Best Handgun Sights: Our 7 Favorites

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Handguns are more reliable on short-range shooting than they are on long-range shooting. Sights are simply a reference to your shooting target. They act as a measuring device to estimate where your shot will hit. It gives the shooter time and opportunity to focus on the target rather than the gun, increasing one’s accuracy significantly. 

The increase in demand for handgun sights has seen the rise in manufacturers joining in on the production of these commodities—each of them bringing forth competitive and innovative ideas to ascertain dominance in the field. Red dot sights are faster and more superior in low light settings. However, laser products are more accurate as they give an outline of the path of the bullet all through to the target.

I took the liberty of compiling a shortlist in which I believe there is a choice for everyone.

Our 7 Favorites

Beretta – Rear Sight for Nano

This sight from Beretta is a rear factory replacement product for the NANO handgun. The reason for its long existence and increase in demand is its quality performance and customer satisfaction. It is an ultralight handgun sight, summing up to a simple, compact build.

It auto-adjusts based on the light setting of the environment. When not in use, the sight is entirely covered by soft rubber, which disengages once the weapon is drawn from the holster. The rubber works perfectly to protect your gun from scratches.

This Beretta rear sight promises a ¼ MOA and is entirely multicoated for better performance. It is more durable than most sights that I have had the opportunity to experience, thanks to it being waterproof, shockproof, and also fog proof. Generally, it is a light, tough piece that promises consistent performance.


  • Fair pricing considering its quality and durability.
  • It is well built and promises a long service life.
  • Perfectly fits your gun and is compatible with most handguns.


  • When mounted, its pins do not hold firmly to your gun, and you may need to consider buying sight pins separately.

Beretta 3 Dot Tritium Sight for PX4 Compact

I can confidently claim that your Beretta PX4 storm pistol is not complete without adding on this feature. It is Beretta manufactured just like the handgun and perfectly fits to provide you with an exquisite look and an outstanding performance. Unlike most sights, this pair is available in three settings; Green, yellow and orange rear lamps.

This variety of configurations allows the shooter to select the most favorable with their preference. The green one is best in low light settings since it is the brightest among the three. Most shooters opt to place it on the front sight to give a much better aim. I recommend mixing up the colors in the front and rear sight to help your eyes distinguish between the two. 

Its makers recommend having the rear one be yellow rather than orange. The reason for this being one is brighter than the other, making it more effective and giving better results. Note that it is only a recommendation and you are allowed to choose one that best suits your shooting approach.

No matter your combination, they all promise strength, safety, and accuracy, all thanks to their quality build. They feature aluminum components and a sapphire lens in their construction. The imaging obtained by the front sight is then focused through this lens for a better and more precise outcome. 

They are steel made, which accounts for their durability and ability to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions.


  • They promise quality performance both in the day and during the night.
  • It has white measurement outlines for easier rapid target acquisition.
  • It fits perfectly with compatible models.

Beretta PX4 Series, Adjustable Rear, and Front Sight

These rear and front sights are explicitly made for the PX4 pistol series from Beretta and are among the various sights made for this particular model. The presence of a vast set of these products requires them to feature unique and competitive innovative components to stand a chance against others. Beretta made sure that this pair delivers what they promise, which is nothing short of quality performance.

They feature a three white dot build system that provides a practical target plane for a more natural aim. They fit perfectly on all PX4 models, the only exception being the subcompact version. Both of these sights work great together, providing maximum accuracy on a bright lighting set.

They are fully adjustable to the shooter’s preference, and I believe this is what has led to its massive following. Their durability and survival capabilities can be traced back to its metallic and unique build. They brag of offering consistent quality performances regardless of the weather and lighting conditions.

To install this piece, I would recommend you seek a certified gunsmith. However, if you are more of a hand-on shooter, you will require a specific tool to remove the originally fitted sight safely. On the web, the available advice is to chip off the sight forcefully. However, this may damage your handgun and will end up costing you a lot more to fix your weapon. Visit the Beretta home website to get hold of a reliable gunsmith or the removal tool.


  • Both the front and rear pieces are fully adjustable.
  • They guarantee accuracy and efficiency when used as a set.


  • You will require a gunsmith to install the sights correctly.

Beretta Rear Sight 3 White Dots for 92/96

This piece is an original rear replacement sight from Beretta for the 92/96 pistol series. It is among the top-ranked replacement and a favorite to most. If your interest is in finding a rear sight to pair with the original front one in your gun, I highly recommend this piece.

The Beretta made rear sight features a three white dot system promising you consistent, accurate results all the way. Its make is one that meets and surpasses the high factory standards and specifications, resulting in a mighty product. It features a black coloring with a white finishing visible on the dots that aid in your target acquisition.

Responsible for its durability is its steel make that gives it an added advantage over most of its close competitors. Its unique build features an iron style sight structure; this is what makes it outstanding over the other 92/96 rear sights available on the current market. 

Most of the Beretta made sights require a qualified gunsmith for proper installation. So does this piece from the same makers.


  • It features a very simple and easy to understand build.
  • Inexpensive.


  • There are claims of the white dots falling off the piece.

Beretta 92/96 Target Adjustable Rear Sight

This target adjustable rear sight comes as a single piece and fits all 92/96 series pistols. Its compact nature allows it to fit perfectly on your firearm and does not add too much weight to cause discomfort. 

Judging by its price range, I would argue that this is one of the best options available. It promises excellent contrast to your front sight by featuring a sharp rear notch and twin white dots. Your handgun will require dovetail rails to mount the piece successfully and set screws to secure it. 

It is made from aluminum alloy, making it extremely lightweight and, at the same time resulting in ultra-solid and durable build. This material is the same material used in making sports car chassis, and its finishing is matte black. It is marked with a white outline that eases your zero-in process.

It proves to be useful to all shooters, from hunting hobbyists to close combat encounters. This piece is an original factory replacement product for the 92 pistol series; therefore, no complications should arise when fitting it.


  • It is reasonably priced despite offering impeccable performance.
  • It is easy to install on a dovetail rail.


  • You will require set screws to hold it on your pistol firmly.

Beretta Pistol Series APX Tritium Night Sights

Most sights provide poor performance in low lighting conditions, especially during late evenings and nights. With the Beretta APX tritium night sight, expect quality results whether during the day when there is sufficient lighting or during the nights. All this is available at affordable and pocket-friendly prices.

The sight is made from a combination of fiber optics and tritium, which is not common to most products. Its components and well-designed finishing result in a glorious piece. The design is also responsible for precise and accurate visuals that improve your aim game tremendously. It comprises two parts which insert to form a single unit.

Flexibility with this sight is not an exception, as you are assured of quality throughout your experience. It is constructed from high-quality CNC machined steel, which makes a strong and durable product. This spectacular creation meets all the necessary standards of the various lighting environments for quality performance. A joy to most of its users is the patented TFO technology.


  • It is a quality, well-priced option for night sights.
  • Features a modern and appealing design.
  • It is an all-purpose piece that can be used at night and during the day.

Beretta Big Dot Tritium Sights for PICO

In the list of the best handgun night sights, this piece is among the top half of the mentions. Its massive following is a result of its compatibility with most gun models increasing its usability and target audience. It comprises a front and rear sight, unlike most products that only feature a single unit.

The front and rear sight allow for more accurate targeting. The back part of the product is V-notched, providing a wider field of view than a standard piece. The front company of this unit features a big dot, as highlighted in its title that eases your target picking and acquisition while in action. Both parts of this excellent product result in a flawless aim regardless of the light setting.

Furthermore, the sight comes at an affordable price. It adapts perfectly to any light setting thrown its way, be it bright or inadequate light configuration giving quality and consistent performance. It is well designed and does not tend to snag on holsters or articles of clothing while engaging your gun.

With this piece, you will be proud of every coin you spent on it.


  • It is an excellent performer, even in low light settings.
  • The cone-shaped rear part of the product provides a perfect wide field of view.
  • It is compatible with almost all Glock models.
  • It is simple and well designed.


  • Installing this piece might be complicated for beginners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Distance Should You Sight in a Handgun?

Sighting in of your handgun will depend mostly on your application of the weapon. In combat, your gun will provide reliable performance on distances not greater than 25 yards. When bull’s eye shooting, you can reach 50 yards.

What is the Best Color to Paint Your Gun Sights?

You can paint your sight in any of your preferred colors; I recommend you opt for bright colors to enhance visibility. The human eye tends to focus more on bright objects than dull ones. Examples of these bright colors include red, yellow, and white.

Are Night Sights Necessary?

In my opinion, yes, they are necessary. Most shooters argue that having a bright light source is better than equipping your gun with a night sight, which to some extent, is true. However, this light source is bound to leave you vulnerable in situations that require stealth. A night sight promises stealth during the nights with excellent performances.


It is no doubt that sights are vital in the performance of your gun. A lot of energy and resources are required to choose the best piece to accompany your handgun. The above list may act as a shortlist in your endeavors to pick your best fit. There are other sights on the internet, and you can take time and further your research.

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