Cantilever Scope Mounts: Buyer’s Guide

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The word cantilever simply means a long protruding beam fixed only at one end. When lined up against other mounts, you can easily guess which one is a cantilever mount as it protrudes forward on one end. Cantilever scope mounts can either be a one-piece mount or two-piece rings. In both, the mount launches the scope ahead and facilitates more rail space behind the optic. 

Instead of over the receiver, a cantilever mount aligns more on the barrel. This may make your rifle heavier at the front, especially for the bulkier mounts. There are different types of cantilever mounts to cater to the varying needs of the consumer.  Below is an in-depth review of the top 7 best cantilever scope mounts available on the market today.

Vortex 2-Inch Offset Cantilever Scope Mount

This is a scope mount that allows one to load and use the AR-15 flat top rifles. Used for mounting 30mm telescopic sights, it helps maintain unmoving hold and eye relief when in focus. When firmly screwed, it will remain tight through several rounds. 

The Vortex Cantilevered AR-15 Scope Ring Mount is a single-piece item with the riflescope mount and two integrated 30mm diameter rings, which allow for a broader range of scopes. It has a tough exterior made of aluminum, and it is lightweight. 


  • Easy to install
  • Solid & stable
  • Tight fit
  • Holds zero nicely


  • Screws will require Loctite.

LaRue Tactical SPR QD Scope Mount 

The LT104 mount has vertical split rings made from anodized bar-stock aluminum. The mount can last for a longer period with heavier tolerances and a rugged outer surface that is exceptionally resilient.

It attaches high power rifle scopes onto flat-topped rifles, and therefore, enables the shooter to obtain precision and allows for successive shots. This is a rock-solid scope mount made explicitly for the AR platform. The Speed Levers tie it down, providing excellent hold and can be easily and quickly readjusted.


  • Very small and light
  • One-piece construction
  • Price


  • Requires some smithing
  • Shorter scopes may not fit.

Rock River Arms Hi-Rise Cantilever Scope Mount

RRA Hi-rise cantilever scope mounts are significantly less pricey. They are heavily designed with options to fit in 30mm or 1-inch scope diameters. They spot a big handle designed to make installing and removal an incredibly easy process. 

It is quite a heavy weighing at least 10 ounces. To ensure a tight hold, it features eight screws that hold it together. These rings reduce movement, making it a reliable mount that gives you value for your money.


  • Solid fit
  • Holds zero nicely
  • Durable


  • Requires smithing to fit right

AR-Stoner Gen 2 Cantilever Scope Mount

With a height of 1.43 inches from its base to the centerline of its scope tube, we can recommend this cantilever mount for a vast array of rifles. It installs optics for an AR-15 flat top receiver. 

This scope mount features anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum and designed to last a long time. It has 8 Torx fasteners for caps and has four screws for each lid. The screws provide a secure hold for the Picatinny style rails, making it a reliable one


  • Sturdy platform
  • Pivot feature prevents realigning scope post cleaning
  • High-quality steel


  • Requires smithing to fit right
  • Expensive

Aero Precision 30mm Ultralight Extended Scope Mount

When manufacturing something to launch into the air, errors should be out of the question.

The aero precision 30mm ultra-light extended scope mount has been rid of all unnecessary bulk; hence is profoundly lightweight. It is built from 6061-T6 aluminum and features a rear ring pushed 1 inch forward, leading to better eye relief.


  • Easy installation
  • Inexpensive 
  • Reliability, versatility and efficient ergonomics


  • lack of customization for the mount

Sage Detachable Cantilevered Scope Mount 

This detachable cantilevered scope mount is a product of the USA, specially constructed for use on MIL-spec M1/M14 rifles mounted on a SAGE EBR Chassis Stock System. This is a scope mount system, and you have to purchase the scope rings separately. You can install cameras in a closed position. It features positive rail engagement, and the sight base is supported at both ends, constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum and has a steel stripper clip insert with stainless steel screws. 

What are the Advantages of the Cantilever Scope Mount?

Cantilever Scope Mount gives you more rail space by pushing the optic forward in case you will need to include other accessories such as a magnifier to fit in the behind.  It makes a change in the center of balance of the rifle, a feature that can steady it greatly and enhance precision.

What About an AR Cantilever Mount?

Several AR 15 scope mounts are installed on an offset to allow for scopes with larger lenses. This creates excellent precision for targeting. Given that every shooter may have their specific preferences, you will need to boost it with a bigger objective lens on the AR 15 whenever you are using a range with a cantilever mount scope for better and more efficient results. 

Scopes for AR 15 rifles have a diameter of either 30mm or 1 inch, and so the best scope mounts are capable of housing either a 30mm or a one-inch tube. As noted in the options we provided above, the cantilever scope mounts that are of high quality are one-piece units with the rings. Products such as the Aero Precision scope mount provide notably less bulky solutions.

The one-piece cantilever mount is no doubt easier to mount since you simply get the whole unit ready without necessarily going through the trouble of having to customize the individual positioning of each ring. They can easily be mounted to the Picatinny rail, which is located on the upper receiver.

What You Should Consider Before Buying a Cantilever Scope Mounts

Prices may vary depending on the material used for construction and the level of its efficiency. It is therefore clear that the higher-priced mounts may give more value than those on the lower end. It would be wise to pay for a quality item even if it is expensive to avoid future costs that may be required to upgrade cheaper items.

Always aim to get value for your money when shopping for mounts. Consider the pros and cons of each one of them carefully before settling for one. This guide will help a great deal to avoid disappointments at the end of it all.  We have also taken a look at the broader selection of one-piece scope mounts that are available, and it would be worthwhile to look at these if you are trying to gauge whether these will suit your shooting needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How does one fit a cantilever scope mount?

Place the single-piece mount on the rail top. Put the cantilever mount’s base slightly above the mag well to achieve proper placement of the scope. 

How far back should a scope be mounted?

Tilt your head back behind the eyepiece to determine how the edges blackout when you are not within the recommended distance. You can do this between three and five inches.

How close to the rail should I put my 50mm objective lens?

The cantilever ring mount places the epicenter of the scope tube at about 1.59 inches from the base. 

How good are cantilever scope mounts? 

A cantilevered mount may not be too necessary for an AR with a large frame. However, they go a long way in ensuring you get that optic further out so that you can get proper eye relief.


The mounts mentioned above are among the best and most affordable varieties in the market today. 

We hope the guide serves to give you a sneak peek of what to expect in this field, consequently making a choice that will benefit you for an extended period while also meeting your budget needs.  You can check out more Scope Mounts such as the Mosin Nagant and the SKS for more information.

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