.44 Magnum Vs. .45 ACP: Which is Better and Why?

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If you were to start a conversation on the .44 Magnum vs. .45 ACP, among gun fanatics, it would be an endless banter. These are iconic firearms that have lived through many reincarnations and mythologies. But what they all have in common is their unbelievable stopping power. 

There is a particular interest that surrounds revolvers. While being both deadly and recognizable, they have an aura of vintage. Revolvers have been around since the 1800s and have been used as military handguns. 

Today, many kinds of revolvers come with modern inspirations for shooting. However, this article focuses on two popular revolvers: the .44 Magnum and the .45 ACP. 

.44 Magnum vs. .45 ACP Overview

There are many aspects to review to say which between the two revolvers is the best conclusively. It’s not to say that one handgun is superior for shooting at the range, in a firefight, or as the best hunting gun. However, these are the dynamics that compare the two revolvers. 

The .44 Magnum ammo has been versatile since its inception. Smith and Wesson are responsible for the revolver culture that influenced many Hollywood films. As the two popular choices, these are the attributes you should know about each handgun.