The Best Hunting Sunglasses: A Complete Buyers Guide

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Getting yourself together for a successful hunt demands that every vital part of your body is well protected. Undoubtedly, the eyes are some of the most vital organs in your body, and protecting them needs the right sunglasses when hunting. 

Sun rays, water sparkles, and some unanticipated animal attacks may pose some danger to your naked eyes if you hunt without protecting them. Therefore, I gathered some outstanding hunting sunglasses ideal for different hunting forms that may help you have a successful hunt. So if you had trouble sourcing the ideal sunglasses for different hunting conditions, check them out here.

A Buyer’s Guide for Hunting Sunglasses

While looking for the best sunglasses for your hunting adventures, you should have some basic features to expect from the ideal sunglasses. For example, perfect sunglasses should protect your eyes and give you a clear vision of what you are focusing on. Therefore, let us find some of the information you should have before picking a perfect hunting sunglasses.

The Lens Color

You have to understand what lens color is ideal for hunting and therefore pick a sunglass with the color options you have. While some sunglasses come with replaceable lenses of different colors, some don’t. For those who don’t have the replaceable opportunity, you can always pick the color befitting your specific type of hunting. Yellow and orange are always considered the best colors for hunting sunglasses.

Extra Accessories

The extra accessories that come with your sunglasses may go a long way in making the difference in what you choose. Sunglasses that come with foam padding adds comfort and makes your glasses fit perfectly. Other additional accessories to look out include a sweat bar, straps, and an extra replaceable lens.


One outstanding feature you would want to consider is if your sunglasses are adjustable or not. While some are adjustable around the temple and the nose pad, some are adjustable in one or none of these areas. Availability or lack of this feature could make a difference in how comfortable your sunglasses feel when you put it on.

Anti-Fog Lenses

Anti-fog lenses will prevent your glasses from fogging when hunting regardless of your area’s temperature and weather. 

Best Camo Hunting Sunglasses

MOTELAN Polarized Outdoor Sports Sunglasses

There is much to love about these outstanding hunting sunglasses. They are lightweight, durable and robust, qualities that you as a hunter should look for in the market. The sunglasses come with a camouflage frame with a soft rubberized coat, making them ideal for hunting and comfortable, respectively. 

While they give you the best of visions when hunting, the sunglasses also protect your eyes from the harsh UV rays of the sun. This is made possible due to its 1.1mm polarized, scratch-resistant, shatterproof, and impact-resistant standard lens. Plus, the pair of sunglasses comes with a free matching microfiber pouch making it easy to carry.


Below are some of the outstanding features of the MOTELAN Polarized Sunglasses.

Detailed Camouflage Pattern

If you are taking your hunting game out into the woods, then the camouflaged frame will be critical for your hunting success. The patterns are designed to blend perfectly with the woods and can, therefore, match with your hunting gear for complete concealment. 

Polarized Lens

The lens offers you 100% protection against the harsh UV rays keeping your eyes safe and comfortable. Their polarized nature also makes them scratch resistant, ensuring that you have a clear view through the lens throughout your hunting.

Soft Rubberized Frame

The soft rubberized frame keeps the lenses firmly in place and offers a comfortable and firm ear grip. This perfect grip ensures the glasses are perfectly positioned on your face all the time while hunting.


  • Lifetime breakage guarantee.
  • Comes with a sunglasses case.
  • Comes with a cleaning cloth.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Lenses might fall off easily on impact.
  • Some lenses don’t fit perfectly into the frame.

Best Sunglasses for Duck Hunting

Ducks Unlimited Eye Protection Kit for Shooting

These high-quality sunglasses are a product of two great companies; the Pyramex and the Ducks Unlimited. The glasses feature durable frames and an adjustable nosepiece to ensure a custom and comfortable fit. You will not fail to love the five-interchangeable anti-fog lenses made from high-grade optical quality polycarbonate material.

With the interchangeable lenses, you can use the sunglasses both indoors and outdoors. The lenses allow you to easily focus on ducks when you are out hunting for their meat. All you need is to identify the best lens that gets you the clearest image of ducks around.


These peculiar glasses features include:

Five Interchangeable Lenses

The interchangeable lenses are high for various lighting environments and weather conditions. The Amber is ideal for indoor and low light, Vermilion for cloudy weather, Orange for high contrast in low light, and Sunblock Bronze for all-around outdoor activities.

Adjustable Nosepiece

There is no need to worry about having an uncomfortable nosepiece when you purchase this pair of sunglasses. You can adjust the nosepiece to your level of comfort.

Camouflage Break-Away Code

It comes with a code that perfectly matches your hunting gear and environment to conceal your presence. The cord also holds the pair sunglasses safely on your neck anytime it slips from its position on your ears.


  • Comes with five interchangeable lenses.
  • An adjustable nosepiece.
  • Retaining strap.
  • Comes with a lens cleaner.


  • Switching the lenses may be challenging and may lead to breakage.

Best Sunglasses for Hunting Deer

Hornz Polarized Sunglasses for Men

These sunglasses are designed for outdoor events, with hunting taking the center of them all. It is made with detailed camouflaged frames to help in perfect blending with the woods when hunting deer. The frames with their rubberized nature, help the sunglasses to stay firm on your ears as you concentrate on your target during the hunt. 

There is no need to doubt sunglasses’ durability as they are made of strong and high-quality materials that make them last for long. 


Some of the features include:

Polarized Lenses

These high-quality lenses ensure that your eyes are safe and protected from both scratch and UV rays. This also gives you time to concentrate on focusing on your target and no distractions around you.

Fused Camouflage Pattern

The camouflage pattern is fused on the frames of the sunglasses and not painted. This ensures that the pattern remains permanent on the frames, and you will enjoy the feature throughout the glasses’ lifetime.

Anti-Glare Glasses

The anti-glare glasses help filter away unwanted light rays, enhancing contrast and reducing squinting and eye strain. In the end, you get an improved visual acuity and protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays.


  • Durable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Scratch-resistant glasses.
  • Firm rubber ear grips.


  • Lenses don’t firmly fit and may easily come out when cleaning.

Best Non-Reflective Hunting Sunglasses

UV400 Camouflage Polarized Hunting Sunglasses

With the interchangeable polarized and low-light lenses, these sunglasses are ideal for hunting even in cloudy weather. The lenses do not reflect light hence giving you the easy time to focus on your target while hunting.

The high-quality camouflage frames make them ideal for outdoor activities, including hunting, fishing, and hunting, among other activities. The pair of sunglasses will safely hang on your chest when you’re not putting them on thanks to the retainer strap included. You get to enjoy all these plus other features, as you’ll see below.


Here are some of the critical features of the camouflage polarized hunting sunglasses.

Full UV400 Protection

The sunglasses are made in conformity to ISO 12312 and US Z80.3, all of which demand 100% protection against UVA/UVB sun rays. So your eyes will always be safe in these lenses.

Anti-Scratch Lenses

The lenses have an anti-scratch coating that makes them durable and further improves their ability to protect your eyes.

Rubber Nose Pads

The rubber nose pads are essential in ensuring the glasses fit perfectly on your nose and gives you the comfort you desire.


  • High-quality camouflage finish.
  • Sturdy and durable TR90 frames.
  • Comes with a retainer strap.
  • Three sets of lenses.


  • Changing the lenses makes them vulnerable to breakage.

Best Polarized Hunting Sunglasses

MOTELAN Polarized Hunting Sunglasses

If you are looking for excellent protection for your eyes, then you have the ideal answer in these sunglasses. Their polarized lenses filter glares, boost contrast, reduce squinting, and eye strain, giving you a comfortable and easy hunting experience.

While they camouflage with the environment, they are also attractive and trendy; hence you can put them on when not hunting. These and other features, make this pair of glasses a must-have gear for your hunting.


The other great features of these sunglasses include:

Strong and Durable Frame

The durable and robust frame keeps your sunglasses in shape in any activity you take them out to. There is no call to worry about breakage anytime soon.

Polarized Lens

Its polarized lens ensures that your eyes are protected from the harsh UV rays and enhances clear vision during your hunting sessions.

Sturdy Soft Rubber Frame

The frame is made of rubber, which gives it a soft and sturdy feel for perfect comfort anytime you put it on. It also helps it to grip firmer on your face reducing the chances of falling off.


  • Enhanced visual clarity.
  • Reduced reflections.
  • Scratch-resistant.
  • Camo full frame.


  • The reflective coating peels off a bit too early.

Best Fashion Hunting Sunglasses

XAegis Tactical Eyewear

You have to agree that adding some little fashion won’t do some harm when you’re out hunting. You can easily achieve this by purchasing these trendy pairs of sunglasses. With the three uniquely designed color lenses, you can interchange them based on your surrounding lighting. 

Its fashionable look is summarized by the semi-rimless frames that are lightweight and durable for long-lasting service. Additionally, they are very comfortable to wear as they come with a rubber nose bridge for a perfect fit.


Some of the sunglasses’ main features include the following.

Three Color Lenses

You will have to pick either the yellow, smoke or clear lens for a hunt based on the light intensity and weather of the day. You will always have a clear vision as you hunt thanks to these interchangeable lenses.

Anti-Fog Lenses

The Lenses help you to keep fog away from blurring your vision hence enjoying the clear view you need when hunting.

Strong Semi-Rimless Frame

The frames are built using lightweight and durable materials to keep them in action for long. The frames fit perfectly on your ears to give you a firm grip.


  • Comfortable nose grip.
  • Quickly changeable lenses.
  • Perfect for all weather conditions.
  • Attractive carrying case.


  • The nose piece is narrow and does not fit all noses perfectly.

Best Sunglasses for Active Hunting

Radians T-85 Glasses with Case/Cloth Bag/Neck Cord

Not all hunting adventures will require you remain on one spot as you wait for your prey to the surface. Other types of hunting will demand that you be on the move, searching for what you are hunting. When involved in such types of active hunting, you need a pair of sunglasses that will be with you firmly as you move without falling. 

Radians T-85 Glasses are a perfect example of such sunglasses. They are field-tested to ensure they give you maximum performance and protection when hunting.


Some of the great features of these sunglasses include:

Five Interchangeable Lenses

These lenses are ideal for enhancing your visual acuity even while on the move. You can choose the one that works best for a given environment anytime.

Neck Cord

The neck cord ensures the sunglasses remain with you if they fall off during a chase when hunting. 

Nose Pads

The sunglasses are fitted with nose pads that give you an excellent grip around the nose region, making them firm even when moving.


  • Comfortable and durable.
  • Anti-fog lenses.
  • Sturdy frames.
  • Adjustable frames.


  • The nose pads may fall off easily.

Best Safety Hunting Sunglasses

BLUPOND Sports Sunglasses for Men/Women

These are great sunglasses to consider if you are looking for the safest hunting glasses. They have polarized black lenses that offer you maximum protection from the sunlight of any intensity. They are specially made to put away harmful light rays and leave you with a clear vision for an easy hunting experience.

Its frames are rigid and firm, making them very hard to break as they are made of metal to withstand long-time usage pressure. The pack comes full with a carrying case, screw drive for easy little adjustments, a pouch, and a microfiber cleaning cloth, a gift box, and a glasses clip for convenient car storage.


Here are some of the outstanding features.

Ergonomic Design

Everything about these glasses makes them easy to put on and remain there for long. The ultra-thin polarized lenses with the integrated nose pads give the glasses a perfect sturdy grip on your face in general.

Strong Metal Frames

The frames are made of metal to give them the strength they need to stay with you in all your hunting endeavors as much as you need them.

Fully Polarized

The lenses are fully polarized to keep away the harsh UV rays and keep your eyes protected. This also gives you the clear visions you need for your adventures.


  • Durable Aluminum-Magnesium frames.
  • Scratch-resistant.
  • Lightweight lenses.
  • Comes with complete accessories and tools.


  • The shockproof quality is somehow low.

Best Sunglasses for Bird Hunting

Howard Leight Genesis Sharp-Shooter Hunting Sunglasses

The easiest way to bring birds down, especially ones that fly, is to shoot them down when hunting. There is equally no better sunglasses option than the Howard Leight genesis Shooter Hunting Sunglasses. These glasses give you the ability to quickly aim and bring down the birds you are looking for.

The glasses promise extraordinary comfort, protection, and style while using them. The multi-material technology on the nosepiece and brow gives you the comfort you desire.


Its features include:

Anti-Fog Lens

The anti-fog coating on the lenses offers outstanding performance in demanding conditions preventing wear-offs even after repeated washing.

Adjustable Nosepiece

The nosepiece is made adjustable to fit on almost all nasal passages and give the desired comfort to everyone who puts them on.

Amber Lens Tint

The lenses are fitted with an amber lens tint to help in controlling the light ray’s effect. The tint enhances contrast in low light environments. 


  • Anti-fog lenses.
  • Offers good ventilation.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Adjustable lengths.


  • The glasses are a little bit tiny.

Best Scratch Resistant Hunting Sunglasses

Flying Fisherman Buchanan Polarized Sunglasses

The sunglasses come with polarized triacetate lenses that are scratch-resistant to enhance visibility and keep them in shape for long. They are your ideal answer if you are looking for the best scratch-resistant hunting sunglasses.

They come in handy if you especially hunt in the woods with the risk of pointed sticks that may scratch your lenses.


Some of the outstanding features of these sunglasses include:

Strong Frames

The frames are made of polycarbonate and are lightweight and durable to serve you long before you think of a replacement.

Accu Tint Polarized Lens System

This lens system helps block the harmful UV rays from reaching your eyes when you are busy hunting. The system sharpens contrast and clarity while eliminating glare.

Smoke Lens

The lens is ideal for creating contrast and giving you clear vision and great performance while hunting or carrying out any outdoor activity.


  • 100% UV protection.
  • Durable frames.
  • Impact-resistant.
  • Scratch-resistant.


  • The non-slip rubber on the earpieces swells easier than is expected.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the crucial protection feature to look out for in ideal sunglasses?

Look for sunglasses that provide 100% UV protection or those that have UV400 protection.

Are scratched sunglasses dangerous for my eyes?

Even with the smallest of scratches, your vision gets affected negatively. Sometimes you can recognize the effects while at times you can’t.

Do UV400 and Polarized mean the same thing?

Not at all.  While UV400 protection offers your eyes with the highest protection against UV rays, Polarized lenses use specialized film to filter the reflected light.


From the testing we did, we concluded that BLUPOND Sports Sunglasses for Men/Women is our best overall Sunglasses. The pair of sunglasses features the best elements you would want in hunting and any outdoor event sunglasses. It is trendy and yet still protects you from dangerous UV rays among its other great features listed above. 

While picking your sunglasses, remember to check out the lenses, whether they’re polarized or not, whether they are anti-fog or not, and their color. Go for the adjustable sunglasses if possible for convenience. If you get your ideal pair, which still offers accessories, you can comfortably go for this choice.

Remember to weigh your options well and get the transaction running successfully. By your perfect sunglasses today and get out and enjoy your hunting adventures. Also, see my top choice face masks for hunting.

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