FX Impact Air Rifle: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

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If you enjoy shooting from a quality air rifle, you will not be new to the FX air guns. There are several models, but the FX Impact is quite outstanding, and a personal favorite.

Having undergone several massive renovations, the FX Impact air rifle stands out as one of the best, most advanced air guns today. It sets the standards of what to expect in these types of guns and gives you value for your money while satisfying all your shooting needs. A vast array of accessories are also available, making your experience even better.  

FX Impact Models


The FX Impact X air gun is feature-rich. It has a 70mm barrel and a one of a kind match-grade trigger system that does not depend on linkages or connecting rods. 

It also features a breech and barrel assembly that allows for a faster change system. However, for each caliber, you will need an additional barrel and pellet probe. Available is a tailored metering system that is adjustable and has an adjustable external air regulator. It also has a power wheel hammer spring tuning and valve return spring adjustment.

Other great features are a recoil pad, foster quick refill connector, cheek rest, extra quiet shroud system, and an air regulator. 

What I Like about the FX Impact X


Its flexibility is unmatched, and it has set itself apart from other competitors. The AR15 grip model allows a wide variety of accessories to go with it. 

Picatinny rail space on either side of the rifle allows mounting of plenty of accessories such as bipods, lasers, and illuminators, which provide light at low lit areas. 

The telescopic shroud offers a good option for the .177 and .22 calibers. For the higher calibers of .25 and .30, the barrel comes prefixed with a high functioning moderator.   

Great Design

A 480cc air bottle is an added advantage.  It has a removable bottle system owing to the internal valve. This helps to change the bottles while still charged with pressure. Armed with an ergonomically positioned cocking lever, AR-style safety, and an excellent pressure gauge, I can guarantee that the FX impact X is a very reliable rifle.


The FX Impact air gun is made of carbon fiber that cuts off a lot of weight, an aspect which ensures your field days are not as cumbersome. 

Large Magazine Capacity

Its rotary magazines are the largest there is in any air rifle. They hold a capacity of 21 rounds in .177 Cal, up to 18 rounds in the .22 Cal, 16, and 14 rounds in the .25 Cal and.30 Cal, respectively.    


Fx Impact MK2 is engineered to be a bullpup rifle that incorporates all the aspects of a good air gun that meets all the needs of a shooter. It comes in appealing shades of black and silver and weighs approximately 7 pounds.  

What Does the FX Impact MK2 Have to Offer?


No scope or mounts are pre-fitted, and hence this makes it lighter and manageable. Its proportionality helps to balance it well on your shoulder. 


This air gun supports a wide range of calibers. It’s breech, and barrel assembly allows quick change for the .177, .22, .25 and.30 calibers. The barrel length for Cal .177 is 500mm and 600 mm for the calibers .22, .25 and .30


It is precision at its best, and its accuracy is on another level. It’s one of a kind match-grade trigger system that does not depend on linkages or connection rods. An adjustable butt pad makes a significant difference when it comes to achieving the perfect shot’s correct angle.  


The inner lining of the butt pad is contoured, allowing for a more comfortable grip and carrying. The front end has three accessory rails lined on each side of the middle section of the barrel. Accessories such as lights and lasers can be mounted, and on the underside is a provision for attachment of a bipod.  

The shooter, however, requires an additional barrel and pellet probe for each of the calibers. The barrel features the Smooth Twist X system that has replaceable liners for different twist ranges. This enables the shooter to successfully swap and replace the barrel liners of varying twist rates and bore specifications. 

The air metering system is tunable and has an external adjustable air regulator. The gun’s spring adjustment is driven by a power wheel hammer and also features valve return spring tuning. An adjustable recoil pad, quick fill connector, cheek rest, air regulator, Picatinny rails, and a modern shroud system all work together to make the MK2 an unrivaled precision machine.  The barrel shroud is extendable and allows for sound suppression when extended.

High Capacity Magazine

The replaceable high capacity magazine can support a capacity of up to 38 shots on cal. 177, 28 shots on cal. 22 and Cal .25 while Cal .30 has 23 shots. This is especially essential when you are tired of reloading empty magazines while trying to maintain a view.

Incredible Design

What I love most is the ergonomically positioned cocking gear that helps me fire without changing the view or cheek weld.  It is placed above the trigger to enhance quick successive shots. The trigger is also fantastic; it has a blade design with a broad, flat surface and a light curve adjustable for angle and height.  

The tactical and high power properties place it ahead of its competitors. 

Fx Impact Upgrades

The FX Impact has undergone massive upgrades over the years. These advancements have improved the performance of the subsequent rifles greatly.  Various parts have been modified and reinvented to create the ultimate design that is now in the market. 

Described below are some of the significant modifications made on the rifle.

The Reloading Block

In the older models, it was impossible to service the hammer pins. Once damaged, one was required to replace the entire block. Can you imagine how inconveniencing that was? However, recent versions have had more serviceable and user-friendly hammer pins. 


Older MK1 rifles had an X-ring in the Plenum that was held in place by a nut. More recent models have been upgraded with an O-ring that uses a different nut. 

The guns also had external diameter plenums of 20mm, which have now been replaced by a larger plenum of 23mm outer diameter. All the older versions can successfully be modified to this more recent Plenum.

Valve tube

The manufacturers no longer produce the earlier type of valve tubes that had an x-ring. However, you can have them upgraded. You will need to purchase a new valve tube together with the screw.

Valve House 

Earlier models of MK2 rifles had a bigger valve house and did not have a separate valve seat. Both MK1 and Impact-X’s valve house have seen a decrease in size, consequently accommodating the 20mm Plenum. It has a detached valve seat and is currently available in the market.

MK2 Impact has a larger valve house and an in-built valve seat. However, you will need to install a more recent version of the Plenum or valve tube to have the older versions update with a current valve house. 

Pressure Gauges

Impact X and Mk1 rifles had smaller gauges, and are still available in the spare market. The upgrades have seen the MK2 guns having a larger gauge, which is more accurate than the earlier models.

Older models can be upgraded to the current pressure gauges.


The original magazine for the impact rifles was referred to as mega-mag and was commonly found in the MK1 and Impact-X rifles.

The MK2 rifles feature an upgraded magazine that uses the side-shot system. This one has a higher capacity and is also easier to operate.

To upgrade the Impact-X and MK1 rifles to the Side shot system, you must use a conversion kit available in all distributor stores.  

Pellet Probe Grub Screw

The small grub screw used in older versions was later redesigned into a bigger one. The recent one, which is more prominent, takes in pellet probes and feeding pins designed for it and is now available as a spare. You should note that you are required to buy the grub screw if you intend to change the pellet probe. 

Regulator Housing

The manufacturers redesigned the regulator housing when they were making the MK1 rifle. The previous model spotted an external diameter of 8mm while the latter had a 10mm diameter. The different O-rings used in these two models are available as a spare. Modification may require you to change the entire main block. This, however, may not make much economic sense. 

Regulator Rod

The older 14mm rod used in the older MKI rifles were modified into a 16mm rod. They may, however, not match the regulator housing. Both regulator rods are both available. Before making an order, it would be wise to check your rifle size. 

Valve Stem

Modification of the Valve stem on the FX MK1 brought a guide positioned on top of the threaded space. This was meant to prevent cross-threading during installation by guiding it on the hammer seat. You are guaranteed compatibility of the new valve stem on all subsequent versions of the Impact.  

However, you may still find it hard to install the hammer seat, so you may want to turn it anticlockwise till it clicks before slowly turning it clockwise to begin the threading. In case you get some resistance, you should redo the process to get the right result.

Valve Spring

There were three small springs on the older models of the MK1 rifles. These were modified into a single spring to serve all the subsequent versions. The individual spring is more natural to attach.


The two barrels, FX smooth twist barrel in MK1 rifles and the new smooth twist barrel in Impact-X and Impact MK2 rifles, have distinctive designs incorporated in each. You may need to upgrade from the smooth twist barrel to the more recent smooth twist X successfully.


Depending on the purchase country, you can get both the fixed shroud and telescopic shroud on your MK1 or Impact-X rifles. Spares are only available for the models with a telescopic cover. The MK2 guns which use the spring may find a bit of a disadvantage in this.

FX Impact Mods

There are a variety of MODs that are available in the market today. Below is a detailed outline of the same.

Transfer Port and Pellet Probe

This improves the speed of your pellets and is specially made for the 0.22 caliber. They are recommended for the elimination of air restrictors.

Valve Seat Change

This goes a long way in removing the air in the valve, a process that makes the valve plate larger. The standard stock Valve seat is usually 5.5 mm, and the more recent one is the MK2 that features a 6.35mm. 

The Delrin

You are required to replace the C3 bumper with the Delrin. Usually, the hammer hits the hammer seat with reduced cushion. This makes the valve to remain more open. The Delrin is sturdier than the typical O-ring from PU90 and more durable too. 


Usually, this ranges at 1mm, 1.5 mm, 2mm, and is positioned at one end of the spring. Its principal function is to add spring tension to a maximum.

Hammer Weight

The hammer weight is similar to the spacer. Its primary function is to increase the weight of the hammer. An increase in weight opens the valve when at high pressure.

Barrel Extender

A range of 600mm to 700 mm is recommended for the barrel extender. This means you may use a 700 liner with a 600mm barrel.

External Plenum

The recommended Plenum should be more substantial. It should also be built for external use.

How Does the FX Impact Air Rifle Compare to a Close Competitor?

FX Impact vs. FX Crown

The FX Crown is very similar to the Impact, offering the users a great shooting experience.  You can find the FX Crown complete review here if you haven’t yet checked it out. 


The FX Impact has a shorter barrel and can utilize the side shot high capacity magazines that excess ten shots on any caliber. Its stylish finish is a plus for it, and accuracy is on another level. The cocking lever and the trigger provide you such convenience that you will be pleased with the overall rifle capabilities.

However, the Crown provides you with a more natural feel of the cheek rest though it is deflects more quickly. The barrel is also not sufficiently supported on the receiver hence the numerous deflections.


In terms of flexibility, the FX crown provides you with similar adjustability features to the FX impact. 


The Impact is not easy to single load but does great when you use the magazine. Magazine changes are slower and sometimes awkward, and the distance between the shoulder bag and the tripod is relatively shorter. 

The Crown allows for a quick change of all the calibers, .177, .22, .25 and .30. The property ensures that you can adjust the hammer tension to your liking through the power wheel adjuster. You can also improve the airflow and the air regulator.  

 Its lever cock allows you to cycle and cock the gun without requiring you to put your eye on the scope subsequently.

Summary: The Best Overall

Whether you choose the FX Impact or the Crown will most definitely depend on your specific tastes as they are both excellent air rifles.  Both offer exemplary features that will no doubt satisfy your rifling needs.

Most Popular FX Impact Air Rifle Accessories

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Recommendable to Shift the Cocking Lever to the Left Side?

The cocking lever of an Impact FX is usually ambidextrous, which means you can move the cocking handle on either side of the rifle without any problems. 

What Height of Scope Rings Do I Need for My Sidewinder Scope of 50mm?

Since the cheek rest is a very short distance below the rail, you can use very low scope rings, allowing the bell to clear your barrel.

Can I Use a Slug Pellet for My Impact FX M MKII, or Do I Need to Redo the Barrel Completely?

The gun can shoot the slugs out of it. However, I would is recommend that you use a slug line to prevent damage to your barrel.

Final Thoughts

You will never fail with FX air guns. The FX Impact’s design will ultimately suit your hunting and shooting needs. Having undergone a series of upgrades, these air guns will allow you to experience the thrill of shooting at long range while giving you the accuracy and precision you need.

Carry it to your next hunting trip or shooting competition, and it will probably spare you much effort and unforeseen disappointments.

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