B&T APC9: 9mm Cal Review

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I have used many sub guns, but none can compare to the B&T APC9 9mm Cal; it happens to be one of my most favorite sub guns. With the fantastic features and experience it offers the user; this is every shooter’s dream come true.

This gun is so good; it even won the military contract to replace the MP5. If the army acclaims of its awesomeness, then who are we?

What Does the B&T APC9 9mm Cal Offer the User?


SSP Trigger

A fully functional trigger is a basic requirement for any shooter’s gun. It must be quick and effective as a single second could mean life or death.  

Since this is a military-style gun, the trigger has to be highly efficient, and the B&T APC9 meets the expectations. It features a Super Speed Precision Trigger to make your shooting fun and timely.

Fully Ambidextrous

The APC9 is perfect for all users, whether left-handed or right-handed. That’s why you’ll note that some parts, such as the bolt release function, are on both sides, making it easy for both the left or right-handed shooters.

Bolt Lever Release

Changing magazines has never been easier! You can change your magazine by pressing on the bolt release function, which is actually on both sides.

Reloading is just as easy, and this could save you a lot.

Backup Sights

For enhanced accuracy, the B&T APC9 comes with a front and rear sight. You just need to flip them up.

Tri-Lug Adaptor Mount

You might want to add a silencer to your gun, and the APC9 got you covered. It comes with a 3-lug adaptor mount where you can easily attach your silencer. 

Hydraulic Buffer System

Too much recoil just makes shooting boring and sometimes dangerous, but with a recoil