Walther PK 380: A Complete Review

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The Walther pk380 is a small semi-automatic handgun, made by Carl Walther GmbH Sportwaffen. It was the first polymer pistol, which is semi-automatic and, at the same time, incorporates a smooth and efficient slide. It does not have a slide unleash lever. 

This gun facilitates single action and also double action and has a slide stop that is internally built. Its practicality, power, and modern touch are impressive. The conveniently manageable recoil provides an excellent shooting experience. 

The grip is good, and its model is convenient, and its soft recoil enables the softest of shootings. Though it may not always be compatible with most ammunition, it is a pistol that will mostly give you value for your money.

The Walther pk380 comes in various colors, including blue, pink, black, and purple, and other appealing combinations.

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Why I Like the Walther PK380


The more recent make has plastic sights while the older version featured steel ones. These are in arrangements of a set of three dots, visible white dots, and a smaller one on the front end. 

The rear sight can be drift-adjusted for windage. There is enough space to view your target on each side of the front sight. Though it may not be suited for target pistols, it is quite handy for self-defense purposes.

Good Grip

The Walther pk380 has a grip that can be held comfortably. It has pleasant finger grooves that fit right into your hand but does not have a back-strap or grip adjustments. 

The grip gives shooters with smaller body frames an advantage since it is thinner than most other pistols. Women, especially, find it handy and comfortable to operate. Most men, however, may find it a bit too thin for their comfort.

Magazine Release

The Walther PK380 features a paddle-style magazine release. You can find it at the rear side of the trigger guard. One can quickly learn how to use and operate on these kinds of magazine releases. They are especially easy to reach for people with shorter hands.

The handgun is shipped with one magazine that has the capacity to accommodate eight rounds of ammunition. You can purchase additional magazines separately.

Another advantage is that you will most probably not experience a magazine disconnect. As long as the gun is loaded, it will automatically fire. The magazine will give you a surprisingly easy time when loading and is also released fast. Additionally, it remained in position during the process of shooting.

These magazines are plated on a single stack and have perforations for the eight rounds it accommodates. An extension for the pinky finger is an added advantage, providing a good grip.