Hunting Jeep – Guide and How to

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Did you know that unless you are in a comfortable place, you will hardly shoot a hog with your rifle? Usually, the most effective shot would be either behind the ear or a quartering shot. Interestingly, using a jeep while hunting provides you with this comfort, convenience, and enough confidence to shoot your prey accurately.

Most often, people hunt hogs during late winter or early spring, and you are no exception. Such times are not only cold but could also hamper smooth movement. As you traverse the rough terrains of your neighborhood hunting these hogs, it is likely to get hard without a reliable vehicle. It is at this point that you should invest in the right automobile.

However, the biggest question will always be why jeeps are becoming common for hog hunting. It is in this light that we explore some of the critical elements regarding these jeeps and hog hunting.

What Jeep suits Hunting in general and Hog Hunting in particular?

Undoubtedly, not every Jeep will suit your hunting expeditions. Hunting hogs will often happen I rough terrains, hillsides, and even snowy regions. For this reason, you will need a machine that is not only powerful but also reliable during the whole process.

The Jeep Wrangler, which is a quintessential off-roader, has come out as one of the best to use when hunting. Its traditional 4-Wheel Drive system will always make it one of those exceptional vehicles for off-roading. Usually, it comes with an enhanced crawl ration that is essential in improving the level of traction whenever on loose surfaces.

Additionally, this vehicle comes with an impressive ground clearance, which is about 10.9 inches. Its break-over, departure, and approach angles are also worth appreciating, and they make it easier for the vehicle to climb over obstacles effortlessly.

Did you also know that the Jeep prides itself on a relatively short wheelbase? It is through this that you are sure of getting enhanced off-road capability. On top of that, it comes with solid axles, which are essential in improving its articulation.

Above all, the comfort you get from this Jeep Wrangler while hunting is unmatched. Besides being relatively quiet, its coil springs and the relatively long wheelbase play a critical role in improving such comfort. With this comfort, it will be easier to see and even shoot your prey.

Features to Consider When Buying a Jeep for Hog Hunting

Various aspects will come in handy in deciding which Jeep is ideal for your hog hunting tour. Most importantly, you should be conversant with which elements matter the most in this selection. Usually, you will have to focus on the following.

Ensure that you know the horsepower it tends to feature. Usually, this horsepower will be definitive of how much you can carry or transport with your vehicle. It will also highlight how far you can go with it. In this light, prioritize whatever assures you of enhanced horsepower. If you need an upgrade or looking to save a few bucks then I’d suggest you look at buying a used jeep engine here.

Always consider your terrain. It will guide you on which suspension system to consider when selecting your Jeep. While at it, you will find that enhanced off-roading abilities will be essential for you if you prefer hunting in rough terrains.

Consider the versatility of the given vehicle. Usually, you will want one that you can use for both hunting and non-hunting purposes. It should come with a perfect car that allows you to carry your kill, equipment, and family whenever you are out there. It should also serve you on various non-hunting errands, including luxurious trips.

Check the size of the Jeep. Usually, you will need a vehicle that can accommodate both your gear and luggage.

Jeep Hunting Accessories

Undoubtedly, you will want to accentuate the thrill of hunting by having a suitable vehicle. But did you know that modification will be essential in improving your experience in the long run? These upgrades and additions will be necessary for ensuring that your machine looks like the ultimate hunting vehicle.

Ensure that you add a few racks on your Jeep. Usually, a solid roof rack will play a critical role in making sure that you carry any heavy load that you have, including your kill and gear. As long as you strap any luggage you have on such racks, you will be confident of reaching home safely. It will be valuable to pick durable material to make these racks.

Adding light bars to your hunting jeep will also be worth considering. With these bars, you will be sure of extra light whenever your car lights are not enough. Interestingly, these bars pride themselves in offering decent amounts of light even in the darkest of nights.

How about you add a snorkel? Indeed, there are chances that you could consider hunting in the waters. By adding this feature, you will be confident of raising your engine’s exhaust system higher, allowing you to go through the water smoothly.

Jeep Gun Racks

There are Gun Racks for jeeps and then there are GUN RACKS like this awesome one from morris4x4center,

This Great Day Quickdraw Locking Vertical Gun Rack is the most functional and secure means of transporting a firearm ever. The stand-up design puts the firearm right at the user’s fingertips and the locking mechanism makes it accessible only to its owner.

This Quickdraw operates with a key or electronically to provide instant, but concealed access. The QuickDraw Locking Gun Racks frame is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum and includes two soft-cushioned cradles for holding the firearm in place.

If you’re on the hunt for something cheaper but still very functional, we have a few of these and they have worked wonders for us. Here is a link to the cheapest one on amazon.

Should you add IR torches, a crane, and a seeker light?

As long as you choose to hunt in the night, it will be vital for you to consider getting IR light for your Jeep. With this, you will easily identify or observe your prey without being detected, which improves your hunting experience. While at it, these lights could effortlessly work in the absence of headlamps. And they work in harmony with your night vision scope. Here you can read our guide on night vision scopes.

I would really recommend you have a look at this infrared light bar on amazon, cheap and works wonders.

On the other hand, you could rely on seeker lights to accentuate your light levels during the night. They will come in handy whenever you need enhanced illumination.

Understandably, hogs are relatively heavy, but would you need them to lift your kill to the racks? I feel that this might not be necessary, especially if you are hunting alongside a friend or family. However, a crane would be essential if you do not want to struggle with the weight of your kill.

I have a friend who installed a crane on his pickup in order to help him lift the hogs on the pickup, he does a lot of night hunting by the feeder so it can be hard to get family or friends to help you then. He says it works wonders but I have never tried it so I can’t vouch for it.

To wrap up, take a moment and picture how convenient it would be to drive through the woods with your newly acquired Jeep. The comfort, stability, and the handiness it offers will be unmatched. It is in that light that you should get yourself a perfect hunting Jeep for yourself. And I’m going to round off this post with a crazy video of some guys hunting from their car in Texas, hope you enjoy!

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