Best 9mm Muzzle Brake: Our 5 favorites

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Muzzle brakes work well in ensuring that a portion of propellant gasses are redirected to counter recoil and unwanted muzzle rise. A barrel that comes with an integral muzzle brake is said to be ported. This muzzle brake technique was first introduced for artillery and a standard feature on most of the anti-tank guns available in the market.  

The presence of muzzles in guns helped reduce the area of the weapon needed to take up the strokes of recoil and kickback. Since their inception, the muzzles have been used to control recoil, and the rising barrel normally occurs in rifles and pistols after firing.  

Why is it Important to have a Muzzle Brake?

You are undoubtedly familiar with the terms muzzle rise, muzzle climb, or muzzle flip if you have used a rifle or a rifle before. These terms refer to the tendency of the front of a firearm to rise after firing. Most of these muzzles rise because of the placement of the centerline of the barrel above the center of contact between you as a shooter and the firearm’s grip and stock.

When you fire a bullet, the reactive forces and propellant gases exiting the muzzle will act directly down the centerline of the barrel. When this occurs, and the line of force is above the center of the contact points, a torque moment is created. The moment of torque (rotational force) is what causes the muzzle to rise.

There is only one solution to bringing down the risen muzzle back to the operational level. The muzzle brake comes into play to help control or bring the risen muzzle back down to the operational level. We will concentrate primarily on the importance and uses of 9mm muzzle brakes and where you can find them. Look out for these below. 

Buyer’s Guide

You should look out for several factors for any time you want to buy a 9mm muzzle brake. Let us go through some of these factors below.

Wrench Flats

You will probably want a muzzle brake that is easy to install on your pistol or rifle’s barrel. Muzzle brakes that come with wrench flats are much easier to install on the barrel. This is true because the wrench flats are adapted to rotate a pre-existing hexagonal nut on the barrel, which has equal flat sides without deforming any of the nut’s corners.

Radial Fluting

The easier it is for you to fit your muzzle brake on the barrel, the better for you. Nothing makes this process much easier than using a muzzle brake that is radial fluted. A radial-fluted muzzle comes with some circumferential cuts in the interior lining to help it easily fit the barrel.

Apart from fitting easily, the muzzle with such dimensions also does not affect the accuracy with a significant difference, whether positively or otherwise. Therefore, you can rest assured that your highly accurate rifle will maintain its accuracy even after the inclusion of the muzzle brake.

Recoil Reduction

The main reason you would want to buy a muzzle brake is to reduce recoil. A good muzzle brake makes your rifle look classy and admirable, but it should first achieve its primary duty. A great 9mm muzzle brake will achieve between 25 to 35% recoil reduction for your gun. Test this out before settling for a purchase.


An adaptable or flexible 9mm muzzle brake is one that you can use in several 9mm barrel guns or rifles. You could probably be using one 9mm muzzle brake for your several rifles hence saving on the cost you would otherwise incur in purchasing one for each gun or rifle. 

Tough and Durable

A muzzle brake should stand the test of time and serve you to your satisfaction. You could ascertain whether your 9mm muzzle brake is durable and will serve you long to check out the material it is made with. Most of these muzzles are made of stainless steel and coated with lead for additional protection of the muzzle against wear and corrosion.

So, when buying a 9mm muzzle brake, you should check out the material used in making it just to be sure you are settling for the best deal.

Best 9mm Muzzle Brakes: Our 5 Favorites

Below is a list that makes up five best 9mm muzzle brakes that we believe could be an excellent compilation. You can also choose to buy all of them so that you can have a variety to choose from any time you are setting out for hunting. Have a look.

Beretta TYPHOON Muzzle Brake 1/2X28 9mm

If you have a pistol or a carbine, you would want to purchase and own this 9mm muzzle brake. It is made to work correctly on a 9mm pistol or carbine, so you don’t have to worry about it fitting perfectly on your pistol or carbine barrel.

The Beretta TYPHOON muzzle brake works perfectly, achieving a recoil reduction of up to 30 percent. Recoils throw your aim off by knocking your barrel off-target, which is why you should be happy by such a great percentage reduction in recoil. Again, the time you take to re-aim once you’ve lost focus on your target is valuable, and that is the time Beretta TYPHOON muzzle brake helps you to reclaim.

This muzzle brake works perfectly when you use it for home defense, personal and tactical defense, and tactical shooting. Anytime you are buying a gun with these three activities in mind, consider taking this muzzle brake along with you from the gun shop.


Let us have a glimpse at some of this muzzle brake’s features below.


One outstanding feature of this muzzle brake is that it is CNC-machined, which means it is crafted from solid steel, treated, and later coated. All this is done to make it durable and easy to maintain so that you have a long-lasting service and an easy time with the muzzle brakes.

Perfect Fit

The manufacturers of this muzzle brake have done a fantastic job on the finishing part of the process. The muzzle fits perfectly on 92 series, APX series, M9A1_22 and M9_22 guns. The threaded barrels make the fitting process an even easier and smooth one.

Standard ½ X28 9mm Threading

Since most 9mm gun series have barrels in this threading range, it is just admirable that you get the fitting work correctly done for you. All you are left to do is buy the muzzle and simply fit it on the barrel to start enjoying its services.


  • Reduces recoil by up to 30%.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Highly durable and compact.
  • Gives your gun a classy look.


  • Should include one or two ½ X28 crush washers to boost the speed of installation.

Beretta WARRIOR Muzzle Brake 1/2X28 9mm

This is another outstanding muzzle brake from Beretta and specifically designed for 9mm pistols and carbines. It brags the classic CNC machining technique used in manufacturing it into a long-lasting and dependable muzzle brake. It is made using solid steel, which is treated and coated with lead to make it more durable and easy to maintain.

The threading in this muzzle brake uses a standard ½ X28 pitch, which helps it to fit most applications in this caliber. When delivery is done, the brakes come in a plastic bag, though it doesn’t come with timing shims. You can always source this from any gunsmith supply source.

While it is perfect when an experienced gunsmith does the installation, you can always install it by following some easy user instructions that come with the brakes.


Let us look at some of the outstanding features of this muzzle brake.

Easy Installation

The structuring of the Beretta WARRIOR muzzle brake makes it a very easy muzzle brake to install on your gun. Thanks to the CNC machining, you can quickly fix the muzzle brake on your gun without a gunsmith.


The muzzle brake boasts stainless steel construction, which boosts its durability by preventing rusting and corrosion. Additionally, the muzzle brake has a lead coating to make it even more resilient and resistant to wear and corrosion.

Uniquely-Patterned Holes

You can’t fail to recognize the perfectly crafted holes across the Beretta WARRIOR muzzle brake that make it outstandingly attractive. The holes are also key in ensuring the aeration of the muzzle and barrel to keep dirt off the picture hence easy firing.


  • Useful for multiple purposes, including home defense, tactical and personal defense, among others.
  • Lightweight.
  • Readily available in local gun stores.
  • Attractive finish.


  • The package does not include timing shims.

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Beretta SWING Muzzle Brake 1/2X28 9mm

The Beretta SWING seems to be doing a great job in manufacturing superb muzzle brakes. It has yet another excellent muzzle brake by Beretta SWING Muzzle Brake, which they specifically designed for pistols and Carbines. Right from the plastic packaging, to its curly swinging curves, you can never fail to realize the simplicity that comes with this muzzle brake. 

It is CNC machined using solid steel to make it durable and easy to use. Manufacturers do not stop there; they proceed to give it a coating of lead to boost its durability further and enhance easy maintenance. The muzzle brake perfectly fits the APX series, 92 series, M9_22, and M9A1_22 guns, among others.


The muzzle brake features will help you have a better understanding of how the muzzle break works. Let’s have a look.

½ X28 Threading 

The Beretta SWING muzzle brake displays the perfect threading that makes it fit comfortably on a 9mm barrel of any gun. This makes it flexible to use and easily adjustable for a perfect fit.

Easy Maintenance

You wouldn’t want to buy a muzzle brake that gives you a lot of trouble anytime you wish to carry out some maintenance procedures. The Beretta SWING muzzle brake gives you an easy time when it comes to maintenance. You will need little to maintain as it is made with durable material that will see it function well for a long time.

High-Quality Construction

You will undoubtedly fall in love with the muzzle brake’s construction as it is made with confidence and quality of the Beretta Company. You will not need timing on this brake, and it has no jams making it an ideal option if you are looking for a top-notch brake for your gun.


  • No jams.
  • Lightweight, easy to carry along.
  • Compatible with multiple firearms.
  • Lead coated for durability.


  • You need to take care when firing to avoid getting your fingers hurt by returned gases.

Fortis 9MM Muzzle Brake

Fortis muzzle brakes are precision made in the US using 4140 steel. The unique work, the company, does reflect in the final product, which has a super aggressive look and performs greatly. This muzzle brake comes into play to help you stay on target without fighting the forces that produce recoil and muzzle rise.

When you lack such a muzzle on your gun, you can be sure to face forces that can adversely affect your gun’s accuracy and speed. The muzzle eliminates muzzle rise to near-zero occurrence. This means you will not need to worry about re-focusing to acquire your target for a second shot.

With its lightweight of just 2.7 ounces, the Fortis 9mm muzzle brake is your perfect brake to carry around.  It is also fully compatible with the original Fortis Control Shield blast mitigation device.


Here some of the most outstanding features this muzzle brake harbors.

Accommodative Size and Shape

When other muzzle brake buyers are struggling with how to package their extra brakes for a hunting adventure, you will be having an easy time Fortis brake. It weighs only 2.7 ounces making it easy to carry around and measures only 2.28 inches in total length. The size and shape work together to make it easy to carry around.

Highly Durable

The muzzle brake has a black nitride finishing to make it more durable as nitride helps protect the brake against corrosion and wear. While you enjoy the durability that comes with the nitride coating, you can also brag of the beauty it tags along.

4140 Steel

While the Nitride finishing only boosts the outward protection against rust on other corrosions, the 4140 steel used to make it does more. The steel used in making the muzzle brake helps to keep it strong against wear and aggression. You are therefore assured of long-term services.


  • Reduces muzzle rise effectively.
  • Comes with a crush washer.
  • Quicker follow-up shots.
  • Nitride coated.


  • It may not perform better on most barrels that it is not fully compatible with.

LANTAC 9MM Dragon Advance Muzzle Brake

The manufacturers of this muzzle brake proudly describe it as a fire-breathing dragon, and you will surely agree with this name. This dragon Advance muzzle brake comes with ½ X36 threads, making it compatible with many 9mm barrels.

The majority of users who love this muzzle break do so because of its ability to keep the muzzle flat without allowing it to rise or fall. It can also handle both full-auto and rapid-fire with equal ease giving you a perfectly seamless experience when shooting.

It does not have any prongs that will catch and snag on clothes or vegetation when you are out busy in the fields. 


Below are some of its features.

Sleek Lines and Smooth Appearance

The muzzle brake comes with these sleek lines that give it a smooth outlook, which ensures that the muzzle brake doesn’t drag along clothes or leaves in the forest when hunting. It gives you a seamless hunting experience.

Three Square Baffles

The brake brags of these unique square baffles help stop the rearward movement from recoil dead in its tracks. So you do not have to ponder about recoil movements after every shot you make.

Short Energy Pulse System

The muzzle brake features a short energy pulse system that reduces the recoil length, which prevents repeat shot energy from knocking you off target.


  • Keeps you on target even with full-auto fire.
  • Comes with a crush washer.
  • Its ½ X36 thread pitch fits many 9mm barrels.
  • Weighs only 3.25 ounces for easy portability.


  • It is technically not a flash suppressor, so it offers only a slight reduction in a flash signature.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Get a Muzzle Brake?

While a muzzle brake is a popular firearm accessory for many shooters, the decision to have one depends on your shooting needs. However, if you need a seamless shooting experience, you should get one.

What’s the Ideal Time to Get a Muzzle Brake?

You should get a muzzle brake for your barrel when you need to make quick follow-up shots or buy a bigger gun.

What Challenges Comes with a Muzzle Brake?

Several small challenges come with getting a muzzle brake, including high costs for some muzzle brakes. There is also the noise effect that comes with these brakes that you will have to keep up with. Some just don’t fit your long barrels easily.


Whether you feel the need to get one or not, a muzzle brake is a crucial requirement for a seamless shooting experience. Do not struggle with your shooting when you can ease the process with a single purchase of a great muzzle brake. Get one today and join the many who are already enjoying the services.

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