FX Dreamline: A Complete Review and Buyers Guide

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Air rifle innovation that we previously thought as dreams is now becoming a reality, thanks to Swedish FX Airguns. Dreamline is the result of a laundry list of highly yearned for features that FX delivered to shooters.

The modular designed PCP is built to evolve and change with your shooting needs. Armed with a Dreamline configuration kit, I can swiftly turn my regular FX into a DreamLite, DreamClassic, or DreamPup.

I can also switch the FXs caliber, changing the Smooth Twist X liner to dial-up my Dreamline’s performance. Other possibilities include configuring bore specifications and twist rates for the pellet of my choice.

Coupled with a Hogue grip, smooth side lever, 2-stage adjustable match trigger, and high capacity magazine, I am in air gun heaven. With a DonnyFL moderator that’s affixed and its removable stock, my Dreamline transforms into a DreamLite for easier portability.  

The PCP you’ve been waiting for has arrived, weighing only 5.8 pounds without scope. With the FX Dreamline, your bench shots and hunting will never be the same again.  

A Detailed Review of the FX Dreamline

The FX Dreamline is built on a proven platform and comes with the ability to be configured in a variety of customized ways.  As a highly anticipated air rifle, the FX can be changed into a bullpup, a sporter, lightweight tactical or field target airgun.

When I bought my FX Dreamline, the ability to configure my rifle into a multi pellet shooter proved an attractive feature.  Using the Twist X barrel, I am able to change the air gun caliber in a few seconds, a versatility that I never dreamed of in a PCP.

The FX Dreamline offers modular capabilities, the first air rifle with such innovation worldwide. After a weekend of target match shooting, I convert my FX into a bullpup shooter for the next day.

The FX Dreamline’s Twist X barrel is truly evolutionally and features on elite models like the FX wildcat, the FX impact, and the FX crown. This innovative linear system and barrel housing allow for different bore specifications and t twist rates.

With this unique ability, I am able to switch my FX for a variety of readily available projectiles. An Adjustable Match Precision or AMP regulator gives me the flexibility to adjust pressure externally without depressurizing the air gun.

I find the AMP to provide precise and accurate performance due to its construction and durability. 

Basic Configurations Available for the FX Dreamline<