you. As a result, it is one of the top center suppressor sellers that you should consider. To start with, you will realize that it provides excellent sound suppression.


Also, this silencer is versatile as it usually ships with a direct thread mount and a quick disconnect ASR system and corresponding muzzle. Moreover, it can swap out the most included anchor brake front cap for a flat front end cap to reduce your OAL. When it comes to customization, this silencer tops the list.


Most silencer wonders would like a situation where their silencer of choice can handle most common centerfire cartridges. This model fits this bill. Since it is more adaptable while still maintaining impressive sound reduction, this model is one of those silencers that are desired by many people out there.


  • The model comes with an integrated muzzle brake for recoil reduction during a suppressed fire shooting
  • Quick attachment and removal
  • It comes with an authentic multi-caliber design
  • It is rated for full-auto fire


  • It is not compact

The Best Compact Suppressor

Surefire SOCOM 556 Mini 2 

Surefire SOCOM 556 Mini 2 – Compact Suppressor is a super-compact suppressor based on the Surefire suppressor that was tested in 2015 by the U.S. SOCOM. Compared to full-size suppressors, this unit does not make most of the noise made when one is shooting. However, it is a useful device that can help reduce the noise produced to some extent. This silencer will make your rifle much quieter.


This model is excellent for short-barreled rifles and CQB carbines. Here, it is worth noting that maneuverability is very critical in tight spaces. This model can enable a shooter to achieve this objective.


You will note that this model has a length of 5 inches. Therefore, if you have an SBR, you can easily add this silencer without turning your SBR into a standard carbine. This feature makes it better than its peers.

Attachment and Removal System

For quick attachment and removal, this silencer is equipped with a fast-attach system. The attachment system is compatible with the Surefire SOCOM 3-prong flash hider, Surefire Warcomp flash hinder, and the Surefire SOCOM muzzle brake.

If you can attach the suppressor to a Surefire muzzle device, you will be able to improve the bore alignment. Therefore, your silencer will affect your rifle’s point of impact minimally.


  • It is very compact
  • Quick attachment and removal
  • The model comes with an excellent bore alignment
  • It is compatible with multiple muzzle devices.


  • It is quite expensive

Best Quietest and Pocket-Friendly Suppressor

Silencerco Osprey Micro Suppressor

Does this model reduce sound more effectively? Absolutely. You will note that the sound reduction rating on this one is about 112.4 Decibels. Honestly, this is good enough.

This model usually comes with a flat sight plane that allows you to acquire and even shoot your targets seamlessly.


To start with, this suppressor is a rimfire full-auto rated. Also, it comes with a design that enhances its performance whenever you mount it to the rifle.


Although this is not the lightest silencer out there, it is known to perform excellently. Since it comes in at 17.01 ounces, you will realize that this silencer is quite heavier than other silencers out there. However, this does not compromise its delivery.


Talking about length, this suppressor is 6.625 inches long and has a diameter of 1.5 inches. The good thing is that the length of this silencer can be reduced further to 3.1 inches from 4.6 inches. Also, it comes with tools that can help you reduce this length accordingly.

Value for Money

We would all want to buy a durable silencer. The good news is that this model can last for many years. It can also be used with multiple Rimfire calibers and ammo. When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, this model is easy to clean. Even after firing several rounds, you will not stain cleaning this model.


This unit comes in one unit. As a result, it does not require you to assemble it to use it. Also, this device comes with a rapidly attached adapter that you can manually time. As a result, you will be able to easily mount the silencer on any 0.5 x 28 thread rimfire host.


  • This unit is easy to clean and maintain
  • It is usable with multiple ammunition and calibers
  • The model comes with a flat sight plane for better target acquisition
  • Its length is adjustable


  • The suppressor might develop exhaust issues

Best High-End Suppressor

Operators Suppressor Systems HELIX 5.56 

When it comes to sound suppression, this model is just splendid. It boasts of offering 35 decibels of noise reduction. It is almost close to the top silencers mentioned above.

Ability to Prevent Blowback

If you are keen, you will realize that one of the troubles with most silencers is the blowback. Most suppressors usually vent the gas towards the shooter. This can be detrimental. However, this model is different as it is designed to solve this issue. The model comes with a flush mount system that helps to regulate backpressure and vents gas away from the shooter. As a result, you will get less blowback in your face.


The model is made such that it will reduce heat buildup and can expel carbon to reduce the need for cleaning. This, in turn, helps to increase the service life of this silencer. Also, this makes it easy to handle after shooting.

Mounting System

Its mounting system is a traditional thread. Compared to the quick detach system, this is relatively slow. However, it is essential to note that the included STS muzzle brake usually has self-tightening threads. As a result, your suppressor will not loosen as you shoot.

Value for Money

This model is relatively expensive. However, it offers value for money since you can use an optic or a short-barreled rifle since you will get less carbon fouling on your lenses and face.


  • It has excellent sound suppression capability
  • The model comes with a muzzle brake
  • This suppressor vents gases away from the shooter.
  • It comes with self-tightening threading


  • The model is expensive

The Best Versatile Suppressor

SilencerCo Saker 556

This silencer boasts of reducing noise by 33 decibels. This makes it a solid performance suppressor in noise reduction.


Some people believe that one can only use one muzzle device at a time. However, this is not always the case. This silencer is different from others as it can offer sound suppression without essentially giving up the benefit of your other muzzle devices.


Worried about how you will interchange this device? The good news is that the muzzle cap is interchangeable. Here, you will be able to add an integrated brake or flash hider.

Attachment and Removal System

For quick attachment, this unit comes with MAAD mounting system and detachment capabilities. Here, the mounting system can go well with the Trifecta muzzle brake as well as the Trifecta flash hider. In this case, only the Trifecta flash hider is included in this device.


If you are looking for an appealing suppressor, this unit fits the bill. Here, the lines are clean. The checkering in the middle of the body helps you to grip and even twist this device.

Value for Money

When it comes to the value for money, this unit is quite costly. However, it is an excellent unit for anyone who wants sound suppression without compromising the unit’s performance.


  • The model has excellent sound suppression
  • It comes with an interchangeable muzzle cap to add integrated muzzle devices
  • This silencer is compatible with the SilencerCo muzzle brake and the flash hider that comes with it.
  • Quick attachment and detachment


  • The model is quite expensive.

Buying Guide for Silencers

Finally, you have decided that you would like to invest in a silencer, now that you have seen the best models out there in the market. Some of the factors that you should consider include:

Point of Impact (POI)

This is an important consideration when one is choosing a suppressor for his or her rifle. Here, depending on your application, the chances are that you might run your rifle both with and without the suppressor on it. Ideally, you should find a suppressor that does not have to adjust your hold or optic to remain on target. In this case, your silencer of choice should guarantee minimal and consistent POI shift.

Sound Reduction 

One of the primary purposes of buying a silencer is to reduce sound. Sound signature is one of those considerations that you should not overlook. Ideally, your silencer of choice should be able to enhance this feature. 

Be it in the military or your hunting ventures, you need to reduce sound produced when one is shooting for you to be successful. If your gun does not produce a lot of noise, you harvest more invasive species. The lesser the sound produced when engaging in these activities, the higher the chances of success.


The durability of a particular silencer depends on the caliber and the speed that you shoot out of it. This could either be subsonic or supersonic. Also, the longevity of a silencer relies on the rate of fire that you choose.

Ideally, your suppressor of choice should be tough enough to deal with at least 90 rounds of sustained fire. Some of the barrels you find out there will last upwards of 15,000 rounds. To get the value for your money, you should choose a suppressor that will outdo your barrel. You can trust that such silencers are of high quality.

Know Your Needs

Different people usually use guns for various purposes. Some could need guns to go for war, while others might need a gun for hunting. All these needs are varied, and thereby one needs to have a different kind of silencer for the firearm. 

You will realize that having a basic plan for suppressing your weapon can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. All the factors mentioned above will inform the kind of suppressor that you choose for your gun.


A silencer is a good investment for your gun. However, this comes with its own cost. By this, you should set some money for a particular suppressor out there. To start with, you can consider some window shopping so that you can check the price of the suppressor that works well for you. 

You might be lucky to find some suppressors being sold at a discount. In this case, you can take advantage of this and buy the suppressor that you want. Ideally, you should go for a budget-friendly suppressor out there. However, you should ensure that it is of high quality. By doing this, you will not be disappointed.

Legal Requirements for Silencers

Before you think of buying a silencer for your gun, you should check if they are legalized in your country. Some states are yet to legalize the ownership of suppressors. The purchase of these units is usually regulated by federal law on a state-by-state basis. 

You will note that more than 80% of the USA’s states allow private citizens to own a silencer for hunting, among other activities.

Do Research

As you purpose to buy your favorite suppressor, you should not fail to do some research regarding it. Here, you can consider seeking some recommendations regarding this unit. Chances are that you have a relative or a friend who has ever bought this device in the past. By asking him or her for some insights, you will be able to make a better decision when purchasing a suppressor.

Besides asking for recommendations, you should check the warranty coverage, length, and weight specifications. Also, you should pay attention to the mounting options to get an idea of the entire silencer. After all, you will own this particular item for the rest of your life.

The Reputation of the Manufacturer

The reputation of the manufacturer should not be overlooked when one is buying a silencer. Some of the companies that you might come across are only interested in getting more profits at the expense of quality. This makes such companies have a bad reputation. One indicator of a company with a bad reputation is negative reviews online.

As you browse the internet, you should be keen to check these reviews. If you spot a company with many positive reviews from real people, the chances are that it is reputable. After that, you can consider buying a suppressor from them.

Is it Versatile?

We all want efficiency. This is the reason why your silencer of choice should fit on several rifles. In this case, you should choose one that has the diameter of the largest bullet. For instance a .30 Cal can handle different calibers and still work optimally. Here, it will be effective in surpassing both small and large calibers. Even if you get a bigger rifle, you will not need to look for another silencer. This silencer will still fit and work perfectly well for you.

Apart from this, you would want a situation where you can swap your suppressor between two or more rifles. Here, you can consider adding a quick-connect brake to all your rifle barrels. This, in turn, will help remove the suppressor faster and seamlessly, without damaging the barrels threads.

Get a Cleaner

As you buy a suppressor out there, you should not forget to buy an ultrasonic cleaner. This is usually used in cleaning guns and its components, such as the suppressors. 

Ultrasonic cleaning uses typically high-frequency sound waves to agitate a liquid. This, in turn, produces a strong vibration that breaks up any heavy fouling present. The good news is that this action helps to clean those places where you cannot wipe with a regular cleaning brush. However, as you clean using the sonic bath, you should avoid those surfaces with a finish. By doing this, your suppressor will remain cleaner and last longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to own a silencer?

Most people have been wondering whether it is legal to own a silencer or not. However, the reality of issues is that it has never been illegal to own a silencer, under federal law. However, you have to live in a state that allows the ownership of these units.  For you to be allowed to own a silencer, you should be at least 21 years old. Also, you must not have any felony convictions.

Is a suppressor the same as a silencer?

It is worth noting that silencers and suppressors are the same things. There is no difference between these two. Most people use these terms interchangeably. Whether someone uses the term silencer or suppressor, they are referencing the same thing.

How effective is a silencer?

You will realize that the sound of a bullet can range from being in-audible to being as loud as the original gunshot. To mitigate this, a silencer is usually installed on different guns or rifles. Modern silencers can reduce the noise from about 14.3 to 43 decibels. However, this depends on several factors, such as whether the bullet is subsonic or not and how long the barrel or silencer is.

How long does a silencer last?

Wondering how long a silencer can last? It is worth noting that some silencers have been tested over 30000 rounds and have had no noticeable degradation in overall sound quality. A silencer’s lifespan is usually determined by several factors, such as the caliber of the gun, barrel length, muzzle device, firing schedule, and so on. Therefore, there is no definitive answer regarding the lifespan of a silencer.

Does a silencer affect accuracy?

A silencer is meant to enhance accuracy. Unless you install it improperly, it should make your shooting more accurate. With less muzzle rise, less sound, and less concussive effect, you can be sure that you will be more accurate when you are shooting with a gun that has a silencer attached to it.


A silencer is an incredible device that you should get for your gun or rifle. With a suppressor, you will be able to suppress the sound produced when you shoot. Also, it increases the chances of success in case you are hunting. The silencers mentioned above have proved to be very effective in the past.

The above guide can help you make a better selection. Consider these silencers today, and make your hunting a great experience. Check out more SilencerCo muzzle brakes reviews.

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