Dryshod Boots: A Complete Review and Buyer’s Guide

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We all know how useless it is to get wet and cold feet, and it’s no worse timing to get that feeling than when you’re hunting as it’s often a patience-game. Being a successful hunter doesn’t sit in having the best gear, but it’s really important to at least have dry and warm feet. You may want to check out our suggestions on appropriate hunting gear.

From experience, I once went hunting with the wrong pair of shoes; they were comfortable but not built for the hunt. It made me realize the essence of having the right clothing when going into the wild. It’s not uncommon that in a hunt to stalk prey through all kinds of sloppy and rough terrain that might stretch for miles. 

Having the wrong kind of footwear can be the difference between pursuing your prey and calling it quits and heading to camp early. If you cannot walk into the woods comfortably, then your expensive and sophisticated piece of weaponry may serve no purpose. 

In essence, your footwear determines the places you can go or not, and you must have on the best boots for the hunt. In this article, we take a look at the Dryshod Hunting boots to see how suitable they are for all kinds of hunting and other different uses you may have.  

Are Dryshod Boots Worth it?

Dryshod is a new line of durable, super-comfortable, and 100% waterproof footwear. The idea behind Dryshod footwear is to bring great waterproof boots to hardworking hunters, farmers, gardeners, and all outdoor enthusiasts who have different uses. 

The ultimate goal that makes the Dryshod boots among the leading brands in protective footwear is keeping your feet dry, protected, and warm. The Dryshod team focuses on the commitment to creating world-class footwear for both the subtle and the harshest cold and wet weather conditions and terrains. 

The brand name literally means “dry shoes.” Therefore it is natural that the mission of Dryshod International is to deliver on quality boots that are all waterproof. It is this direction that catapults the Dryshod brand to be the leader in all weather and waterproof footwear products worldwide. 

Why You Will Love the Dryshod Hunting Boots

Hunting trips are among my favorite pass time activities when I go on vacation. It is a fun and enlightening way to spend my time as I get to learn new things every day. What every hunter needs when going for a hunt is an excellent rifle, but all this can be vain if you do not have the right footwear. Regardless of what you are hunting, ducks, big game, or teals, your hunting experience revolves around walking and covering ground. 

These are the advantages of having Dryshod Boots when going hunting. 

Foot protection

We have established that a hunter’s most significant asset when on the hunt is their feet, and there is a need to keep them protected at all times. Safety is the primary goal for all Dryshod hunting footwear. As a hunter, I have been to many terrains and hunting landscapes that are snowy, woody, wet, and have thorns that can harm your feet.

A typical protection element common in most Dryshod hunting boots is s steel protector 

The Dryshod hunting boots have a thick outsole that will protect your feet from broken sticks and thorns. You will also like how warm they are as I found them suitable for snowy and cold places. When you think of venomous snakes as well. Sometimes when hunting on grassy plains, you never know what you might step on, but with the Dryshod boots, you are always safe from bites and attacks on your feet. 


The main advantage of the Dryshod hunting boots is in their waterproof capabilities. They, however, come in different varieties and styles.  Most quality hunting shoes consist of vulcanized rubber, as this is genuinely the best way to make your boots water-resistant. 

Most hunting boots are rubber boots, and you can have a range from ten to eighteen inches in the shaft height. The higher the boots are, the better protected the hunter is as they can keep their feet dry while footing in slippery, wet, and muddy hunting terrains.

However, there are all kinds of hunting boots fit for different uses in the woods. They include leather footwear, Rubber boots, ankle boots, knee-high boots, and a combo of both leather and rubber boots. The most important thing to consider is their ability to keep your feet wet and dry at all times. 

Lightweight and Flexibility

Dryshod hunting boots are the most reliable for all hunters. I found my pair to be extraordinarily lightweight, yet it had the flexibility I needed. Even though the hunting boots did have a thick sole, the vulcanized rubber makes them lightweight, and this gives me the advantage of speed when trailing or chasing after prey.

Another advantage of the Dryshod hunter’s boots is that they enable hunters to walk for long distances with maximum comfort and minimum difficulty. However, you must note that not all boots made from vulcanized rubber are lightweight. One factor that determines the weight of your boots is the height and the height. The higher the boots, the heavier you should expect them to feel.


Any experienced hunter will know that the quality of hunting footwear lies in how they fit over your ankles and heels. Hunting boots should feel snug and prevent your feet from getting strains and sores when you wear them for a long time. As a rule, Dryshod boots have a high ankle brace that makes them fit comfortably.

Reliable Traction

All hunting shoes need a high traction ability as it prevents hunters from slipping when traversing muddy, wet and marshy terrains. Hunting boots should have outsoles with an excellent tread that promotes trekking and running with utmost stability. Rubber boots have outsoles with excellent tread. 

They are suitable for trekking through wet, marshy, muddy, and slippery terrain. The role of traction in hunting boots can never be downplayed, as the outsole surface area will also protect the feet and ankles from falls. As a hunter, you cannot avoid hilly terrains or sloping landscapes, and for such environments, you need quality hunting boots with superior traction. 


Any scent is a hunter’s enemy when tracking sensitive prey like elk or mule deer. They have a high sense of smell, and if the wind carries any unfamiliar scent, they will be on the alert. As a hunter, using Dryshod boots is an advantage because they have a scent-free feature. 

The outsole of the Dryshod boots consists of vulcanized rubber, which is a crucial element as it is impermeable to air. You can rest assured that the boots will conceal your scent and therefore remain undetected when hunting big game like bear, and deer. 


Dryshod hunting boots are a hunter’s best friend as they help them blend in nature and thereby increase their stealth and maneuverability in the woods. They can remain hidden in plain sight as the design of the boots is camouflaged. 

A Review of the Best Dryshod Hunting Boots

Snake Hunting Boot with Gusset

  • It has Snake-protection, and the adjustable gusset will provide all-day comfort while hunting.
  • Hand-laid penetration-resistant rubber from top to bottom
  • It has the WIXIT Cool-Clad wicking air-mesh lining with added micro-dot perforations. Wicks away the moisture and allows the air to flow. It also keeps the foot cooler in warm temperatures and has less scent that helps you stay undetected by snakes.
  • 2-inches taller than our other models so that you have extra protection.
  • Adjustable Gusset Style – customize to fit larger calves for optimum comfort and protection with our expandable gusset and adjustable locking strap. The extra room also accommodates layers of clothing tucked into the boot.
  • DS1 molded outsole – outer and inner grip
  • It comes with a removable molded EVA sock liner
  • A Double Achilles heel and instep reinforcement for more  comfort and protection
  • Genuine VEIL camouflage print
  • Nylon shank

NOSHO Ultra Hunt
Camo Extreme Cold-Conditions Hunting Boot

  • Layers of warmth provide all-day comfort while hunting.
  • DS1 molded outsole – outer and inner grip
  • Six layers of protection inclusive of EVA cold-blocking midsole-seven layers
  • Double Achilles heel and instep reinforcement for comfort and protection
  • 5.5 mm bootie 2.5 mm DENSOPRENE XD foam (extreme density) for extra protection 2 mm air mesh 2 mm warm fleece lining = 11 mm of insulating warmth and protection.
  • Removable molded EVA sock liner
  • Nylon shank

Ultra Hunt Camo Extreme Cold-Conditions Boot

  • Adjustable gusset style for big calf comfort PLUS extra layers of warmth provides all-day comfort while hunting.
  • DS1 molded outsole – outer and inner grip
  • Removable molded EVA sock liner
  • Double Achilles heel and instep reinforcement for comfort and protection
  • Nylon shank
  • Full camo
  • 2 inches taller than our regular model for extra protection from the elements, brush, and debris
  • Customize to fit larger calves for optimum comfort and protection
  • Extra room to accommodate layers of clothing tucked into the boot
  • Six layers of protection + EVA cold-blocking midsole = seven layers
  • Extra layers of insulating protection and warmth. 5.5 mm bootie; 2.5 mm DENSOPRENE XD foam (extreme density) for additional protection; 2 mm air mesh; 2 mm warm fleece lining

See product details here

Southland Men’s Hunting Boot
WIXIT Cool-Clad™ lining provides all-day comfort in warmer hunting conditions.

  • It features the WIXIT Cool-Clad™ wicking air mesh lining with added micro-dot perforations. Wicks away moisture and allows the air to flow more than traditional air mesh. It keeps the foot cooler in warmer temperatures.
  • DS1 molded outsole – outer and inner grip
  • 4 mm neoprene bootie
  • Removable molded EVA sock liner
  • Double Achilles heel and instep reinforcement for protection and comfort.
  • Genuine VEIL® Whitetail camouflage print
  • Nylon shank

Camo Hunting Boots

  • A versatile hunting boot with superior traction for rugged terrain – fields, woods, and stream!
  • DS1 molded outsole – outer/high traction – color-coordinated
  • Camo on upper
  • EVA midsole for comfort and cold-block
  • Removable molded EVA sock liner
  • Nylon shank

Premium Features to Expect on all Dryshod Boots

Dryshod footwear products provide weather-proof technologies to keep your feet dry, warm, and protected in the messiest working conditions and harshest weather. The secret to Dryshod boot’s effectiveness is the exclusive self-insulating, waterproof DENSOPRENE foam bootie construction, and HYDROKOTE water repellent textile treatment.

100% Waterproof

5 mm DENSOPRENE FOAM INSULATED BOOTIE will keep out the cold & wet. DENSOPRENE foam is a super dense neoprene material that keeps the warm/dry in and the cold/wet out. It is a waterproof and self-insulating foam that is naturally lightweight, comfortable, and buoyant. They have the construction material as deep-water dry suits. Dryshod materials exceed the long-term effectiveness of waterproof membrane materials and provide higher insulating properties.


No more soggy boots. The water rolls off and dries in seconds. The HYDROKOTE water repellent is a feature on all Dryshod footwear products. The textile cover on the entire bootie is treated with a nano-scale hydrophobic coating so that it repels mud and water on contact.

It also keeps the textile exterior surface of the boot from icing up in freezing temps and from retaining water in the fibers when in wet conditions. 


Moves the air to keep your feet dry and comfortable
All Dryshod footwear is lined with an exclusive breathable air mesh lining to keep your feet dry and comfortable. 

The Air mesh is what keeps high-end running shoes dry and fresh under intense use. The structured-air mesh has a top layer and a bottom layer that is held apart by thousands of tiny vertical fibers. As you walk, the air gets pushed and circulated through the vertical fibers allowing the skin to breathe. It will keep the boot humidity-free and dry.

Dryshod boot linings are non-abrasive and hypoallergenic. When you see the orange 4-way stretch lining, you know it’s a breathable air mesh.

Air Mesh 

4-way stretch materials and generous heel kick for an easy-on and easy-off convenience

Roll-down Calf Pipe

You can roll down the top to tuck in your pant leg or vent in warm temperatures. The upper calf and topline areas have a soft, flexible DENSOPRENE foam and 4-way stretch lining that will fit any calf. With the flexible upper, you can wear the pant leg over or inside the boot. In the event of heat and moisture build-up, the top collar on Dryshod Boots can be folded down to vent the boot.

Genuine Natural-Rubber Overlays

The only genuine hand-laid rubber and it has no PU, PVC, or TPR
Genuine natural-rubber overlays also serve as a protective skin for Dryshod footwear. The rubber stays flexible for many years and will not cold-crack like footwear made of PVC, Urethane, and TPR materials. Dryshod overlays are all double-reinforced in the toe area and triple-reinforced in the heel area. Dryshod outsoles consist of premium natural-rubber for optimum traction.

Buyers Guide to Buying Hunting Boots

When you want to shop for new hunting boots, there is an array of things that you must consider. Here are some of the most common concerns that go into choosing the perfect hunting boots. 


Fitting footwear applies to all shoes, but even more so with hunting boots. If your wingtips are pinching and you are in the office, you can take them off to give your feet a break. If, however, you’re pursuing a whitetail deer through the woods, there’s no taking a seat or taking your hunting boots off.

So making sure your hunting boots are a good fit before you go out with them is crucial. Also, if your boots are brand new, you should wear them to break them before taking them hunting for the first time.


Cold feet are uncomfortable, similar to frostbites that are a threat when you’re in the wild. In such conditions, your hunting boots must have better insulation properties. When the weather is warm, insulation is not as crucial as it may even be a hindrance that causes you to overheat.


The soles of your boots must have excellent traction to avoid slipping in wet surfaces. The terrain you walk-in might be hilly or sloppy, and this is why you need boots that can hold on to the ground well. 


The height of your hunting boots depends on what you plan to do with them. High hunting boots if you think you’ll be walking in mud, water, and even snow. And for shorter boots in a warmer, drier environment. Regardless of the height you select for your hunting boots, they must have adequate ankle support.


Some boots have laces while others do not. It is all about preference and comfort. When selecting a boot with laces, the same criteria apply to ones that lack. Ensure that the ankle support is adequate. Lacing is maybe the most overlooked aspect of picking the right hunting boots. 


I have mentioned this quite a lot in the article. It is among the essential features you should consider as it keeps your feet protected, warm, and dry in any environment. 

Dryshod Hunting Boots are the best in the market and have all the features you need as a hunter to keep your feet protected when out hunting. They are affordable and come in different sizes, including kids and women hunter boots. 

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