Bloodhound Lab Mix – They’re Awesome!

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Have you ever imagined how an interbreed of dogs can make a wonderful breed? The bloodhound lab mix is a mixture of the bloodhound and the Labrador dogs.

What is a Bloodhound Lab Mix?

Bloodhound dog is a large scent hound initially reared for hunting animals such as the deer and tracking of humans. Labrador is also known as the rescue dog. It was used in the Labrador Ocean for rescue purposes.

The mixture of these two breeds now makes up the bloodhound lab mix, which has a combination of genes from the two individual breeds. The bloodhound lab mix has an average height of23 – 27 inches at the shoulder and an average weight of 80 – 110 lb. It serves as both a hunting dog, a home-based pet, and any other purpose as per its training.

What are the Characteristics of a Bloodhound Lab Mix?

  1. Can Survive Harsh Weather.

According to the American kennel club, the bloodhound lab mix is a good mixture capable of surviving in harsh environments and capable of living a longer life. Its lifespan is 6.75 – 14 years.

  1. Large in Size

Bloodhound lab mix portrays a mixture of characteristics of the two breeds. The puppy is large and occupies a lot of space. For you to rear such a breed, you need to consider having adequate space.

  1. Increased Immunity

This breed is generally a healthy dog. It is feared that once dogs are cross-bred, their immunity lowers, but in this case, the bloodhound lab mix does not easily suffer illnesses.

  1. Hairy

The bloodhound lab mix tends to have a significant amount of hair. Being a hairy breed, it needs to be brushed at least weekly, especially for puppies. It also easily overheats hence the need to cool it with a towel frequently. You may also need to check on its skin regularly to ensure that it is not wounded or hurt.

Why Would You Want One?

  1. A Good Rescue Dog

The Bloodhound Lab Mix is capable of tracking and rescuing both humans and other pets. It masters and uses the voice of its people, which makes it easier for it to identify strangers.

It also uses gentle tactics to approach and arrest dangerous situations. Once coached, the dog is able to take full charge of human movements, and if in danger, it is capable of rescuing them.

  1. Can Look After Kids

The Bloodhound Lab Mix is capable of taking care of children by monitoring their activities. If well trained, the dog can help babysit children, play around with them, and protect them from strangers and other unpredictable dangers. It can also keep a child busy for a more extended period as you do your work without posing any risks.

  1. Great Workout Companion

For people who love exercising, mountain climbing, and hiking, this dog is ideal for keeping you company. A Bloodhound Lab Mix puppy can go for longer distances without getting exhausted.

Also, being a big breed, the dog quickly gains weight hence the need for frequent exercise. You can take it along with you for your morning runs.

  1. Trainable

It has a great ability to master instruction, making it very easy to train. Besides hunting, you can train a bloodhound lab mix to respond to various dangerous situations, to play with kids, and also in rescues. Here we have an extensive guide into how to train a Labrador Retriever – which also applies to this Bloodhound Lab Mix

  1. Offers Great Security

The hound is friendly, kind, and playful and does not easily harm people; however, under different circumstances, it is useful for maintaining security. Being very tactical and strong, it is helpful for it can quickly get and hold a dangerous person, and this makes it a good dog for use by the police and other security agencies.

  1. Easy to Maintain

This breed can comfortably be reared with other pets. Its friendly and kind nature makes it adapt to environments quickly. It lives for a longer period hence a good standard of a breed to rear and can withstand harsh conditions

It has a boosted immunity, therefore requires minimal medical attention.

Is it Good for Hunting

The bloodhound lab mix is endowed with a significant amount of energy and can run very fast after prey. Also, the ability to take up a scent over a long distance is quite helpful in hunting. These characteristics make it a good hunting dog.

Where Can You Get One and How Much Does it Cost?

A bloodhound lab mix puppy’s price ranges between $400- $600, while the adult dogs cost between $700- $1200. They tend to be cheaper than the purebred parents.

Since they are not common, it is unlikely to find them at pet stores. However, you can buy the bloodhound lab mix from bloodhound and Labrador keepers.

You can keep the Bloodhound Lab Mix as a pet, for security purposes or hunting. This breed is a perfect combination of the Bloodhound and Labrador genes, carrying their dominant characteristics.

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