A Review of the Best SKS Scope Mounts

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Everything about hunting comes down to being confident in your aim. A rifle with a scope is more lethal than one without. The confidence that builds in you, knowing you cannot miss your target, is sometimes exhilarating. That is why the best scopes need a stable and reliable mount to keep improving your chances of getting the most from your rifle.

The SKS scope mount is among the best that makes your rifle a total performer. The reasons are simple. SKS scope mounts are easy to install, never shift or change the point of impact by vibrating and becoming loose when your rifle heats up after firing it.

In this guide, you will get the best SKS scope mount for your rifle. 

UTG SKS Scope Mount 

The UTG Pro SKS Scope has one primary purpose: to enable you to mount large optics on to your rifle fast and easy. All you need to do before you go hunting is to place the mount on the back of the receiver and let the metal section run over the bolt. 

It is small and compact but will add weight to your rifle. However, its size can be deceiving as it stabilizes heavy scopes without compromising on your aim and stability when firing. 

When you think of close-range operations, the design has a see-through tunnel, and you can mount your iron sights. The UTG SKS Scope mount rides high to give you a perfect view and also has 22 slots that leave lots of room even for the most robust scopes. 

Installation is straightforward, and when done correctly, you will have no room for zero wiggles. Another advantage of this scope is its ability to bolt smoothly, making it the best for any aftermarket stock rifle. 

The design makes it able to handle recoil after you fire your rifle. It also has a shell deflector for more safety. Your eyes will be protected from glaze and sunlight by the matte black anodized aluminum finish. It is a sturdy scope mount that can handle an aggressive environment and use it for many years. 


  • For use on all SKS rifles. 
  • Straightforward and easy installation
  • It can mount heavy scopes without wiggling or bending
  • There is so much room to add sights to the mount for better shot placement


  • It is bulky and will add weight to the rifle

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Crazy Ivan Low Profile Picatinny SKS Scope Mount

It is a popular scope mount and comes at an affordable price. The best perks of this scope mount are the long eye relief it gives you. The design makes it easy to replace the end section of SKS rifles like the AK. 

The rail is firm, and you will not have any problems replacing the rear section leaf of your rifle. The extended slots make it the best design for adding other sights as well. The fixed sight feature makes it easy to aim as you do not need to reset zero. 

Unlike other scope mounts, it is relatively lightweight yet able to hold firmly large scopes in place. A heavy rifle can be tasking; people who want to carry their guns everywhere prefer lightweight add ons. 

Some scope mounts may need the assistance of a gunsmith to make modifications. The Low-profile Piccatiny is straightforward and ready to use from the box. Instructions are simplified, while mounting and dismounting are fast and easy. 

Most first time hunters can quickly adapt to its use regardless if it is their first time using SKS side scope mounts. You can use this scope mount on a variety of SKS rifles. Besides the AK rifles, it also works on Yugo SKS rifles.  

It is resistant to unfavorable weather conditions because of the anodized hard coat design. 


  • Best for beginners because of the easy installation process
  • So much room to add sights 
  • Versatile for use in different types of SKS rifles
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Firm and stable mount scope that can replace your rifle’s stock rear sight.


Some people complain of alignment and stability challenges. 

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Ultimate Arms SKS Rifle Scope Mount

It is a one-piece design scope mount that features a black steel receiver cover and a sniper scope. If you want a high profile scope mount, then this should be your choice. The Picatinny rail base is weaved for you to attach your scope with ease. 

Additionally, the see-through cover is useful if you want to add other sights like the iron sight. Because of its one-piece design, you can aim through your scope easily, improving on your stealth. Your scope will zero when you install your mount and zero back when you remove it.

It has current specifications, and you will not need to drill or make any modifications to fit in your mount. Most SKS mounts are long to fit many SKS rifles. The variants are the Yugo SKS scope mounts, and Norinco SKS scope mounts.  

Unlike other SKS scope mounts, it will take you some time to assemble and disassemble it on your rifle. The process is straightforward; however, disassembly can be time-consuming. You must unscrew all screws to remove the scope mount. 

It comes with an option of adjustments. Using the included Allen wrench, you can remove the right side of the scope mount. By doing so, you can make use of the locking mechanism of your scope mount. 

To improve on the fluidity and stability of your mount scope, you should consider applying Loctite for lubrication. It makes it easy to adjust screws that need adjustments after firing your rifle.  


  • Makes instant Zero on your scope once you install your scope mount. 
  • Simple and straightforward installation
  • It has a see-through design and cover.
  • The mount is durable and versatile for use in many SKS, AK rifle types. 
  • It is an all-weather steel alloy scope mount.


  • You might need to file a little to ensure a tight finish. 

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Global Sportsman See-through Scope Mount

You will never go wrong with choosing the Global Sportsman See-through Scope mount. It is a popular choice because you can use it on any SKS model rifle. Finding an excellent Yugo SkS mount scope or a Wartak SKS scope mount is challenging. 

It is durable as the material is aircraft-grade aluminum with a black matte anodized finish. It makes it an all-weather scope mount that will last you for many years in unfavorable conditions. At only eight ounces, it is lightweight but can hold large scopes firmly in place. 

It has an adaptable design at the bottom slot that includes a notch holding foldable bayonets in place. The design also makes it easy to use. Unlike other scope mounts, you do not have to raise the mount to use the original iron sights. 

Because of the long mount length, getting a good eye relief requires you to position your scope extra carefully. 


  • It has a see-through design that allows you to use original iron sights
  • Versatile and has a universal fit
  • Long-lasting, durable body
  • Will hold zero exceptionally well
  • At only eight ounces it is incredibly lightweight
  • It is the best scope mount for asks


  • The length of the scope mount compromises eye relief

There is a need for modifications

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Buyers Guide for Buying the Best SKS Scope Mount

Types of Scope Mount

You must know the kind of Scope Mounts available for you and what each offer. There only four types of scope mount available and they are:

Receiver Mount

These are the best in the market. It mounts on the receiver allowing it to reflect the brass away from your scope. With receiver mounts, you can use all kinds of scope, including the fixed red dot. The rails are among the most secure and long for you to add other sights. 

Forward Scope Mounts

These use the screws that come together with your SKS rifle to fasten the Scope mount on the rifle. You must check against your gun to find the screws for your scope mount. The forward scope mounts have limited use for the Chinese 56 rifle. You cannot use it on the Russian or Norinco rifles.

Iron Sight Replacements

Mounts to replace iron sights are the cheapest in the market. They allow smooth and stable installations. They use the forward placement, which makes its use limited for SKS scout scope mounts. However, it is the perfect scope mount for the fixed red dot scope. 

Receiver Cover Replacements

These are the most challenging scope mounts to use. It will require lots of filing, which can be time-consuming. However, they are affordable and stable. You can mount all forms of traditional scope to the SKS rifles.


A massive scope mount will only make your rifle feel a lot heavier. You should go for a lightweight design that can allow you to mount large scopes. If you have a high balance, your aim will improve as the rifle will not topple over under the weight of the scope and scope mount.  


The construction will influence the durability of your scope mount. You should get one that will last for many years without taking damage. An all-weather scope mount is also useful for harsh environments. The best construction includes steel and aluminum alloys. The strength of the metal alloys ensures that your scope mount does not bend from recoils. 

Anodized materials also ensure that the scope mount is water and corrosion-proof. These features contribute to your scope mounts shelf life. Proper handling also adds to its durability. 


You must ensure that you get the right fit for your rifle. The primary purpose should be to fit the scope to the rifle tightly. The scope mount must fit without movements to guarantee accuracy. If the scope mount does not fit automatically, do not worry so much. With a few modifications, you can adjust it to fit perfectly. 

You can consider permanent modifications like tapping, drilling, and filing. These will alter sides of the receiver to make it accommodating and tightly fitting. 


Alignment helps to protect your scope from receiving damage from the recoil after you fire your rifle. Make sure the rifle, the scope mount, and the scope are aligned perfectly. It gives you improved accuracy and stability.

Alignment also makes it easy for you to zero-in while firing on moving objects fast. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are SKS Scope Mounts All the Same?

No. Most have different features, including the size of the rail, ease of installation, and the mounting options.

What Size of Rings Should I use for My SKS Scope Mount?

It depends on the type of scope mount that you are using. Different scopes use different ring types as well. Your scope should be as low to the rifle without touching it. There are small, medium, and large ring sizes available for your scope height preference.

What is the best SKS Scope Mount?

Many differ in price and quality, but you can consider the UTG SKS Scope Mount to be among the top brands in the market today. 

Can I clean My Scope Mount?

Yes, and you should clean them from time to time. The recoil that comes after you fire your rifle can damage the scope mount if you do not clean it regularly. 

What IS the Best Scope Mount For All Rifles?

It is all about preference. However, the scope mount you can use for all SKS rifles is the Global Sportsman See-through, Scope Mount

Finding the best scope mount for your rifle depends on what your preferences are. The best SKS scope rifle in this review is the UTG SKS Scope Mount because it is hardy, easy to install and use.  Before settling on a Scope mount, you must consider all the limitations and advances it accords you when using your rifle. The best scope mounts should improve your aim and SKS rifle experience. 

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