Zeiss Conquest V4: Buyers Guide

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The Zeiss Conquest V4 carries on the powerful legacy of Zeiss in the riflescopes arena that began way back in 1907. It combines advancements in performance, weight, and new reticles but at a lower price than most available scopes of similar quality. In case you are considering buying one, here is the in-depth review to help you make an informed decision.

Key Features of the Zeiss Conquest V4

A quick look at the features reveals that this scope is quite impressive. Among the many features, the following are outstanding:

Illuminated Dot

The Conquest V4 has an ultrafine illuminated dot as it uses the fiber optics system. Its low target coverage of 0.13inches at 109 yards is incredible. Shooting small targets at great distances is, therefore, quite a breeze.

Light Transmission

It comes with an HD glass that has 90% light transmission to your eye. You can, therefore, use this scope comfortably in low light. When shooting at a distance, you will get to appreciate its excellent target resolution no matter the magnification.

Image Quality

A coating of its lenses with their patent LotuTec ensures clarity of images no matter the weather. Their Zeiss T coating ensures you get brilliant, high contrast images regardless of the lighting condition. The lens diameters vary with the models.

Sturdy Design

The scope is one of the most resilient in the industry. It is corrosion proof, waterproof, shockproof, and can be used in both hot and cold places without its performance being altered.

Besides the above features, you may be interested in the technical specs. There are 4 models of the Zeiss Conquest V4: V4 1-4×24, V4 3-12×56, V4 4-16×44, and V4 6-24×50. Here are the technical specs

  • Magnification: 6 – 24x
  • Effective lens diameter: 44.9 – 50.0 mm
  • Exit pupil diameter: 7.5 – 2.1 mm
  • Twilight factor: 16.4 – 34.6
  • Field of view: 6.3 – 1.6 m (21 – 5 ft)
  • Angular field of view, real: 3.6° – 0.9°
  • Diopter range: + 2.0 | − 3.0 dpt
  • Eye relief: 90 mm (3.54”)
  • Parallax setting: 45.7 m – ∞ (50yds – ∞)
  • Adjustment range at 109yds: 7.5 × 5.7ft
  • Adjustment per click at 109yds: 1/4 MOA
  • Centre tube diameter: 30 mm
  • Eyepiece tube diameter: 44 mm
  • Lens tube diameter: 56 mm of the V4 6-24×50

What type of hunting is it good for?

The Zeiss Conquest V4 can be used for stalking, stand hunting, and driven hunts. It gives hunters an added advantage that ensures you bring home some meat with you when you go hunting. Here is how you can use it each of the methods:

Stalking: being a long-range scope with incredible precision, you can stealthily stalk the game and deliver the perfect kill shot without spooking the animal

Stand hunting: when you are all set in a standard, this scope enables you to have an excellent shot placement in many angles thanks to its large elevation and windage adjustment

Driven hunts: when an animal is moving, precision is critical, and that is what you get with this scope

You will be pleased to know that this scope was actually designed for hunting. That doesn’t mean it cannot be used for any other purpose. Besides meeting hunting needs, it meets most shooting needs and therefore, can be used anywhere.

Who should buy the Conquest V4?

Those who should buy this scope are hunters and target shooters. Hunters will benefit heavily from its high-performance capabilities and sturdiness. Only a scope with such levels of sturdiness can withstand the rough outdoor conditions often encountered on the hunt. Luckily, its performance remains excellent even after all sorts of harshness in the wild.

In case you are a target shooter, this scope may help you bring the prize home. Its pinpoint precision and lightweight design mean you get a competitive edge.

What are the user complaints about it?

Some customers have had issues with the parallax knob on some of these Conquest V4 scopes. The turrets have also been reported to be sloppy by some users of the scope. However, most customers were satisfied with this scope.

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