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You’re out hunting for the best feeder for your hog hunting adventures? Ok we’re here to help! We have tried, if not all, at least most of the ones most commonly used on the market. This is our guide and totally based on our experience in the field.

What are Feeders used for?

Feeders were traditionally used for domestic purposes. In recent times, they have proved resourceful in hunting down hogs. People hunt hogs for various reasons, for instance, rescuing their crops. When coupled with feeder lights, feeders have shown to be the most effective way to shoot the hogs even during night time.

Factors We Look at When Selecting The Best Feeder For Hogs

An extensive list of feeders to choose from is available in the market. However, what factors do you need to consider to ensure you get the best out of your feeder choice?

Durability and Quality– When shopping for feeders, we want something that will keep feeding for years without needing too much maintenance.

The brand value– You need to consider products fabricated by renowned brands for more reliability and service.

Customer Reviews and Ratings– If you are considering buying feeders for the first time, it will be wise to examine customer feedback. You can access this information online to help you come up with the right decision. So, of course, we have taken into account other peoples opinions here as well.

Specifications and Features-You ought to examine the features of available options. Consider their strengths and weaknesses. For us its very important that it’s low maintenance as we have so many active at the same time on our ranch.

What are the Best Feeders for Hog Hunting?

With the above insights in mind, let us review some of the best feeders that will make it easier to hunt your prey.

1. American Hunter Tripod Feeder with RDE Digital Timer Kit

The American Hunter Tripod Feeder has a maximum capacity of 225 pounds of feed. It receives steady support from metallic leg mounts. This feeder has an RDE kit that has a digital clock timer. The feed rate of this feeder can be adjusted from one to thirty seconds. Here is the cheapest one right now on Amazon.


• A 5-amp rechargeable battery powers it

• It uses a 6V solar charger


• Highly durable and weather resistant.

• It is easy to install

• It has a quick-release lid


• You may need to get an additional battery.

• Avoid filling it to the brim to protect the legs.

2. Moultrie 15 Gallon Directional Hanging

This feeder delivers exclusive size and performance that you need while hunting for while hogs. It has a straight feed pattern that is best for narrow trails or feeding paths. The feeder can hold up to a hundred pounds of feed in one go. Here you have a link to the cheapest one right now on Amazon.


• Powered by a powerful 6V battery

• It has a bracket and ratchet strap for mounting on tree or post


• It is ideal for trails and narrow feeding paths

• It is programmable

• It is durable and can be used for several years


• It increases your risk of exposure to Lead

• The battery is not included

3. Wildgame Innovations Treehugger Mossy Oak Camo Tree Game Feeder

The compact and highly portable feeder is only five pounds but can hold up to eighty pounds of feed. PVC material is used in the construction of this feeder to make it more durable. You can effortlessly set it up on any tree, take cover, and wait for some hogs to come your way. Here is a link to the cheapest one I could find right now on Amazon.


• You can attach it to any tree using the buckles

• No batteries and tools required


• It is compatible with different foods.

• It is waterproof, durable, and highly portable.

• No batteries or special tools are required.


• Rodents and squirrels can chew holes into it.

• It does not have a sensor

4. AMERICAN HUNTER AH-SWNLOG 30 Lb Hog Log Modular System Feeder

This feeder has a unique shape and design to improve your outdoor experience. You will have pigs flocking to your feeder in an attempt to try to understand it. You do not need to worry about them as the piece is built of durable ARS plastic. Here is a link to the cheapest one I could find on Amazon.


• It has a carrying capacity of thirty pounds

• No batteries are required.


• You can expand the carrying capacity to ninety pounds

• It is durable and weatherproof

• It is effective in attracting the hogs into your shooting range.


• It can expose you to LEAD and DEHP

• Squirrels and varmint can chew through it

5. Boss Buck “Texas Two-Step All-in 200# Series Combo Deer Feeder

This deer feeder is made of tough roto model plastic that is durable. The piece easily converts from auto to gravity in seconds. It has wide feeding spots to accommodate three, four, or more wild hogs in one go. Even though the name suggests it’s only for deer this beast works wonders for hogs as well. This is the one you go for if you have some extra money. If you want to use it for hogs just let the corn flow out so it hits the ground, it’s very easy to change the settings. Here is the cheapest one I could find on Amazon right now.


• It is convertible

• Installation is simple and less demanding


• It has a large carrying capacity and three feeding ports.

• It is durable and weatherproof.

• You can convert it from auto to gravity in seconds.


• You need foot pads to prevent it from sinking into the ground.

• It is a little bulky when moving from one point to another.

6. Wildgame Innovations W270PRO Quick Set 270Pro Feeder, Hunter Green

With a carrying capacity of 270 pounds, you are sorted for the better part of the day. Setting up the piece takes an average of fewer than ten minutes to complete. There is a built-in funnel to reduce the wastage of food. Here is the cheapest one right now on Amazon.


• It has a digital power control unit

• A 6V battery powers it


• It has a large carrying capacity

• The feeder is durable and highly resistant to adverse weather

• Setting up the piece is simple and straightforward


• The battery is not included

• The feeder is prone to leak if it is not well cared for.

7. Wildgame Innovations Tri-Pod Deer Feeder, easy to use feeder with 4 feed times

This feeder is an ideal food source for different species of game. You can opt for the 225- or 270-pound feeder to make your hunting more productive. It is built of a galvanized steel plate that is durable and weather resistant. Here is the cheapest one I could find on Amazon.


• Available in two sizes of 225 or 270 pounds.

• A 6V power battery powers it.


• It is durable and resistant to harsh outdoor weather.

• A built-in funnel reduces food spillages.

• It attracts wild hogs easily into your range.


• It can be quite bulky, moving from one point to another.

• The plastic barrel can break quite easily.

8. Moultrie Tripod Feeders

The Moultrie Tripod feeder is effective for hunting hogs as you can program up to six feeds a day. This piece has a feed level estimator, a built-in varmint guard, an external power port. This is a tanky one! Here is a link to the cheapest one I could find on Amazon.


• It uses a single 6V battery

• Has a programmable digital timer


• It is durable and resistant to rust

• The programmable features make it easier to use

• Uses the quick-lock technology


• The battery is not included

• It is not fully waterproof

9. AMERICAN HUNTER Tripod Texas Edition Feeder Kit 350Lb, Multicolor

This feeder is designed with a heavy-duty housing to ensure that it stays in perfect shape for years on end. It features three speeds of 3000, 3300, and 3800 rotations per minute and an adjustable feed rate. It can feed several days of the week and 1-8 times per day. It’s a fantastic product if you have enough room for it! Here is the cheapest one I could find on Amazon.


• 6V or 12V batteries power it

• It has a quick-release lid


• The feeder is durable and resistant to harsh weather

• Rechargeable batteries power it

• Installation is very much easy for all users


• Batteries are not included

• It is quite bulky and heavy to transport

10. Moultrie Pro Magnum Tripod Deer Feeder

This Moultrie feeder has several top-notch features that make it more effective in the hunt for wild hogs. It has a digital timer and a built-in estimator, external power port, battery indicator, and solar panel connectors. Each purchase has a lifetime warranty. Here is the cheapest one I could find on Amazon right now.


• It has an LCD timer that is easy to program

• Powered by a single 6V battery


• It has a lifetime warranty

• It is easy to program through the LCD timer

• It is durable and resistant to harsh weather and varmint.

• It can carry 200 pounds of feed in one instant.


• The feeder is quite bulky to carry on your own

• You may need to get additional batteries to make your outdoor experience more fun.


This is our list of the best feeders for hog hunting, we know that there might be newer options that are not on the list, but we will keep it updated with the ones we have tried. We cant put products here that we have not used by ourselves. Best wishes and I hope you have some fantastic hunting!

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