Walther PK 380: A Complete Review

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The Walther pk380 is a small semi-automatic handgun, made by Carl Walther GmbH Sportwaffen. It was the first polymer pistol, which is semi-automatic and, at the same time, incorporates a smooth and efficient slide. It does not have a slide unleash lever. 

This gun facilitates single action and also double action and has a slide stop that is internally built. Its practicality, power, and modern touch are impressive. The conveniently manageable recoil provides an excellent shooting experience. 

The grip is good, and its model is convenient, and its soft recoil enables the softest of shootings. Though it may not always be compatible with most ammunition, it is a pistol that will mostly give you value for your money.

The Walther pk380 comes in various colors, including blue, pink, black, and purple, and other appealing combinations.

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Why I Like the Walther PK380


The more recent make has plastic sights while the older version featured steel ones. These are in arrangements of a set of three dots, visible white dots, and a smaller one on the front end. 

The rear sight can be drift-adjusted for windage. There is enough space to view your target on each side of the front sight. Though it may not be suited for target pistols, it is quite handy for self-defense purposes.

Good Grip

The Walther pk380 has a grip that can be held comfortably. It has pleasant finger grooves that fit right into your hand but does not have a back-strap or grip adjustments. 

The grip gives shooters with smaller body frames an advantage since it is thinner than most other pistols. Women, especially, find it handy and comfortable to operate. Most men, however, may find it a bit too thin for their comfort.

Magazine Release

The Walther PK380 features a paddle-style magazine release. You can find it at the rear side of the trigger guard. One can quickly learn how to use and operate on these kinds of magazine releases. They are especially easy to reach for people with shorter hands.

The handgun is shipped with one magazine that has the capacity to accommodate eight rounds of ammunition. You can purchase additional magazines separately.

Another advantage is that you will most probably not experience a magazine disconnect. As long as the gun is loaded, it will automatically fire. The magazine will give you a surprisingly easy time when loading and is also released fast. Additionally, it remained in position during the process of shooting.

These magazines are plated on a single stack and have perforations for the eight rounds it accommodates. An extension for the pinky finger is an added advantage, providing a good grip.

Loading Bullets 

When loading the pistol, you will be required first to put the gun in safe mode, and then you can mount the loaded magazine, tag a little on the slide then release it. In case your slide has been locked back, but on an empty magazine, you will need to mount a loaded magazine, pull the slide backward, then tag and release. 

A more comfortable alternative to this is just forcibly slamming the loaded magazine on the handle. This will jerk the slide forward by itself. Whenever you hit the slide release, you are guaranteed a faster method of refueling your handgun, which is less likely to make errors in the process.

However, it is worth noting that whenever you use force to insert the magazine, the PK380 will always go into battery. However, the only concern here is that your gun will be a little more tedious to clear in case of a malfunction as the double-feed occurs. 

Safety Stops on the Trigger

The trigger is excellent since it is hammer-fired. Though the pull may not be ultra-crisp, the single-action ranges at 5.25 lb. and 0.25 inches, the reset is arguably good. A trigger such as this is easy to manipulate. 

Safety stops prevent the gun from firing but do not decock the hammer. This means that whenever safety mode is on, you may pull the trigger and consequently lower the hammer. No shot will be fired as long as the safety measure is applied, even if you have successfully lowered the hammer. 

More massive guns lead tend to discharge accidentally. To prevent this on a smaller gun, all you need to do is put the gun in safe mode and then decock it. The double-action trigger pull will usually set itself at 9.0 lb. If your gun does not have a de-cocker, you will need to go through the process whenever you load the pistol for carrying or in case you need to disassemble it.

The Walther PK380 features an ambidextrous paddle that you can find at the back of the trigger guard. The best way to efficiently and correctly use this feature is by using your trigger finger instead of your thumb.


  • It is accurate, durable, and reliable.
  • With this pistol, you are guaranteed a well-done job at all times when correctly used.
  • You are most likely to enjoy this pistol since it serves you very minimal malfunction.
  • It is the perfect choice for people with small body frames.
  • People with small hands can find the perfect grip on this gun.


  • It may take you some time before you find a load that it is compatible with.
  • This pistol may not be easy to use for people with large or broad hands. It mostly favors smaller, framed individuals.

Walther PK380 Laser

The Walther Arms PK380 Laser Sight is custom-fitted and is installed toward the front of the trigger guard. It is designed to make use of the pistol rail built in the interior and positioned under the barrel. 

These sights are easy to mount and take up very little when installing. Removing it is equally comfortable and quick. You just have to press on two easy to spot buttons, and you are good to go.

The Walther Arms Laser facilitates adjustment for windage and also elevation.

What I Like About These Sights

Battery Life

The Walther Arms PK380 laser sight uses a battery to power its functions. The longevity of its power depends on the quality and capacity of your power source.

It uses a CR123A Lithium battery as its power source. The battery can be replaced as required to enhance efficiency and reliability.

Laser Color

The laser sight comes in a combination of two colors. These are a conspicuous red for the beam and black finish.

Gun Model

The Walther Arms Laser Sight is compatible with the Walther PK380 pistol. It is specific to this model, and its function ability is impressive.

Walther PK380 Holster

It is essential to consider a holster that matches and is compatible with your firearm. If your pistol is made for comfortable deep concealment, holster your needs to meet these requirements too. A pk380 holster from Walther can provide you with carrying ease and comfort while concealing your firearm efficiently. Comfort and ease is the ultimate trademark for all Alien Gear design for holsters.

Aim to invest in a holster that is made for your gun’s specifications. The Walther pk380 holster that supports concealed carry is specially made for your pistol and will comfortably carry and fit it as it should.

The Walther holster design is custom-molded to mount on a retention shell to a holder of the owner’s choice. Hardware that can be manipulated is also incorporated onto the package. It allows you to key in the retention setting you prefer instead of an unchangeable mode the manufacturers may impose on their users. All the user requires to do is to choose the backing option that works best for them.

The Best Holsters

There is a wide variety of models of the Walther PK380 IWB holster. The recommended model for deep concealment is the Cloak Tuck line. You will want to choose this one for your pistol since the deep concealment will serve you best. 

You might also want to consider choosing between two of these. The leather Cloak tuck and the Modern cloak Tuck 3.0, which offers a multilayered advantage, will give you value. Both of them will correctly carry and conceal your weapon with guaranteed top-notch comfort. They are also durable and will give perfect service that can last for several years.

Other models available include the Cloak Belt slide holster, made of leather, and the Cloak paddle holster. You can use either as they are both perfect in their specifications. You will be impressed by the functionality in an open carry, OWB concealment, or range use. They feature an incredible layering system for the concealment of your firearm.

You might also want to include some ancillaries to your purchase, such as a gun belt, a cloak Mag carrier, or additional holsters. 

Alien Gear holsters also include a lifetime warranty that is full and comprehensive. Any issue will be fixed, or a replacement was done on your holster if the company deems it genuine and worthy of the replacement.

Walther Pk380 Accessories

There is a wide range of accessories available for the PK380.

PK380 Traction Grip Overlays

You are guaranteed the highest quality in the market today with the PK380 Traction Grip Overlays. They have additional traction that improves the speed of subsequent shots. 

The material used to make the grip is mostly coarse rubber, to allow extra-fine grip without noticeably adding to the weight or size of the pistol. It also provides a comfortable grip, which is needed in a small size pistol. 

The grip features good quality brand material from 3M, which has an adhesive backing. To install it as required, you will need a heat gun or even a hairdryer to provide the adhesive backing’s heat.

Walther PK380 Pistol Captured Guide Rod Assembly 

The Walther PK380 captured guide rod assembly is a recent product and is easy to set up. It is captured with recoil spring and is made of stainless steel, with a similar recoil spring rate as that of factory recoil. This improves your experience with stock springs and gives the best of services.

Walther PK380 IWB Holster

The Walther IWB holster is manufactured by using intense pressure subjected to it and precisely cut using CNC. The manufacturer uses a 1.75 inches tough clip that adjusts between -15 degrees to +15 degrees. It is also built to reverse in both right and left-handed use and includes adjustable retention that enhances a tight fit for your firearm. This achieves the highest level of accuracy while shooting.

However, it is essential to note that firearms with external accessories like the laser or red dot may not fit into the holster.

Walther PK380 Magazine Extensions

The most recent magazine extension is the +1magazine extension. It is made of reinforced nylon from carbon fiber. This material is arguably more robust than aluminum and guarantees user durability. 

It incorporates the addition of an extra round, making it amount to a 9+1 magazine. This extension improves the grip-ability of the user by providing better rest for the grip finger. It is a more economical option. 

The package has a set of screws that are positioned on the top rear. The function of this set is retention. You are required to mount the extension, flip the set of screws in a clockwise direction until it is entirely in the way of the shoulder of the body of the magazine and blocks it. 

This serves to prevent the extension from slipping forward or moving from its position. You do not have to overdo the tightening of the screws. You can make use of a .050 Allen Wrench to make all the required adjustments. 


Is the Walther Pk380 Worth Investing in?

The PK380 guarantees your reliability. However, the pistol may not be compatible with all kinds of ammunition. 

You will be required to subject it to a time trial for different brands before you get a perfect fit. It is also worth noting that while some may seem to work for a given period, sometimes they may completely fail to deliver as expected. 

So it is best to try your ammunition over a period to determine its efficiency. The PK380 is suitable for concealed carry but may not necessarily be the smallest gun available in the market today. 

Does the Walther Pk380 Pistol Have a Decocker?

Unfortunately, this gun does not come with a de-cocker. There is, however, a process through which you can efficiently decock your gun. 

First, you will be required to load your gun, snap on the safety, and pull the trigger. Understandably, this may cause some contentions and trauma to some individuals who may find it challenging to do this on a loaded gun, but still, it works arguably well. 

Critics have often argued that it is surprising for a gun that was designed to be carried hammer down when the chamber is loaded to miss a crucial feature, such as a de-cocker.

What Kind of Ammo Should I Use with a Walther Pk380?

The make of the Walther PK380 is similar to that of the chambered for the. 22 LR Walther P22, which has a larger frame. 

Just like with the P22, the PK380 features an Ambidextrous hammer block, which is manual and mounted using its slide feature. It also features a non-decocking safety and has a visible external hammer.

The .380 Auto Cartridge is likely the most compatible kind of ammo that will be efficient.

Is Walther PK380 Considered Better Than the Glock?

Both the PK380 are efficient and quality firearms. However, their designs are very different from each other. 

The Glock is bound to offer you reliability in the simplest of forms. On the other hand, the Walther features a more intricate design and may require more specific handling. All the same, both firearms are a recommendable choice. Your choice will depend on your inclinations.


The Walther PK380 is your best bet when it comes to small-sized pocket pistols. Most other pistols trade off all other features as they seek to achieve the compact size. It gives an excellent grip and sufficient accuracy for all your shooting needs.  Moreover, it comes with a wide variety of useful and functional accessories that improve its overall functionality. You can easily fit it into your waistband, making it convenient.

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