What Every Hunter Needs for Christmas? 30 Gift Ideas for a Hunter (2020)

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If you are looking to buy the perfect Christmas gift for your father/dad/partner/mother/brother/sister or whoever is interested in hunting. You have come to the right place! Here we will list our favorite items to give as a Christmas gift for hunters. We have sorted it out so there’s something for all budgets and situations. Have a fantastic Christmas and hope you find what you’re looking for!

Best Hunting Gift over 100$


If you had Binoculars on the list, this is an awesome one that works really well all-round for different hunting situations. We have done an extensive guide to the best binoculars for hunting before, but if you want to skip that list and just go for a good option, this is it.

Night Vision Hunting Scope

If the person you’re going to give a Christmas gift to is interested in wild hog hunting or coyote hunting, this is the ultimate gift for them. This scope attaches to any rifle and makes it possible to hunt during the night time – it’s actually totally awesome for the price.


Fantastic gift and comes in very handy in many situations, this is ideal for novice hunters as it quite often is hard to tell the distance by just looking at the game. This product is a really good all-round option, if you want to go more in-depth on the subject here we have an extensive list of the best rangefinders.

Hunting blind

This is Hunting blind is extremely useful for hog hunters, deer hunters or basically for any type of hunting that requires stealth or camouflage. We have a much more in-depth guide on selecting the best hunting blinds, but if you don’t want to go too in-depth but still want a fantastic hunting blind this is the one I would buy.

Trail camera

Ok so there are like a gazillion options for trail cameras and it’s quite hard to pick as you don’t really know much about it? We have an extensive guide to our best trail cameras. If you don’t like too many options in this case and don’t want to dig too deep, get this one! it’s a fantastic option for 99% of hunters.

Rifle Camera

Are you getting something for a hunter who “has it all?”, well most likely he or she doesn’t have a Rifle Camera? It’s actually extremely fun and if you hunt a lot on your own this is a really good way of sharing the experience and re-living it once you’re home. I was actually very hesitant to this at first but look at a few YouTube Videos and try it – you will be surprised at how much you will use it.

Hunting Backpack

This is a more premium Hunting Backpack with a ton of awesome features, as with most topics I have covered the best hunting backpacks earlier but if you want a quick option that brings a ton of quality, this is the one I would get.


A Treestand is mostly used by deer hunters and bowhunters. This is a great product that I highly recommend as I’ve been using mine for years. It’s far from the most expensive one but still good quality.

Bluetooth Hearing Protector

No doubt the #1 pick for me for most hunters, this is what they want but they don’t know it. Amazing features and once you start using them you will never go back to your old ones. Bluetooth streaming from your phone is so good, you can listen to podcasts while hunting and don’t miss out on anything.

Hunting Vest

A really nice all-round hunting vest, this is good for turkey hunting, waterfowl hunting or basically whatever type of hunting the person you’re giving it to is going to perform. I have had this for years now and there’s a ton of good pockets to store ammunition, knives, snacks in.. It took me 3 years to realize I had 4 more pockets I didn’t even notice in the beginning.

Best Hunting Gift under 100$

Hunting Knife

This is your best option if you’re looking for just a standard all-round fantastic hunting knife. Only reason I ever buy new ones is because i keep forgetting where I put it or drop it in the forest. Really great quality over time.

Pocket Knife

If you want a hunting knife that is easier to bring and that is actually more versatile? I would go for this one, as it’s more of a general outdoors knife. Of course its awesome for hunting but if it’s only for hunting I would take the option above.

Waterproof Breathable Rain Suit

If you want to have a really good rain suit that doesn’t cost you a fortune, this is by far my favorite. It’s quite stealthy for stalking and actually quite good with a fantastic price.

Trail Camera

This is a more budget option for trail camera. Still a fantastic product and really quite much better than most. If you don’t want to spend your entire christmas budget I would go for this one.

Hunting Blind

Actually a fantastic hunting blind and when I was looking for what gifts to buy a couple of years ago, this landed in my shopping cart after reading reviews and looking at YouTube. And it’s a ton of Hunting Blind value for the money, if you’re considering going for the more premium option or this one I would most likely go for this one if you have a tighter budget. Still has 99% of the features.

Hunting Jacket

I don’t have much to say about this other than that it to me looks awesome and it fits me very comfortably. I find it hard to recommend other people clothing but me being a big guy – this one is fantastic.