Nikon M-223 BDC 600 Riflescope Review

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Over the years, Nikon has been one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality lens products.  This scope is a spectacular addition that will sharpen and improve your accuracy in the field. 

The 3-12×42 comes with a side focusing parallel adjustor. The world-class scope will give you a long service life as it an all-purpose scope. The fact that it is waterproof, shockproof, and fog proof which makes it reliable even on unpredicted weather conditions.

Nikon’s target on this scope is farmers and hunters. Its optics designs seem to favor hunting by providing sharp, bright pictures even in poor lighting conditions. Light transmission in the Nikon piece improves up to 95%. Four inches of eye relief is available when using this modification, related to this is a four-times zoom range.

The Nikon M-223 scope is a versatile scope of good value.

What Should You Expect from the Nikon M-223 Scope?

Easy Setup

Some scopes are pretty complicated to attach to your rifle; a number of them require technical assistance from the seller’s team. However, in the Nikon M-223, it is effortless to attach it to your weapon. A precise manual will come with your purchase.

More information on the setup and application of the scope is available on Nikon’s official website.

Reasonable Price

In comparison to other scopes in its price range, Nikon M-223 is more efficient. The features that come with this scope are pretty amazing, given the price to pay. Your region and store you purchase from are also a determinant in the price. It is a good bargain if you are on a low budget.

Sharp Focus.

The scope uses the latest lens technology to provide you with a sharp, clear picture. Anti-reflective device technology eliminates the lens glare, which may be a distraction to the shooter. I think the manufacturer’s idea was to allow a sharp focus to increase accuracy. The quality of the lens is magnificent.

Bullet Drop Compensator.

The reticle of this scope comes with a bullet drop compensator, which is not common in most Nikon scopes. The compensator can achieve an increment of up to 600 yards.

Compatible with Spot-On Custom Turrets

This scope is compatible with spot-on custom turrets. However, you will need to provide information on your modifications to the order page. This information assists the experts in modifying your scope to fit your spot on the custom turret.

What Does this Scope Have to Offer?

We cannot wholly exhaust features available with the Nikon M-223 scope. Below are some outstanding features of the scope.

Sharp Imaging

This scope uses a modern optical system. This system plays an essential role in giving high-quality user imaging even under low lighting conditions. The Anti- Reflection Devices technology eliminates glare from the sun, giving you a clear plat sighted image. If your activities are in dusty environments, then this scope is a match for you as it is clear on dirty surroundings.

Easy Reticle Adjustments

The standard adjustment knobs found in most scopes tend to be complicated. On the other hand, this scope comes with a unique simple knob design to ease your adjustments. All you need to do is lift the adjustment knobs and adjust them to your preference. After applying your settings, re engage the knob to confirm your settings.

This design is, by far, the best design you will ever get to experience.

4x Zoom Range

You can obtain a magnification of up to 4x when using this scope. Your picture quality will have a slight difference when you crank your range to the maximum. The scope also comes with 4-inch constant eye relief.


This Nikon product is not the lightest in the market; however, it is lighter than most of its competitors. Weighing 19.9 ounces and 13 inches long, it makes your weapon slightly heavier. Aircraft-grade aluminum is what constitutes this scope, making it more durable. It comes with a single central body tube in one piece.

Smart Radical Design

The scope includes an open circle in its design layout. The primary goal of the open-loop at the lens is to ensure that you do not obscure your target when aiming, even when magnification is at maximum. This design has a significant impact on the performance of the scope.

42mm Objective Lens

The lens of the Nikon M-223 scope provides a decent wide field of view. This lens is responsible for the 4-inch eye relief, which is very friendly to the shooter. I can confirm that this scope provides an excellent all-round clear picture.

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How Does the Nikon M-223 Compare to a Close Competitor

Nikon M-223 vs. Leupold Mark AR 15

The Nikon M-223 is the winner when comparing it to the Leupold Mark AR; although, the difference is not that great. To the extent that to some, the Mark AR might walk away with the prize. Both scopes are at the same price range in the current market.

The Nikon M-223 has unique adjustment knobs that are not available with the Leupold. The knobs are straightforward to adjust and make zeroing in a piece of cake.

Leupold scopes come with a covered turret, unlike the Nikon, which has an exposed tactical tower. I, for one, think this is an excellent feature with the Nikon. This turret on the Nikon sums up an exquisite exterior design.

One final blow to the Leupold is that the Nikon is a better glass putting the Mark AR to shame.

Why the Nikon M-223 is the Better Scope.

For starters, if you are on a tight budget, this is your scope. Its price is quite a good bargain in comparison to its features and quality. The Nikon M-223 makes 400 yards seem easy, with its wide field of view and fantastic crosshair. Keep in mind that this is an all-purpose scope, from competitive sporting to hunting. 

The scope has a well-balanced configuration and design making it outshine its peers. Several distinct features sum up these near perfection pieces. From the quality lens to the turret’s overall design, this scope is one I can recommend to novice shooters. 

The Nikon M-223 scope is incredibly comfortable, regardless of the stock you use. However, I recommend using a mount to improve the height between the scope and rifle. Check out some of the best scope mounts available.

This scope works fine for typical on standard applications. However, a slight glare appears when the sunlight hits the scope at a certain angle. For expert shooters, this may not be such a big deal, yet some might find this distracting. Apart from the glare, I believe this is a scope you can trust for your hunting needs.

Which Scope Mount is Recommended for the Nikon M-223?

Nikon M-223 Mount 

The Nikon M-223 Mount is a mount explicitly developed for the M-223 scope series. The scope mount brings out the most of your scope. It provides the opportunity to adjust your scope’s position on your rifle and provides you with a firm-wide stable surface area.

The mount, just like Nikon scope, is made using incredibly durable alloy material. This material will provide a long service life and all through reliability. The greater advantage is that it does not add extra weight to your scope, more so to your rifle. It is, therefore, convenient to use. 

This mount, however, does not fit every rifle. The M-223 scope mount fits on flat top air rifles and weaver rails. It is effortless when it comes to switching weapons, providing consistent efficiency, no matter the environment. You can never go wrong with a Nikon M-223 scope and mount.

Nikon M-233 Accessories

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Frequently Asked Questions. (FAQs)

How Sufficient is the Scope at Point-Blank Range?

This scope is for use in short and mid ranges, meaning that it is very productive when it comes to point-blank range. Its accuracy at short intervals is superb. The scope has an adjustable internal that can be maximized up to 60 minutes of angle (MOA), providing plenty of adjustment range.

How is the Performance of the Nikon M-223 Scope in Low Lighting Conditions?

Even under minimum lighting, the scope works just fine. However, here is a slight blur at dawn. This blur occurs when you max out the power settings. Try keeping your power settings to a medium to achieve a blur-free image.

In broad daylight, the scope is a beast with bright optical images display.

The Reticle Location in the Nikon M-223 Scope?

The BDC 600 reticle is in the 2nd focal plane of the scope. This layout comes in handy when you are magnifying; your crosshairs will not be too thick or too thin. You can maintain a perfect crosshair layout of your target. The location of its reticle is an excellent configuration.

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