FX Dreamline: A Complete Review and Buyers Guide

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Air rifle innovation that we previously thought as dreams is now becoming a reality, thanks to Swedish FX Airguns. Dreamline is the result of a laundry list of highly yearned for features that FX delivered to shooters.

The modular designed PCP is built to evolve and change with your shooting needs. Armed with a Dreamline configuration kit, I can swiftly turn my regular FX into a DreamLite, DreamClassic, or DreamPup.

I can also switch the FXs caliber, changing the Smooth Twist X liner to dial-up my Dreamline’s performance. Other possibilities include configuring bore specifications and twist rates for the pellet of my choice.

Coupled with a Hogue grip, smooth side lever, 2-stage adjustable match trigger, and high capacity magazine, I am in air gun heaven. With a DonnyFL moderator that’s affixed and its removable stock, my Dreamline transforms into a DreamLite for easier portability.  

The PCP you’ve been waiting for has arrived, weighing only 5.8 pounds without scope. With the FX Dreamline, your bench shots and hunting will never be the same again.  

A Detailed Review of the FX Dreamline

The FX Dreamline is built on a proven platform and comes with the ability to be configured in a variety of customized ways.  As a highly anticipated air rifle, the FX can be changed into a bullpup, a sporter, lightweight tactical or field target airgun.

When I bought my FX Dreamline, the ability to configure my rifle into a multi pellet shooter proved an attractive feature.  Using the Twist X barrel, I am able to change the air gun caliber in a few seconds, a versatility that I never dreamed of in a PCP.

The FX Dreamline offers modular capabilities, the first air rifle with such innovation worldwide. After a weekend of target match shooting, I convert my FX into a bullpup shooter for the next day.

The FX Dreamline’s Twist X barrel is truly evolutionally and features on elite models like the FX wildcat, the FX impact, and the FX crown. This innovative linear system and barrel housing allow for different bore specifications and t twist rates.

With this unique ability, I am able to switch my FX for a variety of readily available projectiles. An Adjustable Match Precision or AMP regulator gives me the flexibility to adjust pressure externally without depressurizing the air gun.

I find the AMP to provide precise and accurate performance due to its construction and durability. 

Basic Configurations Available for the FX Dreamline

At the time of its launch, the FX Dreamline had three basic configurations. These included DreamLite, DreamPup, and DreamClassic.

A redesigned breech block that I had first seen with the Streamline series was the common factor that they all had in common. This basic action incorporates a breech with a direct air cylinder as a seamless piece, making the FX Dreamline affordable.

Connecting pieces between the pressure cylinder and the breech minimize weight, inefficiencies and chance leaks. My Dreamline accepts the high capacity FX magazines, as opposed to the former streamline whose breech is angled.

 In.30 caliber, the FX delivers a superb 14 shots, while in .25, you can expect 16 shots.  For the .177 and .22 calibers, I have fired 21 and 18 shots, respectively.

You need high mounts when using high capacity magazines, and thus I recommend the No-Limit scope mount from FX.

The Dreamline will accept medium mounts, however, and I find FX standard magazines appropriate. Although you may find your scope floating considerably as opposed to sitting flush with the air rifle’s base, I find that they work reliably. 

No-limit Scope Mount from FX

Features That Make the FX Dreamline Stand Out

A lovely touch is the fingerprint resistant coating that acts as a finish for all metallic parts. When I work the side lever cock handle, I find it smoother than the earlier streamline.

Though the earlier FX air rifle was nice to cock, the Dreamline is spookily smooth and cocks seamlessly. I also get more pressure-volume with the Dreamline’s cylinder capacity of 250 ccs.  

Filling the cylinder is by the air probe at the top of the tank. There is a dust cover on the probe that keeps dirt and debris from clogging the opening. 

My FX Dreamline has a manometer at the top of its cylinder, and there’s a regulator pressure gauge at the base. The AMP regulator has its adjustment screws opposite the pressure gauge. 

I find both gauges very legible and relatively large. 

How Does the AMP Assist the FX Dreamline Pressure Regulation? 

The Adjustable Match Precision or AMP regulator represents a huge leap forward in the pressure regulation technology for PCPs. FXs AMP regulator enables the lowering and raising of pressure without depressurizing the cylinder. 

I get the regulator to kick in safely by dry firing my gun after each quarter-turn of the adjustment screw as I lower its pressure. This prevents my Dreamline’s cylinder from pressure damage.

With the AMP, my FX cab supports higher pressure with consistency over a duration. This means I have waved farewell to regulator fatigue or creep.

The regulator also aids in internal accuracy, which augments the accuracy system provided by the smooth pinpoint Twist X barrel. 

FX Smooth Twist X Barrel System

I am astonished by the extreme accuracy I obtain with the FX Dreamline’s Smooth Twist X barrel. This features rifling impressed from the outside, as opposed to grooves cut into the bore. 

The above standard Smooth Twist X barrel is straightly polished from the factory, contributing to high accuracy.  For the .25 and.30 caliber, the FX has a barrel system that’s 600 mm long.

The .22 and .177 FX Dreamline features a 500 mm long barrel.

While the smooth twist barrel system of this air rifle is shrouded, it’s slender and doesn’t suppress much of the report. This makes my FX Dreamline not so backyard friendly, except when I use a Donny FL’s moderator. 

The FX and DonnyFL partnered innovative moderators are designed explicitly for the Dreamline. These moderators are not only effective but are affordable as well.  

My Dreamline is now a quiet air gun, and the moderators now come as a standard affixed on FX‘s PCP models. The moderators also look fantastic and are priced a little below retail price, which I am confident is still cost-effective.

The Multiple Configurable FX Dreamline 

I call my FX Dreamline the Lego of air guns. You can configure this air rifle in so many ways, and more configurations continue to be released.

The DreamClassic

This is an upgraded FX Streamline version that weighs 6 pounds. With a length of pull of 14.25 inches, the DreamClassic is 38.25 inches long. 

The DreamClassic has a valve adjuster, or what I call a transfer port adjuster. This valve adjuster has three settings for the adjustment of the hammer spring.

I remove my FXs stock and can tune the hammer spring either counter-clockwise for less power or clockwise for more. 

The DreamClassic is available in grey laminate, synthetic, and walnut. Its attractive comb has good cheek weld due to a raised comb for use with high capacity magazines.

This stock is, however, not interchangeable with that one for a Streamline due to minute changes.

The DreamLite 

This FX PCP weighs only 5.5 pounds, which means it’s the lightest configuration for Dreamline. With its 13 inch length of pull, the DreamLite is 37 inches long, including the moderator.

An additional hammer spring-well to the three setting adjuster valve configuration sets this Dreamline aside from the Impact or the Crown. This lightweight FX has a 12-setting adjustment for fine-tuning into any projectile firing equation. 

An excellent teardown rifle, I can adjust the DreamLite by removing the stock with a swift turn of the knob. In case I want to shoot the most extended air pistol ever, the rifle still fires without the stocks.

The DreamPup

This remarkable configuration solves the age-old conundrum between a sporter and a bullpup. Weighing 5.9 pounds, the DreamPup is 29 inches long exclusive of a moderator,

This is the best air gun for a long hunting day. You can either use it for .22, .25, .30, and .177 calibers.

The .177 caliber favors my field target competitions, while the larger calibers are for shooting at longer ranges. I use my Dreamline for hunting and pest control, benefiting greatly from high muzzle energy with heavier pellets.

FX Dreamline Accuracy, Shot Count and Caliber

My .22 caliber Dreamline features a smooth, even shot curve due to the internal regulator. On a full 230 bar fill up, I can get 55 shots with a standard deviation of 2.97 fps for a spread of 11 fps.

I’ve heard on the grapevine that FX intends to produce Dreamlines that have a heavier hammer. This is projected to increase speeds to the 880s averages while producing 33 fps.

All FX rifles are built to use the standard Diabolo pellets by JSB. For many air gun shooters and me, the JSB is an exclusive performance even though I can choose any other pellet brands or sizes.

This forms part of the FX Dreamline experience since I can try different pellets to get the most out of my air rifle.

I shot the JSB 18.13 grain and found it to be absolutely accurate with the Dreamline. This is what the FX air gun is set up for. 

My best group was in 0.07 inches at 40 yards, a total of 5 shots! 

While 13 of my shots went into quarter-inch holes consistently, 9 shots made a 0.17-inch hole.

I can hardly wait to take out this match-winning accuracy to 100 yards and see what it can do. The consistency is also incredible, producing phenomenon groupings with little effort on my part. 

A very consistent AMP regulator, the incredibly light trigger, and STX barrel combine to offer this accuracy. Shooting the FX Dreamline is so easy, and you must try it to see what I mean.

Accessories to Use with the FX Dreamline

To fix high capacity magazines on my Dreamline, I use high rings. I recommend the NO-Limits FX rings due to the air rifles call for the long-range.  Occasionally, I fill up my cylinder with either a Hill MK4 hand pump for a 200 bar, which gives me lots of shots. I also fill my Dreamline with the Air Venturi Compressor and a 98 cubic foot tank.

When I am on the road, I use a Nomad II SCUBA to fill my FX s cylinder up to the brim. 

Is the FX Dreamline Value for Your Money?

Although not exactly cheap at over $1000 for the rifle and moderator, the FX Dreamline is reasonably priced.  While being sold cheaper than counterpart FX models such as the Crown, Impact, and Wildcat, the Dreamline is at par with the FX Streamline.

There’s more versatility in Dreamline configurations, like with the DreamLite, which offers a complete pellet-firing system. This is not just one air gun, and from entry level to pro, it offers a potential winner in the future.

Owning one Dreamline air gun has a wide choice of configurations, stocks, power levels, calibers, and barrel liners. You can have a wooden or synthetic stock takedown, bullpup, or regular FX within a few adjustments or additions.

FX has given into the air gunners hands a system that provides interest to explore possibilities. This, in itself, is considerable value.

What I Love About My FX Dreamline

Any FX air gun owner will tell you; we all adore the match-grade trigger. This is simply the best trigger that I have come across on an air rifle.

The two-stage adjustability of the FX’s trigger is factory fine-tuned at a light 14 ounces. This gives me a very clean break.

A famed YouTube reviewer named .22 Plinkster laid his hands on an FX and exclaimed what a great trigger it had. From that point on, he started reviewing PCP air rifles.

Competitively priced and with such a responsive trigger, the Dreamline is a rifle more air-gunners should experience.  Made in Sweden, FX USA offers total factory back up servicing for each air rifle they import into the country.

A three-year warranty accompanies all FX Dreamliners manufactured from October 2017. This covers defective materials or faulty workmanship claims.

Any air rifle from FX purchased in 2018 enjoys the extension of the 3 year warranty. Proof of purchase is a requirement, and the warranties are transferable with the original receipt or invoice.

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