Swiss Arms TG1 Air Rifle Review

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Air rifles continue to gain popularity day by day. Their affordability, legality in most states, and secure handling are some of the things that give them skyrocketing fame. The Swiss Arms Tg-1 Air Rifle is one option that’s worth some praises.  It possesses high-end features, yet it is available at a price that won’t break your bank. It is one of the best modern air guns.

 It features robust construction, and the break barrel operation makes it one of a kind. In this article, I will be tackling a detailed review of this air gun. I will also make some comparisons with other rival air guns. You’ll realize that this gun is available in different colors and calibers. Hence, you’ll be able to make a prudent decision at the end.

Features of the Swiss Arms Tg-1 Air Rifle

Before we look at the features in detail, it is worth noting that this air rifle is available in tan or black. Also, it is either in .22 or .177 calibers. However, all other features of this air gun remain the same.

Swiss Arms TG-1 Break Barrel 4.5mm/.177 caliber Pellet Air Rifle

Durable Construction

The rugged appearance of this air gun rifle tells you that it is indeed ready for tough jobs. The construction is robust as it features a combination of steel material and premium ABS polymer. Thus, it is a bit light for easy handling but sturdy enough to tolerate harsh hunting conditions. This design is also weatherproof to ensure bad weather doesn’t affect the gun’s performance.

Powerful Spring

This air gun utilizes a robust spring that delivers immense energy through compressions. It is a sturdy weapon that releases pellets at extreme velocity. The muzzle energy is quite stunning, considering that this is just an air rifle.  

This spring is durable and works flawlessly as long as you’ve done the lubrication so that the moving parts work with ease. The improved spring also helps in reducing the loudness of the gun. Therefore, you can engage in target practicing and small game hunting without attracting your neighbors’ attention.

Break Barrel and Single-shot- ready to Play design

It features break barrel design, which allows easy loading of ammo. The barrel is hinged perpendicularly to the bore axis, which allows hassle-free pellet loading. You can only load one 4.5mm ammo at a time since it’s a single action gun.

 However, everything is a breeze to allow you to make shot after shot without any delay. The flawless loading and unloading of cartridges will enable you to operate this gun without any stress. Thus, you can engage in unusual target practice and also stalk the small animals with success.

Amazing Velocity

One thing that sets this air rifle apart from others is the sizzling 1400 feet per second. It delivers astounding shooting performances compared to other air rifle models of similar or close caliber. The barrel is relatively long, and in conjunction with extreme springs force and unique bore, the design allows the pellets to come out at lethal velocities. I would say that the 1400 foot per second is overrated, but it doesn’t mean that it’s unreal. Well, this is the velocity at the muzzle and not the velocity it hits the target. Those are two different things. 

The velocity is proportional to the active energy. After rigorous testing, this air rifle offers 30 to 40 foot-pounds of energy, which is perfect for small game hunting. Here is the Swiss Arms TG-1 in action. Watch this video to explore more about this gun’s capabilities.  

Rifled Steel Barrel

The barrel of the Swiss arms TG-1 features high-quality steel construction. It not only delivers remarkable durability but makes the gun adaptable to all weather conditions. Also, the rifled design of the barrel’s interior is aimed at enhancing the projectile’s force through spinning.  

The internal bore surface possesses some unique grooves that help exert torque so that the gun fires pellets at those breathtaking velocities. Thus, the unique barrel construction has its way of modifying speed and useful knockdown energy. Together with the robust spring of this gun, these features make the gun ideal for shooting small animals at relatively long ranges.

Adjustable Fiber Optic Sights

In addition to the built-in scopes, this air rifle features fiber optic rear and front sights. These sights are unique as they allow you to sight your target even in low light conditions. Also, they are adjustable, and you can position them to fit your shooting comfort. 

When you utilize the optics and the adjustable sights together, you’ll enjoy landing your shot on the intended target. And, you can do it again with remarkable precision. Hence, when correctly configured, this air rifle will work well for both beginners, amateurs, and shooting experts who want to have a new taste of air gun hunting.

Adjustable Stock

 One of the exciting features of this gun is the three-part adjustable stock. It allows you to personalize the size and design of the stock. You can do this in three positions to choose the most comfortable stock length for your arm length. The stock makes this gun maneuverable as you can customize the stock length depending on the shooting demands.

 It features a padded chin rest, which lets you engage in thorough shooting without hurting yourself or getting fatigued quickly. This Multi-position adjustable chin rest is a unique feature of the Arms TG-1 gun that isn’t available in other air rifles of its class. 

8 Pounds Overall Weight

Weighing 8 pounds, this air rifle is easy to handle, but it isn’t too lightweight. This weight is ideal for enhancing accuracy since it’s a bit challenging to land your shots accurately and precisely using light guns. The .177 caliber pellets also need a midweight gun for the shots to flow consistently and stick to the landing. 

This aspect is what you get when hunting with this air rifle. Whether you’re hunting squirrels, skunks, wild turkeys, rabbits, this rifle allows you to save much on your pellets due to high accuracy. That goes without saying this rifle is also ideal for target shooting.

Built-in 4x40mm Swiss Arms scope

 I wouldn’t say that this is the perfect scope you can have for this incredibly built air rifle. The scope isn’t the best quality, but it performs better than the typical 32mm scope. It offers about 25 percent more light and hence outshines it in performance. 

The good thing about it is that the scope is removable. With the included Allen wrench, it’s pretty easy to remove the 4x40mm Swiss Arms scope so that you can install a new one with the desirable features. The Umarex rifle scope is compatible with the Swiss arms TG-1 and offers incredible target magnification and is sturdier. You may also check out some of my favorite scopes here.

Using the Swiss Arms TG1 Break Barrel Air Rifle

What I Like about the Swiss Arms TG-1

Here are some popular positive aspects of the Swiss Arms TG-1.

Robustness and Accuracy

If you compare it with Benjamin Titan .22 regarding penetration to a 55 gallon, you’ll find that both rifles will do almost the same damage. This is something I found quite interesting, and more so, the fact about its strength and accuracy. 

I also did a test using Hawke scope and H&N .22 caliber air gun pellets, and it did a commendable job in terms of accuracy and power delivery. 

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Attractive Finish

Also, this rifle is more robust than other rifles of the same caliber and power. Despite its robustness, this gun is light, and you can carry it on your shoulder for a whole day. Also, the sniper look of the gun gives you more enthusiasm to shoot like a pro. 

The gun looks superb and is available in tan or black color. Whether in tan or black finish, this air rifle sparks elegance around the shooting arena and when you’re in the woods looking for those small critters.

Suggested Modifications 

Scope Needs Upgrading

The scope isn’t of high quality, and this can limit your shooting accuracy. The good news is that it’s detachable. You may have to replace it with a high-end kind that will complement the rifle’s outstanding quality. I’d really love it if the manufactures could improve it to the likes of the Leupold VX scopes. See more recommended scopes here.

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Too Loud 

This air rifle is way too loud. This attribute may affect your shooting comfort and end up damaging your ears. Luckily, you can install a silencer on the barrel to reduce the loudness. Here is a list of some of the best silencers. 

When Compared to another of its Kind

Gamo Swarm Maxxim .177 versus Swiss Arms TG-1 .177 Air Rifle

Gamo Swarm Maxxim .177 is a high-end air rifle similar in caliber to the Swiss arms TG-1. Also, both possess a break barrel design. However, Swarm Maxxim 177 uses 10X quick shot technology, meaning that it can shoot up to 10 pellets before recharging. Impressive right?

 On the other hand, the Swiss arms TG-1 allows one shot at a time and weighs about 3 pounds more than Swarm Maxxim.177. The two rifles’ velocity is almost equal, with the Swiss Arms TG-1 providing 1400 fps while its rival offers 1300 feet per second with PBA platinum. Both feature a combination of polymer and steel construction, making them durable.

The unique feature I found different is that the Gamo Swarm Maxxim .177 features jacketed design with patented whisper Maxxim technology. 

However, judging by performance, the Swiss Arms TG-1 .177 Air Rifle can compete with high-end air rifles, yet it is available at a friendly price.

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Most Popular Accessories

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a .177 air rifle pellet kill a deer?

It is pretty hard for you to kill a deer or other big game animals with pellet guns. Mostly these pellets contain less than 10 grains, and the average muzzle velocity is between 1200 to 1400 fps. Hence, the effective knockdown energy might range from 30 to 40 ft. /lbs. 

This energy is quite low to penetrate the skin to reach the vital organs of the animal. However, there can be a few chances if you’ll be about 10 yards from the animal. This situation is absurd and quite dangerous, especially when hunting big game.

Which is better between .22 and .177 air rifle

Both seem to be close in terms of performances. But, the .177 has better ballistics as it offers excellent muzzle velocity and long killing range. The .22 has a slightly lower muzzle velocity and killing range though it has more muzzle energy than the .177 and therefore offers a shorter killing zone.

Does the Swiss arms TG-1 require maintenance?

You need to lubricate the moving parts, although it isn’t a must. The best lubrication is motor oil or grease, although it depends on which part you’re working on. I find it necessary to lubricate the moving parts because I like it when the cocking feels smooth and doesn’t sound awkward.

Well, basic barrel maintenance requires some lubrication with the unique spring cylinder oil after every thousand rounds. Therefore, cleaning the gun and lube is vital if you want to keep your rifle in proper working condition.

Are the scopes detachable?

It is easy to remove the scopes from this air rifle because it’s attached via a weaver-type mount. You should be able to detach it using the Allen wrench that’s included in the package. You may find the need to remove the scope and replace it with your preferred version as long as the new one would be compatible with the air gun.


I hope it’s now clear that the Swiss Arms Tg-1 is one of the best air guns for small game hunting. It is solidly constructed and fires the ammo at impressive velocity to make sure you hunt the small animals in total success. 

The affordability and presence of high-end features make it worth the bucks. It is easy to operate, and its rugged construction qualifies it for all hunting situations. Whether you want the .177 or .22 caliber, this rifle is professionally engineered to give you the best results. It is a superb all-around gun for a fantastic day of shooting.

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