Beeman P17 Air Pistol: A Complete Review

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The Beeman P17 is among the most versatile air pistols you can get in the market. Owning one will transform your days as you get to enjoy fun outdoor activities. Plinking is what comes to mind when I hold the Beeman P17 in my hands. It has a great feel and makes light work of shooting at various targets. 

An air pistol is any pistol that can fire projectiles without using gunpowder. Shooting pistols accurately is much harder than shooting a rifle. That’s no surprise – you’re handling something much lighter, and it lacks the extra point of contact with your shoulder. Like many people, however, I enjoy the challenge.

Besides using my air pistol for target shooting, it comes in handy for small pests and varmint control. I am getting better at it and would, therefore, recommend the Beeman P17. In my case, air pistols are useful for teaching gun safety and responsibility. 

But before you buy any air pistol out there, you must understand there are so many in the market. You might want to consider the Beeman P17. I have used it, and it does not have many flaws with its design. It is why I have this review of what to expect when you buy it. 

Features of the Beeman P17 Air Pistol


It has a Polymer frame that is both durable and lightweight. The cast aluminum pump body, valve body, and the steel barrel and main valve provides repeatable accuracy and long life. I found the shape of the grip comfortable for my hands as they are medium-sized. However, the reach to the trigger blade is short, but I find it comforting that it was not too long. 

The Beeman P17 generates so much power that there is a noticeable muzzle flip. It will add to the excitement of firing. It is also good that it did not have an effect on accuracy or make it challenging.  It comes with a molded muzzle brake, but I doubt if they are necessary or function in the Beeman P17. Overall, it just looks good, and the synthetic material also alleviates the pistol. 

The Beeman P17 has a rifled steel barrel, and all its mechanical parts like the trigger, safety, and hamme