B&T APC9: 9mm Cal Review

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I have used many sub guns, but none can compare to the B&T APC9 9mm Cal; it happens to be one of my most favorite sub guns. With the fantastic features and experience it offers the user; this is every shooter’s dream come true.

This gun is so good; it even won the military contract to replace the MP5. If the army acclaims of its awesomeness, then who are we?

What Does the B&T APC9 9mm Cal Offer the User?


SSP Trigger

A fully functional trigger is a basic requirement for any shooter’s gun. It must be quick and effective as a single second could mean life or death.  

Since this is a military-style gun, the trigger has to be highly efficient, and the B&T APC9 meets the expectations. It features a Super Speed Precision Trigger to make your shooting fun and timely.

Fully Ambidextrous

The APC9 is perfect for all users, whether left-handed or right-handed. That’s why you’ll note that some parts, such as the bolt release function, are on both sides, making it easy for both the left or right-handed shooters.

Bolt Lever Release

Changing magazines has never been easier! You can change your magazine by pressing on the bolt release function, which is actually on both sides.

Reloading is just as easy, and this could save you a lot.

Backup Sights

For enhanced accuracy, the B&T APC9 comes with a front and rear sight. You just need to flip them up.

Tri-Lug Adaptor Mount

You might want to add a silencer to your gun, and the APC9 got you covered. It comes with a 3-lug adaptor mount where you can easily attach your silencer. 

Hydraulic Buffer System

Too much recoil just makes shooting boring and sometimes dangerous, but with a recoil suppressor in place, you are bound to have a great shooting experience.

The APC9 features a hydraulic buffer system that works to reduce your gun’s recoil significantly.

A Field Test with the B&T APC9 9mm Cal

I took the B&T APC9 out to a field test and made some observations;

I wanted to measure the speed at which it shoots; for my case, I carried a lab radar. You can use a pressure sensor, by the way; it works in the same way.

If you opt for a lab radar, just ensure your gun doesn’t have the suppressor on since it works by measuring the intensity of the sound.

With 124 grain bullets, I measured the following;

  1. First attempt: 1040 ft./sec
  2. Second attempt: 1020 ft./sec
  3. Third attempt: 1021 ft./sec

I then changed 115 grain bullets and measured the following;

  1. First attempt: 1098 ft./sec
  2. Second attempt: 1064 ft./sec
  3. Third attempt: 1072ft/sec
  4. Fourth attempt:  1049ft/sec
  5. Fifth attempt: 1062ft/sec

I concluded that;

The gun is fairly quick, and it’s correct to call it a subsonic. A question I get asked frequently: What is the difference between supersonic and subsonic in firearms?

Supersonic and subsonic simply refers to a speed slower or faster than that of the wind. The speed of the wind stands at 1126ft./sec, so anything higher than that is supersonic, while anything that is going lower than 1126ft./sec.

From my observation, I’d say the gun gave an average of 1040-1050ft./sec, and therefore subsonic.

Is This Gun Worth the Purchase?

Why You Will Love This Gun


The B&T APC9 manufacturers had you, the user, in mind when decided to add sights at the front and back. Also, this gun was designed with a 6.9-inch barrel to ensure you hit your target.

Typically, most handguns feature short barrels of around 4-5 inches. Let’s take an example of the Beretta 92F; it’s performance is super-incredible with a barrel length of 4.9 inches. So given 6.9 inches, you can’t imagine what you get.

Compartment Storage

Sometimes your hunting backpack may not have the small unit compartments where you can fit small things without having to turn it inside out looking for them. 

Well, the APC9 features a small compartment storage unit where you can store a screwdriver, bullets, and any other small stuff you don’t want to dig in your backpack for.

Foldable Stock

The stock on this gun is fixed but foldable, making it easier to transport and fit in smaller backpacks.

Easy to Accessorize

The B&T APC9 features Picatinny and attachment rails. You can use these to mount scopes, or foregrips, or anything you find useful. Just make sure not to add so much stuff that will make your gun heavy.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning your gun is one of the most important maintenance practices. But have you ever tried cleaning a gun with tiny parts and screws that you keep losing, and it made you dislike the whole process?

I can assure you today that the APC9 is easy to disassemble, clean, and assemble. You’ll just love cleaning your gun.

Tight Tolerances

This gun leaves no room for wiggling; it is tightly held in place to ensure you have a good experience using it.

The Cons

The Need for a Sight

Having used the gun severally, I can’t help but notice how badly it needs a red dot sight to deliver 100% accuracy. I have used it a couple of times without the sight, and it’s not that bad, but really needs some enhancements, and a red dot sight would be the perfect accessory for it.

B&T APC9 vs. H&K MP5: Which is Better?

We grew up watching the MP5 in movies and would do anything to get hands on it. For more than 30 years, this gun was considered an icon in the sub gun world, as still is. However, with the arrival of the B&T APC9, many shooters have had a hard time choosing the best.

Here, I’ll give you a breakdown of some of the factors you can use to determine the better between the two. 

Mag Release 

When comparing the two in terms of the mag release system, the default winner would be the APC9. You only need to press a button to get the mag out. Most will not agree with this for the reasons that the lever system featured in the MP5 is much more iconic.

If you were to choose one between the two for tactical use, the APC9 would be the best option. The MP5’s mag release system requires you to pull back the lever, lift it into place, put in the mag, then slam it back. I mean, we get the nostalgia, but what’s the need for all that when you could just press a button and get your mag out?


If you are going to shoot over a short distance, probably less than 100 yards, both guns will deliver with optimum accuracy, but if you want to try shooting over 200 yards, then it’s going to be much harder to hit the target with the MP5.

The SAAS was earlier using the MP5-K before transitioning to the B&T APC9. This model has a 5.7-inch barrel, and when you compare it with the APC9’s barrel length of 6.7 inches, it’s likely to deliver less in terms of accuracy. 

As earlier mentioned in the article, rifling, barrel length, and bullet mass significantly contribute to the gun’s accuracy.

Recoil Suppression

The B&T APC9 comes with a recoil buffering system to greatly reduce the recoil.

Plastic Magazine

You get a standard magazine among other gun accessories when you purchase the guns. The only problem is the material used to make these magazines. 

Polymer has proven to be almost indestructible, and this what the APC9 comes packed with. You’ll therefore have a durable magazine.

The H&K MP5, on the other hand, comes with steel magazines. Most shooters will tell you how much of a bad experience they have had with steel feed lips. They are bound to crack and are defective when they do.


I believe a good magwell easily fits the magazine, without having to push it in or reap it out. The B&T APC9’s magazine is quite accommodative. On the other hand, the MP5 features a tinier magwell, making reloads slower.

You can get a jet funnel for the magwell to make reloads even faster and easier.

Integrated Suppression System

No one wants a loud gun, it’s distractive and uncomfortable to use, and if you’re hunting with it, you’ll end up with no kill after scaring all your targets away. Unlike the APC9, the H&K MP5 SD has an integrated suppression system. This means you really don’t need to add a suppressor.

For sound suppression, I’d vouch for the MP5; shooting 124 grain bullets with it is fairly quiet. On the other hand, even with a suppressor, the APC9 still makes a great amount of noise but significantly reduces it for the shooter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Barrel Length Affect Accuracy? 

When looking to buy the most accurate firearms, the most important factors to consider include the barrel length, rifling, and weight of the bullet. 

A longer barrel increases the interval at which the pressure chamber acts on the mass of the bullet. Consequently, it will increase the speed of the bullet when exiting. 

When considering the rifling, the type of rifling greatly impacts the kinetic energy produced and thus gives the bullet stability. If a bullet goes through a barrel that has no rifling, it’s likely that it will be unstable, and therefore won’t hit the target at the desired spot. When hunting, shot placement is a crucial factor in bringing the target down.

An increase in bullet mass proportionally increases its resistance to external forces such as wind. A heavier bullet is, therefore, more likely to hit a target than a light bullet. The wind will probably carry away the latter.

Foldable vs. Fixed and Collapsible Stocks: What is the Difference and Which is Better?

A fixed stock is designed to be permanently fitted on the firearm. A fixed stock could be foldable, meaning that you can fold it.

Collapsible, also retractable stocks, are not permanently fitted on the guns, meaning that you can take them out. They are often preferred for transportation. Collapsible stocks, however, do not fold.

Which is the Best Red Dot Sight for a B&T APC9 9mm?

I’d recommend the Aimpoint Micro TL 4MOA 12907 W/B&T, probably because it comes with a B&T Mount, making it a perfect mix. The mount is low profile, making it sit low, which works great for European style guns. 

It basically gives the same performance as the Aimpoint T1, at a slightly lower price. This red dot sight weighs only 84 grams and therefore does not add weight to your gun.

Its optics feature 13 daylight settings; one can be used with laser glasses or under very bright light. The most amazing feature is the battery life. It allows up to 50,000 hours of use; that’s like 5 whole years without ever changing the battery.

Did you know that sights could absorb recoil? Well, the quick mounting solution in this Aimpoint sight represented by QD absorbs recoil. You just can’t have enough of this red dot. 


The B&T APC9 9mm is one of the most fantastic sub guns to try out. If you get your hands on this gun, you are assured of a great experience. Considering the SAAS opted for the B&T APC9 over the MP5, I believe that this is one of the best sub guns in existence today.

Its recoil buffering system and bolt release function make it outstanding. You are also going to enjoy the Super Speed Precision Trigger and fully ambidextrous design. If you love accessorizing your gun, probably with grips and sights, then this one is going to be fun to work with as it is equipped with Picatinny and extra attachment rails.

A 6.7-inch barrel gives you an ultimate experience, and for enhanced accuracy, you have a front and rear sight. 

The B&T APC9 will be an incredible addition to your gun collection. Get yours today from the Palmetto State Armory.

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