Zeiss Terra: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

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As a nature enthusiast, I sure do enjoy a fantastic scope that will provide top-notch imaging to digest the tremendous views. Zeiss scopes have and will always be one of my favorites. You can check out a list and review of my favorite rifle scopes here.

The scope offers high contrast pictures even at their maximum magnification power, giving consistent quality imaging. You can never go wrong with Zeiss products, and this is not an exception when it comes to Zeiss Terra scopes.

The Zeiss Terra scopes are very light and small. Some of their models are pocket-sized, making it very efficient to carry on those long hunting strolls. Expect a longer viewing experience without tiring your arm or adding extra weight to your rifle.

Below are some of the available models of the Zeiss Terra scopes.

Zeiss Terra 4 12×50

The Zeiss Terra scope focuses on individuals who are on a tight budget but expect a high quality piece. Unlike most scopes on its price range, this piece is the best bargain you can grab. Below are some of the features that come accompanied with this beauty.


Incredible Design

This scope comes with a 1-inch body tube with 12x magnification power. This design gives the user a broad range of magnification options to adjust to their preferences. 

The body has a Zeiss satin black anodizing finish to its aluminum body, similar to other Zeiss pieces. The piece is trim enough to fit in small rifles, and does not add too much weight to your gun due to its lightweight nature.

The scope offers a zoom range that is as 4- 12x with no parallax adjustments. When I used this piece on my air rifle, at 50 yards, I was limited to 10x magnification power. Past this magnification power, your images may not be as clear as you expect. Your magnification adjusts from right to left with a serrated zoom ring. For the smooth operation, a raised knob is available.

Outstanding Clicks

Giving ¼ MOA clicks at 100 yards, most scope enthusiasts will see this as an awe-inspiring feat. It may not be the best offered in the current market, but it gives better zeroing capabilities to its users. The scope can lock itself at zero firmly; to adjust it, you will require to disengage the caps on your turret and close them back in for action.

The turrets divide into 18 segments, four clicks each. This layout is what provides an excellent adjustment range when it comes to the Zeiss Terra scopes. It is evident that this scope was precision made that can withstand even the harshest environmental conditions.

50mm Objective Diameter Lens

This model comes with a 50mm objective lens that is sure to amaze you with its capabilities. The lens comes coated with MC anti-reflective properties that significantly contribute to the near-perfect imag