Best Broadheads for Elk: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

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Whoever told half the world that only rifles could get the elk hunting job done must have forgotten the rich human culture. A bow and arrow hunter has equal chances of scoring worthy meat to one armed with a rifle. In fact, in some regions, rifle hunting is restricted, and all hunters residing in the area are bound to adapt to other hunting approaches.

Similar to a rifle, pairing your bow with the perfect and fitting arrow is paramount for positive results in the field. Not all bows marry to each arrow as some require to be shot at high speeds while some may flop at the same velocity. With this knowledge, it is vital to make an informed purchase of your arrow to maximize efficiency.

With the vast options for sale in the market, your selection process may be hectic, especially if you have zero knowledge of this particular genre. This article, however, is in your best interest as we take a look at the best available options currently on sale. In detail, we feature only premium prospects that guarantee you excellence in your elk hunting expeditions.

Types of Broadheads

Among the vital aspects that make up an arrow include the broadhead. It is the sharp tip found at the front of a bow projectile and is pointy enough to achieve excellent penetration. With the rise in technology, the hunting community witnessed significant improvements in the design of these components. It is with these variants in systems that we classify them in three major classes, which are as explained below.

Fixed Blade Broadhead

The fixed blade makes the earliest and most common design that a significant number of manufacturers tend to base most of their products. The fact that their build is conventional and straightforward makes them a favorite to both hunters and makers.  This simplicity does not compromise their performance as they promise spectacular results.

Their protruding blade-like wings are razor sharp and play several crucial functions. The first being to perfectly balance the projectile from the bow to the target, gliding successfully without losing energy or flight. After penetration, they aid in creating a clear path by cutting through the animal’s internal organs, causing incapacitating damage. Their body design also involves a sharp tip to allow for easy and deep penetration even on tough elk skins.

Replaceable Blade Broadhead

This category comprises the versatile options that have replacement options in the market in case of any malfunctioning. Examples of the said malfunctions include dull blades, which can easily be replaced by other existing factory components. Although the chances of such a scenario are pretty slim, they also do feature premium elements that sum up to a projectile with a good flight and excellent penetration.

This versatile nature comes at a price that not most hunters can stomach. First of all, their purchasing price tag is pretty high. Also, the maintenance and replacement cost of some of the premium elements in their build is expensive. Sometimes the parts are rare to find, and you may finally end up having an overpriced product just laying around with no use.

Mechanical Broadhead

Also known as expandable broadheads, they are perfectly engineered to deploy their rear blades upon impact. Unlike the fixed blade model, while in flight, this mechanism allows for the broadhead to hide its razor-sharp edges. And they only expand upon impact on the target; the tip itself is enough to penetrate tough skins. 

This mechanism allows for maximum efficiency on both accuracy and penetrating power. The rear blades cut their way through the target’s flesh on their way in and out. Some animals try their best to free themselves from arrows with these broadheads, and only end up bringing pain to themselves. Although it seems flawless, there are some disadvantages associated with picking these broadheads as you elk hunting preference.

Best Broadheads for Elk

Best Fixed Blade Broadheads for Elk

Muzzy Bow Hunting Broadhead 3 Blades Trocar Tip

Since its introduction in the market in 1984, the muzzy trocar tip broadhead has built and maintained its reputation. It is coined as the number one fixed blade product from muzzy and a favorite to bowhunters across the globe. Not only is its performance outstanding, but also its appearance as it features a bold muzzy signature on its build.

It is entirely made of aluminum, featuring razor-sharp blades that promise you a long servicing. The bone-shattering tip is also a marvel to behold, as it offers a clean pass-through penetration. Muzzy included an elk hunting projectile, making it a very dependable item. 

They are designed for maximum speed, which correlates to excellent penetration abilities with its sharp tip and three-blade build. These exterior blades also balance the projectile while in flight, maintaining its potency until it hits the target. All this, and it still can give you more than an inch of cutting diameter on the entry point and less on the exit wound. 

  • They come in a 3-pack.
  • Allow a reliable flight.
  • They ensure an edge to edge wounding.
  • Unlike most broadheads, these do not come in a case. However, Broadhead cases are available on amazon and you can make your purchase here.

G5 Outdoors Montec Preseason Fixed Broadhead

Although most bowhunters use this broadhead for target practice before the hunting season arrives, it is also a perfect option for field applications. Claims are that its design resembles that of previous Montec models, featuring improvements that increase its productivity. It is available in three weights; 85, 100, and 125 grains giving the buyer options.

With a cutting diameter of more than an inch, it leaves a significant entry wound that drops an elk immediately on impact. Its potency will, however, be influenced by your target size and grain choice. Massive targets require heavier projectiles and vice versa. Your purchased set will comprise three pieces featuring the G5 promised quality performance.

  • Its build features a rock-solid shape.
  • The three-pack set is a fair deal.
  • It is perfect for 20-inch crossbows.
  • Its flight pattern is not as straight as we would like it to be.

Ramcat Diamond Fixed-Blade Broadheads

This spectacular fixed blade broadhead from Ramcat deserves a spot on this list. From its exquisite patented airfoil system to its excellent build, this broadhead stands out from its competitors. Its field point accuracy is not an aspect I would dare leave out when mentioning elements that help it secure its special spot in most bowhunters.

On purchase of this pack, you get a total of six broadheads, including two collections of replacement blades. All these components are of stainless steel, which ensures that they serve you for a significant amount of period before having to replace them. All through, expect nothing less than excellence and reliability. The fact that it is ideally silent while in flight makes it among the best stealth broadheads for stalk and shoot.

  • Its build allows for deep penetration.
  • This Broadhead is a silent flight projectile.

Best Mechanical Broadheads for Elk

Rage Bow Hunting Xtreme Series

This chisel-shaped, two-blade mechanical broadhead is by far the most accurate bowhunting broadhead from the well-known rage manufacturers. It is ideally made as a hunting broadhead that can take down from small-sized deer to enormous elks. Extreme penetration is all thanks to its sharp pointed tip and sharp surgical blades that swiftly deploy on impact.

Complementing its flawless design and functioning is a slip-cam rear deployment blade. While in flight, the edges remain intact and hidden in the build as it maintains inflight kinetic energy. Most broadheads tend to lose their kinetic energy resulting in a weak impact when coming into contact with the contact. Although not familiar to all shooters, velocity plays a vital role in the efficiency of your projectile’s penetration.

While handling the broadhead, I recommend using it on a bow with not less than 55 pounds of the draw weight. It is among the many options that do not favor low-velocity bows. If using it on the recommended settings, then expect massive wound channels that allow for more than adequate blood loss to take down your elk.

  • Features a shot collar.
  • It is incredibly accurate.
  • Promises flawless deployment of blades.
  • It does not run as far as claimed by its makers.

Ramcat Deep Six Thread Broadhead

Durable is a word that perfectly sums up the Ramcat deep-six broadhead, with its premium top quality elements. The main reason for numerous commendations terming it as the most long-lasting is its exquisite stainless steel build. Also, it boasts of a proven and tested aircraft technology that helps it steadily glide through the air reaching your target at high velocities.

Regardless of the strength of your bow, expect pinpoint accuracy from the broadhead. Most mechanical broadheads find it challenging to maintain their accuracy on low-speed firing bows; that is not the case with this Ramcat product. It is keen and maintains flight for long without losing considerable chunks of kinetic energy.

A back cut technology ensures that the projectile damages its target as much when exiting as it does when entering. In most cases, you will get clear through pass attempts, with a massive entry and exit point. With zero reports of the rear blades failing to deploy, this piece is among the most reliable options available in the market.

  • Very accurate.
  • It is durable
  • It is not compatible with most arrow builds.

NAP Killzone Mechanical Broadhead

For those looking for an efficient and reliable elk hunting companion, I believe this NAP Killzone broadhead is an option you need to consider. It is correctly classified as a mechanical broadhead that promises a massive two-inch cutting diameter. 

With this wounding diameter, I doubt that any animal will be able to survive the impact and damage that comes with this broadhead. It is potent enough to see you march confidently in the fields and come back with a worthy elk on every trip you tag it along. The spring-clip design ensures that the rear blades are fully deployed with no room for errors.

  • It allows for a massive entry and exit wound.
  • Has bone penetrating capabilities.
  • It is accurate.

Best Replaceable Blade Broadheads for Elk

Hunting Broadheads 4 Blade Arrow Points

Top on our list of replaceable blade broadheads is the hunting broadheads from Hunting baby manufacturers. Its makers market this product as replaceable with a lifetime replacement option, which means you will never lack its replacements accessories. Despite this aspect, it also boasts of pinpoint accuracy and extreme penetration capabilities.

For penetration, its chiseled serration is enough to get the job done while its blades aid in making a way through to the animal’s vital organs. Its internal mechanism prevents the deployed elements from engaging prematurely, leading to a poor attempt; every shot with this piece is successful. The two knife grade stainless steel blades give a wide cut for the entry wound and slightly less for the exit point.

  • It promises a lifetime guarantee of replacement parts.
  • Features a premium blade design.
  • The claims that it does not fly straight is a prevalent comment from its users.

Slick Trick Grizztrick Standard Broadhead

This set of Grizztrick stands out from the rest, not only by its packaging look but also from its versatility. Its build design comprises premium components that perfectly blend in with silver and black-coated aluminum material. Another advantage that comes from the aluminum build is its durability and authoritarian nature that can efficiently cut through an elk’s tough skin.

With an Alcatraz blade lock system, expect flawless and reliable functioning every time you get to marry it to your bow and arrow. Its near perfect and detailed geometry allows for incredibly accurate and smooth flights. Nevertheless, its potency is enough to take down more prominent elk species easily; the greater the weight choice, the more powerful it is.

As most hunting organizations advocate for a quick and humane kill, expect these broadheads to deliver incapacitation abilities of the required range. To thank for the massive blood loss is its sharp surgical edge that pierces entirely, leaving behind a clear path.

  • It features an Alcatraz blade lock mechanism.
  • Durable.
  • Offers surgical sharpness.

QAD Exodus Broadheads

Entirely made of stainless steel, this QAD broadhead is among the lucky few that have available replacement blades in the market. It is not that their quality is low that it damages quickly; it is the fact that with hunting, you never know what may happen. Its replacement blades fit this and other arrow models, provided you consult with an expert before purchase.

It features a full blade type razor and sharp tip that sought out all your penetration needs. Elk hunting requires massive wounds to disable the target, and it does not disappoint. Its 0.40 inch thick blades provide the hunter with a 1.25-inch cutting diameter with enormous impact.

On purchase of its replacement blades, you get nine blades that are enough to cater to at least three projectiles. It is available in 85, 100, and 125 grains, and your choice is based on the intended application. Also, regardless of your grain option, they all share the same blades making them entirely user friendly.

  • It features a small plastic locking for holding down the blades.
  • Fits a variety of arrows.
  • It promises bone penetrating abilities.
  • The 125 grain is reported as the most notorious of the three weights.

Aspects to Consider When Selecting a Broadhead for Elk


Some of the most reliable options promise bone-crushing penetrating abilities. For a broadhead that best suits the elk, you need a selection that allows clear cut through approaches and is made of tough material—options from weak build tend to break on massive impact.


By sharpness, I mean not only the blades sharpness but also the tips. Most bow hunters have the notion that all broadheads are equally sharp; I beg to differ. In broadheads descriptions, you may have come across terms like knife-like and razor-sharp. These show the different degrees of sharpness and ability to maintain their edge.

Elks have a tough skin and bone structure; for your projectile to penetrate, its sharpness needs to meet the standards. After several uses of each option, you may be required to sharpen the edges.

Blood Trails

The deeper the penetration, the less blood loss observed on your target. With this knowledge, you will find that mechanical broadheads hold an advantage over fixed blade systems. Also, the cutting diameter of your projectile may have a significant influence on the blood trail left behind. I recommend mechanical blades, among other available options.


I recommend that before making your choice, you take some time and consider all factors for a fine selection. These factors include the weight of the Broadhead and target, kinetic energy retention, and blade sharpness, as every detail is vital. If you put fair use of the information in this article, expect an excellent elk hunting broadhead.

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