FX Crown: A Buyers Guide and Checklist

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FX Airgun Company is always at the top of its game when launching a new air rifle. In its latest release, FX has come up with the new FX Crown Airgun that is sophisticated, innovative, and accurate in all aspects. The emergence of the FX crown has raised the quality bar for other airguns in the market.  

It is arguably the best airgun that your money can buy worldwide, and I can never agree more about this. It combines all the great features that I loved in the other FX airguns to give you nothing but the best services an airgun can offer you. I particularly love its lightweight nature, weighing only 7 pounds, making it easy to carry around when hunting. 

When I got to test its accuracy, I did have my expectations met and exceeded. No one could beat me at the shooting competition, which is undoubtedly an experience you too can enjoy having. The gun features a new barrel system, which I find very convenient as it includes the .177, .22, .25, and.30 calibers plus a barrel kit that makes it easy to change the calibers.

The adjustability features formerly on FX impact have been retained in FX Crown probably because they worked superbly well. Thanks to this feature, I could easily fine-tune the hammer tension using the accessible power wheel adjuster. I could also adjust the air regulator as well as the airflow with this adjustability feature.

FX Crown exists in different models that have been modified to meet specific clients’ needs as well as specific activities. I have, for example, been using the FX Crown Continuum, which I found to be ideal for my hunting needs and practically affordable. I will take you through some of these models to find out which one suits your rifle needs perfectly.

Factors to Consider When Buying the FX Crown Guns

I can’t cover every detail on what you need to look out for when buying an FX Crown gun, but the ones I have picked out for you below should suffice. Have a look.

Air Bottle

FX Crown guns feature some of the unique air bottles you could find in the market and so looking out at this feature in an FX Crown would help you settle for the genuine gun. The air bottle is lightweight and is made of carbon for long life.

Large Capacity Magazine

Another outstanding feature I loved about this gun and one you should be looking out for, is its large capacity magazine. This is fundamentally important when hunting as it helps you maintain consistency in shooting hence maximizing your catch.

Interchangeable Barrel System

I can call it the most innovative feature of the FX Crown airgun. It is also known as the X barrel, and they come in various twist rates for maximum pellets projection. There is also the barrel kit, which allows you to change the calibers easily.

The Lever

One fact about the lever that I loved so much is its accurate placement on the gun. The lever’s ideal position will allow you to cycle and cock the gun without pulling your eye from the scope when shooting.

The FX Crown Models

With several models available for you to pick from, I would like to present some of the outstanding rifles in the FX Crown family. Whether it’s the color that fascinates you, the material used to make the rifle, or maybe the size and other qualities, you will find your perfect match of the FX Crown guns from this list.

  • FX Crown Continuum.
  • FX Crown Green Laminate.
  • FX Crown Synthetic.
  • FX Crown Black-Pepper Laminate.
  • FX Crown Blue Laminate.

FX Crown Continuum

The FX Crown Continuum is a perfect description of quality in an airgun. Since the launch of the FX crown guns, I have used it, and I can’t find any regrets to write home about. It comes with the 380mm and 700mm all-new Superlight Smooth Twist X barrels, making it ideal for both hunting and plinking.

The barrels also give it the ability to shoot accurately from 75+ yards distance, further improving your hunting success rates. The new barrel is much lighter and feels more rigid on the gun thanks to the two 3mm set screws on each receiver’s side. The set screws also provide extra support over the top-mounted screws for increased stability.

FX did a great job when they did away with the old 11mm dovetail scope rail and replaced it with an integrated Picatinny rail, which works perfectly to raise the scope firmly at the best level. The Continuum is about one pound lighter than the standard Crown, a feature that has helped me a lot with movement. 

FX Crown Continuum records a slight increase in power over the standard Crown. The most significant difference is the accuracy and a shot count of about 20 over the standard one.


Here are some of the peculiar features of the FX Crown Continuum airgun.

Superlight Smooth Twist X Barrel

It comes with two of these. The 380mm is ideal for long-range shots as it offers a tighter bore and better internal finish. The 700mm barrel, on the other hand, is ideal for short-range shots. You can easily change these barrels at any time for your shooting convenience.

Smooth side lever action

The gun’s side lever, which is used in cocking the gun, runs smoothly to ensure that you have perfect shots that are released just in time. This helps to improve your shot accuracy.

480cc carbon Air Tank 

The 480 cubic centimeters air tank capacity is large enough to accommodate enough air to give your gun the pressure to propel your pellets at the top speed for effective and fast shots. The air tanks are interchangeable, and so you can carry a multiple of them for an effective shooting experience.


  • Versatile and accurate.
  • Adjustable recoil pad.
  • Three years of limited warranty.
  • Smooth side lever action.


  • Available in only two calibers .22 and .25.

FX Crown Green Laminate

Everything you loved about FX Impact has been taken and included in a standard sporter stock to make the FX Crown Green Laminate. This sporter stock is not your ordinary stock, and FX has ensured that the stock of choice is one green hunter laminate stock to bring out the ideal look for a hunting rifle. I can confidently say that this stock matches the quality and precision of the internals of the Crown that it houses.

Using this particular air gun is like using a high-performance race car since you can easily adjust and fine-tune the Crown to hit the highest accuracy you can achieve with any rifle. Its smooth twist X barrel will work perfectly for you when changing the rifle’s caliber from .177, .22, .25 to .30 calibers. Thanks to the barrel system, you can also change the barrel line to tailor your barrel twist rate.

I can recommend this gun to you if you love the quiet operations and not the audible shots that might jeopardize your quiet missions. FX is promising to add more barrel liner options in the future months, which you can take as part of your accessories. 

Another thing I loved about the Green Laminate is the two pressure gauges it comes with. One of them is for reading pressure of the removable 480cc carbon fiber bottle while the other is used to read the regulator’s pressure.


Let’s look at some of the features that make the Green Laminate Crown Air gun stand out.

Ambidextrous Thumbhole Green Laminate Minnelli Stock

The Ambidextrous thumbhole green laminate stock is the best stock for an air rifle. It holds the rest of the gun in a position with the mounts’ help for perfect positioning when focusing on your target. The thumbhole allows you to easily slide your thumb through the stock rather than wrapping it on top of the stock.

Removable High-Capacity Rotary Magazine

It is fitted with a removable high-capacity rotary magazine which can hold up to 15 pellets at a go. This enables you to maximize your shooting attempts as it also improves your effectiveness.

Fully Adjustable Match Trigger

With this kind of trigger, you are sure to have smooth shootings since there will be no worry of a stuck or staggering trigger and reduced pull weight. The trigger also helps to eradicate slips when gripping the gun.


  • Fully adjustable buttstock.
  • Has a Valve flow adjuster.
  • Two pressure gauges.
  • Interchangeable barrel calibers.


  • Adjusting the regulator with pressure in the air tank ruins the regulator.

FX Crown Synthetic

With all the features in your favorite FX rifles incorporated in a great weather synthetic stock, the FX design team came up with this peculiar air gun. I would describe this gun as a shooter’s dream, with which you can achieve high-level accuracy, whether target shooting or hunting in the open.

Like any other FX Crown rifle I have tried before, the FX Crown Synthetic’s smooth twist X barrel system changed the caliber rifles from .177, .22, .25 to .30. You can also change the barrel liner to improve your barrel’s twist rate further.

The gun has quiet operations, which makes it an ideal choice for hunting. I also found the adjustability game of the Crown Synthetic air rifle to be an incomparable one. First, its regulator is easily adjustable as you can adjust it externally apart from the internal adjustments.

Secondly, you can quickly adjust the hammer spring and the valve flow to perfectly suit your favorable adjustment measures. Plus, the easily adjustable two-stage trigger comes in handy in managing your shots better and more effectively.


Some of FX Crown Synthetic’s outstanding features include the following.

Adjustable Butt Pad 

The adjustable butt pad comes in handy when you need to perfectly position the gun on your shoulder for a clear focus, especially when shooting from a different position.

Interchangeable Barrel Calibers

With the interchangeable barrel calibers, you can comfortably choose your preference’s caliber, depending on your target and the distance you are shooting from. You can go for the higher calibers when shooting from shorter ranges and vice versa for longer ranges.

Two Pressure Gauges

You will have the best experience with the two pressure gauges that help you get accurate measurements of both the air tube pressure and the regulator pressure.


  • High-capacity magazine holding up to 14 pellets.
  • Weaver scope rail.
  • Up to four interchangeable calibers.
  • Very light.
  • Smooth cocking.


  • Its fill port is somehow challenging to access.

FX Crown Black-Pepper Laminate

As a hunter, I find the near-camouflage color of this rifle very irresistible. Inherent in this rifle are the qualities you would love your air rifle to have. These great features are covered in the beautiful black-peeper laminate stock that will camouflage perfectly in woodland when hunting.

The new FX smooth twist X barrel system is a key feature in the general Crown air gun, and so you will find it in this Fx Crown Laminate rifle. It helps you to easily change your calibers, depending on your needs at the time.  The whole barrel system is covered in a fully shrouded barrel to keep your shooting super quiet.

Its two pressure gauges are located at the gun base to allow you to accurately read the pressure of the removable 480cc carbon air bottle and that of the regulator. The rifle also comes with an adjustable comb, which helps you to get more accurate with your target.


Some of the outstanding features of the FX Crown Laminate include the following.

Dovetail Scope Rail

The rifle’s scope rail runs parallel to the bore where the scope is mounted on the rifle to make it easy to take the target on or off your sight. With this, you do not struggle to find your focus, and you can easily follow it through when you lose it from sight.

Removable High-Capacity Magazine

This gun features one of the highest capacity magazines, holding up to 21 magazines at once. With this capacity, you will have reduced frequencies of changing magazines and refilling the pellets making you concentrate maximally on your hunting. 

Ambidextrous Thumbhole Laminate Minnelli Stock

This black-pepper thumbhole laminate Minnelli stock will help in a great way to improve your efficiency and effectiveness when out there hunting. It gives you the camouflage you need thanks to its color, and the thumbhole is ideal for keeping your thumb comfortable. The stock is generally more extensive to boost the gun’s stability when mounted.


  • Lightweight.
  • Highly accurate.
  • Quick usage guides.
  • Unlimited adjustability.
  • Accommodates any caliber you want.


  • The magazine is bigger, which means you will pay more than what you would pay for the smaller ones.

FX Crown Blue Laminate

I know you will agree with me that the Blue Laminate takes the lead in beauty and appearance. Besides having all the outstanding features found in iconic FX airguns such as FX Impact, the stock is highly attractive and perfectly designed for a great shoot.

Its new smooth twist X barrel helps you change the caliber the gun supports for effective use easily. It supports the .177, .22, and the.30 calibers. It also offers quiet operations thanks to a fully shrouded barrel that houses the smooth twist X barrel system.

You can quickly and effectively read the removable carbon air filter pressure readings and the regulator from the two pressure gauges that come with this rifle. Its two-match trigger is fully adjustable to give you a smooth cocking experience and an easy time when shooting.


Some of the admirable features of this great rifle include:

Fully Adjustable Match Trigger

Having a match trigger that adjusts so easily works so well to your advantage. It makes things easier for you as you can easily cock the gun without stagnation and dragging.

Blue Laminate Minnelli Stock

The Blue Laminate stock stands out among the rest of the FX crown air guns as it looks stylish and very modern. It is also wide enough to spread the gun’s weight for perfect balance when mounting the gun.

Side Cocking Lever Action

With the lever set on the gun’s side, you can conveniently cock the gun for powerful shots. This also helps in creating quick and successive shots which is ideal for hunting.


  • Extremely accurate.
  • Beautiful stock.
  • Lightweight.
  • Ergonomic grab.


  • Its beautiful stock comes with an added price tag making it more costly than the other FX Crown rifles.

Final Verdict

Getting the best from the FX Crown airguns depends on your color preferences and flexibility when choosing calibers. These guns feature great qualities you would want to see in an air gun in this 21st century. However, a few differences separate one FX crown rifle from the other to pick one that falls within your detailed needs. 

I fell in love with the FX Crown Continuum as I find it very easy to use and highly accurate with perfect shots from far ranges. I could recommend this gun if you are having trouble settling on a perfect choice yourself.

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