What are the Best Home Defense Rounds?

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With the steady and consistent increase in violence across the world, it is understandable that most individuals opt for arming themselves as a defense measure. This increase in the purchase of a firearm for protection has seen the rise in demand for their ammunition. The available options are very many, too many that picking out the best for your weapon may prove to be hectic and time-consuming. This piece aims at narrowing down worthy prospects to consider for the best home defense rounds.

Factors that Determine the Best Home Defense Rounds

Depending on who you ask, every individual has their own opinion of what makes up a perfect round for self-defense. Because of this, I based my findings on the FBI standards to achieve a more neutral ground and practical point of view. According to the bureau, a perfect round needs to meet certain penetration, expansion, and velocity standards for maximum effectiveness and reliability.


Penetration is among the most vital aspects that determine a bullets ability to stop a possible threat before hurting you. Without deep penetration, the projectile may not reach critical organs of the target, and this may reduce its stopping capabilities.

The FBI recommends that a self-defense round should penetrate between 12 to 18 inches on a ballistic gel to prove useful. A ballistic gel has the exact build of an organism’s internal composition and is what we use when conducting tests. Any round that its penetration results do not fall between the aforementioned brackets will not be reliable enough for defense applications.

Rounds that give below 12 inches of penetration will not be able to reach the vital organs of the threat. These mags will require more than one shot to incapacitate them entirely. On the other hand, ammo that provides a penetration length of greater than 18 inches will result in an over penetration of the projectile. 


The shot diameter of a bullet is also a vital player in stopping a threat. Different