What is a Good Sniper Rifle for Deer Hunting?

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Not once nor twice, this question is a frequent visitor to most rifle enthusiasts around the world. Every individual has their professional opinion on which rifle holds the title. There is a vast pool of world-class offers that offer topnotch consistent performance.

If you narrow down your search to hunting rifles, your list of prospects considerably reduces. Hunting rifles require specific features to provide maximum to the general hunter. To know what a high gun is like, you need to understand what an exceptional hunting weapon has to offer. Below I discuss some critical aspects to consider when evaluating your rifles.

What to Look for in a Great Hunting Rifle

Weight and Size

Deer hunting is mostly done in remote areas, and this means that you will be required to carry your tools on foot. A light rifle will be an added advantage; it will provide you with more room to come back with a massive chunk of meat. A good weapon should not add unnecessary weight to the user.

While considering the weight of your weapon, do not forget the length of the gun. These measurements will depend on the barrel you decide to equip on your rifle. The barrel used will significantly impact the overall weight and length. 


Every high rifle has a nearly perfect trigger. The potency of the trigger significantly improves the accuracy and comfortable feel of a hunting gun. A smooth trigger offers no slop or creeks at a reasonable pull weight.

Most triggers in high-end rifles are adjustable. However, I find that the factory-set pull weight is pretty sweet, and there is no need for adjusting it if you are not familiar with its settings. You are at liberty to twitch your trigger settings to your preference for a more customized shot.

Stock Design

The overall layout of the stock as it blends in with the rifle is a very significant aspect to focus on in your analysis. A perfect stock creates a positive general first impression to everyone who comes into contact with the weapon.

A good hunting gun’s stock has two primary objectives. The first of these objectives is to fit the user, give the shooter a texturized grip to provide a proper hand placement positioning on the rifle. Scopes are an integral addition to satisfy your shooting desires. Therefore a good hunting rifle needs to have a raised comb to align the eye to the scopes optic.

The second primary goal is to minimize the recoil felt by the shooter after firing. A barreled action needs to sit perfectly in a consistent location after each shot the rifle makes. If this position is not uniform, expect flyers from most of your attempts.

Safety and Magazine

When it comes to the safety of a rifle, personal preference is the dominant influence. Different guns come with unique triggers, and each shooter has their choice. An excellent hunting rifle safety should be easily accessible and faultless when switching between safe and firing modes. The safety switch should be stable enough to lock in the set position until disengaged firmly.

Most rifles have a fixed magazine load, while others can extend. Depending on your primary purpose of the gun, select a weapon with a magazine that suits your needs. Loading and unloading of the magazine need to be comfortable and straightforward to grasp.

Five of the Best Sniper Rifles for Deer Hunting

There is a vast pool of sniper rifles when it comes to deer hunting, and we cannot cover each of them. However, I came up with a shortlist of five sniper rifles that are favorites in the deer hunting scene.

Winchester XPR Sniper Rifle

The Winchester XPR sniper rifle leads our list. If you find yourself on a tight budget, why not try this piece of mastery. This sniper rifle comes at very budget friendly prices, with high quality consistent performance.

It is compatible with a dozen calibers for both long and short-range barrels. This piece boasts of its availability in at least 14 configurations, each unique in its finishing. They range from the base model to the heavily camouflaged finishes.

Key Features

Two-Position Safety

The safety configuration that comes on the Winchester XPR sniper rifle is very similar to the ones used in standard XPR products. They are significantly convenient in handling, and one thumb can toggle between firing and safety mode. The system is straightforward; forward for fire, backward to lock in safety.

The safety is substantial, locking your rifle in protection, leaving no room for remote manipulation. The position of the safety switch balances comfort and low slag action.

Detachable Magazine Boxes

With the Creedmoor barrel, this rifle can hold three rounds of ammo. These series are very reliable, considering this is a single-shot weapon. The load of the magazine can be increased, but, on a different barrel. The magazine makes it easy to pack extra ammo for hunting trips in the woods for backup.

3-Lug Push Feed Bolt Action

Unlike previous versions of XPR rifles that used Mauser-type feed action, this gun features a 3-lug push feed bolt action. This action is much cheaper than the previously used design and much more efficient. The possibility of the weapon jamming is less likely to occur with the use of this unique design.

Generally, I think this product best lives up to its consumer expectations and even more. The price that this piece goes for gives it a marketing edge against most rifles available.

Remington Model 700 SPS Rifle

It is no surprise that the Remington Model 700 found its way up my list. They provide some of the best shots in comparison to other guns, accommodating premium features in its layout, and still manage proper handling and excellent user experience. Have you checked out our full review on the Remington 700, here it is!

SPS, in its title, stands for Special Purpose Synthetic. The basic version of this rifle comes with a synthetic stock with matte blued surfaces. The gun is pretty lightweight with a textured finish to substantially increase the grip of the weapon.

Key Features

Good Grip

This model hunting rifle provides the modern hunter with a firm grip on the gun. A latex coating is included in the stocks finish. No cheek piece when it comes to the Remington sniper rifle, making it very friendly to both left and right-handed individuals.

The general consideration that this is a lightweight rifle gives you a perfect balance that significantly improves your accuracy. Its looks do not disappoint, with a flawless design bound to turn heads at the range.


The Remington piece has a magnificent trigger that spells out the quality in every way possible. The X mark pro trigger offers a reduction of up to 40% in pull weight. It is an adjustable trigger that provides the hunter with a vast pool of adjustment range. It offers superior adjustment capabilities, excellent performance even under 3lb.


The safety found in this model is a small lever behind the bolt handle on the layout. They apply the simple safety approach used by most efficient rifles, on and off. It is effortless to switch between firing and safety mode. 

This rifle deserves a spot to compete among the top hunting rifles, with its finesse finishing offering consistent quality performance. It is a good bargain at the current times.

Savage 12 Long Range Precision Rifle

This long-range rifle is a very deadly weapon to have in your catalog. Very efficient in long range hunting, and its price is not that exaggerated. You get the exact value of your money.

When equipped with a Creedmoor, your rifle increases its potency forming a deadly collaboration. It is also compatible with .234 Winchester, and .260 Remington. An injection port is visible on the right side of the rifle, providing your gun with enormous potency.

Key Features

Red Target AccuTrigger

Unlike the standard AccuTriggers, red target ones are adjustable up to 6 ounces. This weight comes with no creep or slops in the release. The adjustment range provided by this rifle is vast, making it more appealing to a broader reach.

Match Grade Barrel

The reputation of savage has always been consistently accurate hunting rifles; this is no exception to the 12 long-range precision rifles. The quality of the barrel is outstanding, providing a longer service life. It is further polished through vigorous processing to result in a perfect product.

Size and Weight

This rifle weighs approximately 11 pounds when attached to the Creedmoor. The length of the gun is 46.25 inches long, providing the hunter with much room to maneuver through dense vegetation. 

A matte black finish graces all metal parts on the hunting rifle. The anti-reflective coating prevents reflecting light from your weapon to scare your target.

Tikka T3 Lite Rifle

It is a favorite to most professional hunters due to its adverse premium features. The Tikka T3 is a lightweight and very accurate rifle. Its elegant design accompanied by a consistent performance that will knock your socks off after every shot. It is a fantastic hunting rifle resulting in its massive following.

As a hunting rifle, this weapon provides what hunters yearned for ages. Your gun will be more productive once you equip a scope to spot distant objects. Checkout these riflescopes that’ll make your hunting successful.

What to Expect


Most modern hunting rifles now offer 1′ MOA accuracy; however, we cannot overlook the fact that so does Tikka T3 hunting rifle. An analysis of the positive reviews associated with this piece might shock you all over the internet.

However, it is best to confine your gun to hunting only. This gun comes with a skinny barrel that tends to heat up quickly.

Trigger and Safety

An amazing out of the box trigger accompanies this valuable hunting rifle. The trigger is adjustable to the hunter’s preference. However, I do not see the need to interfere with the factory set weight on this particular trigger. 

The safety is on the right-hand side of the rifle. It is easily accessible to both left and right-handed hunters. There is a slightly audible click upon engaging the safety; however, the tick can be eliminated by carefully handling the knob.


The magazine on this rifle seems to work flawlessly. You insert it straight, clipping a spring steel part that locks the magazine in place. For the user to drop the magazine, there is a center latch located in front of the magazine, just flip it, and the magazine drops straight to your hands.

Thompson Centre Encore Pro Rifle

Concluding our list is a single shot sniper hunting rifle from Thompson Centre. TC is globally known rifle manufacturers of quality hunting rifles that have set high standards for competing brands. It is compatible with several calibers and serves a variety of purposes, depending on the user.

What it Offers

Great Handling

This rifle is a professionally built rifle that offers world-class handling features. The fit and feel of this weapon create a high balance on the gun. It boasts of one of the most comfortable grips in hunting rifles.

This gun is compatible with a wide variety of barrels offered in hunting rifles. They are interchangeable to suit precise customization requirements to create a unique piece. Cleaning of the gun, however, is complicated.


A firm, slightly crispy trigger comes with the TC hunting rifle. This feature is an adjustable trigger, although it offers less flexible ranges. The factory weight on these triggers is 5-6 lbs. The safety is firm and in perfect calibration.

Magazine and Reloading

For secure handling of the rifle, it features a quick accurized load. Keep in mind that this is a single-shot rifle, no magazine box comes on purchase. You will also be required to remove the cases manually from the gun.

Most Popular Rifle Accessories to Go Along with Your Sniper Rifles

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I would like to believe Tikka T3 holds a general edge over the four rifles discussed. Its unique features and affordable price, giving a consistent quality performance in each shot. Grab yourself one of these pieces to experience a new edge in game hunting.

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