Crosman SNR357 Review

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Perhaps if you’ve ever needed a perfect air gun that suits you, look no further than the Crosman SNR357. The revolver gives you an excellent impression of both unique capabilities, with a snub-nose barrel for its improved weight distribution, and it looks amazingly great. I can’t agree more about its amazing features that work both well with an accustomed gun handler or any shooter seeking to hone on their shooting skills through training or some recreational shooting. 

My experience with this Crosman SNR357 full metal ammo paints a perfect picture of a gun built with unique features, aiding in a much more shooting proficiency. From its handling up to aiming for a shot, this gun will satisfy your shooting endeavors’ expectations. Thanks to the BBs, you can significantly practice and improve on your draw techniques. This air gun also offers you close to 100 shots with every fill in its reusable cartridges, so you don’t have to worry about how long you can go on with your shooting games. 

What Does Crosman SNR357 Offer?

It’s no secret there’s a lot to look forward to when you acquire the Crosman SNR357. Talk of its immaculate features that ensure you enjoy your experience with it, this gun series bearing the Crosman SNR357 CO2 Dual Ammo Full metal revolver is worth every coin you spend on it. The features built with it, just as I am going to share with you in a moment, will elevate your shooting enthusiasm, and make you have no choice other than appreciating its capabilities. 


The Crosman SNR357 has excellent features, some of which include; 

Semi-auto Repeater

The Crosman SNR357 is a modern gun, featured as a semi-automatic, which means with the air gun, you can fire a single shot with each pull of the trigger, but again the gun automatically reloads between every fired shot. This is interesting, especially if you don’t have much experience in handling revolvers, and yet it raises the convenience needed when shooting. The gun is also suitable for any medium-range shooting activities, or fights due to its repeater attributes. This is so as they fire faster and give you more shots between reloads than the regular rifles. 

Ergonomic Grip

This air gun is specially designed to ensure you are guaranteed much safety throughout your shooting activities. Its ergonomic handle design features a power grip, ensuring your fingers align in a way where they have to work in conjunction with each other just to maximize the hand capacity on the grip.  There is a much-improved efficiency while handling the gun, with reduced discomfort, fatigue, and risks of injury that could arise.

All in one High Quality

It will be unfair if I go further without mentioning the quality of this fabulous air gun. With the Crosman SNR 357 in your hand, you’ll undoubtedly realize that you’re carrying a high-quality revolver, covered in a beautiful metal finish, with an enhancement of a single plastic grip carrying the characteristic Crosman emblem. 

Adding to the Crosman SNR357 parts made of high quality is the chamber release and safety catch, which are striking in silver, piling up on its appealing outlook that should never make you regret acquiring one.

High Accuracy

Some people say the first call on testing any gun’s efficiency is finding out about its accuracy. I fully agree with them, and that’s why I can comfortably say Crosman SNR357 will offer you the much-needed shooting accuracy. My personal user experience revealed a remarkable average shooting accuracy, with every BBs shot devoid of any drop-offs.  

The air gun is fun and tactile enough with an incredible accuracy unexpected of any CO2 revolver. If you are out on a hunt, this is the gun to carry, as it will help you hit the target quite quickly. However, a practice remains critical for you to achieve greater heights of perfection in anything.

Double/ Single Action Trigger Pull

The double-action and single-action are terms used to refer to the gun’s operation mechanism every time the trigger gets pulled.  The Crosman SNR357 comes with the double/single-action trigger pull. This ensures the gun’s mechanical parts have to execute two tasks with each trigger pull. With the gun, the trigger both cocks the hammer, prepares for the actual firing to occur, and then fires the air gun.

This is interesting given how it makes it easy to handle the gun and take a shot.  The double-action trigger feature means you can use either fire off shots quickly or cock the hammer every time for a lighter trigger pull. It’s fun, isn’t it?

Dual Ammo and Snub-Nosed

The Crosman SNR357 is designed for dual ammunition (ammo), meaning with it, you are all good to fire both the BBs and the pellets. BBs are the classic air gun ball projectiles made of lead. The pellets, which evolved later, are made of lead, or a mixture of lead with other metals. Pellets are more preferable as they have minimal chances to ricochet as compared to the BBs. The gun comes with a set of shells for each type of ammo. 

The air gun is also a snub-nosed revolver, meaning it carries a small to large frame revolver, bearing a short barrel of close to 3 inches or less in length. So if you’re a gun enthusiast, who is more concerned about maneuverability and people not finding out if you’re armed, this is your gun. Be ready to sacrifice power and range, though.

Manual Safety

It’s easy to admit the confidence that comes around when carrying a gun bearing some manual safety. I can attest that gun safety is one of the few things that I look for before settling for any purchase. So far, so good, Crosman SNR357 has a manual safety, which correctly works best for me. It has the release button, which is also the safety button that is slid to prevent the gun from any firing mechanism. 

So the gun is either put on safety mode or made ready to shoot by the same button, making it a lot easier to ensure and monitor your safety whether the gun is in use or just carrying it.

Adjustable Rear Sights

These are the sights near the breech of the air gun. To me, I always consider these sights a must before I settle for any gun. Crossman SNR357 has never disappointed me on this. The views on this gun are adjustable for sighting by modifying the sights for elevation. By no doubt, this improves my shooting experience as I can aim from specific distances and still not miss on my target.


  • Has a better and considerably larger shot of 100 per fill which is fun
  • The gun possesses an improved weight distribution thanks to its snub-nosed barrel
  • Highly accurate and efficient
  • Faster offering more shots between reloads
  • Comes with a blister pack, bearing instructions, six pellet cartridges and the revolver itself
  • Affordable price range


  • It may not provide you with a better shot from a more extended range
  • Though it has an even weight distribution, its full metal nature renders it more burdensome occasionally.

Using this Air Gun

How to Load Crossman SNR357

The Crosman SNR357 features a tactile approach to its loading. It has a blister pack that only needs to be opened and put into shape. The blister pack has instructions, six pellet cartridges, and the revolver, housing six BB cartridges. The gun runs from one 12grm CO2 capsule, and it is loaded by removing the grip, inserting it, and closing up the locking nut. After the nut tightens, a simple quarter turn pierces the capsule.

The BBs are quickly loaded with a simple push, and a suction-like click to the cartridge’s front as the pellets push from the rear of the round, resting a lot more firmly into place.  Just place the cartridges into the chamber, close the chamber, and go, ready to spray those bullets!

How to Clean Crosman SNR357

Air guns generally operate with a blast of air, and small particles of residue are blown out of the barrel when the air gun is fired.  The bore should be, on most occasions, wiped out using a clean, dry patch.  I would advise against using solvents on the bores as there is the danger of the solution getting into the valves, which are made of plastic material hence prone to damage from the solvents. 

You should push a dry patch through the bore to help remove any remaining particles of lead. Take caution enough not to let the cleaning solvent find a way into your air gun’s cylinder compartment.

How Loud is the Crosman SNR357?

The air gun produces more like a “pop” sound, which is not loud at all.  By being a CO2 pellet gun, there’s very little noise produced.

Crosman SNR357 Accessories 

There is no doubt you’ll need some of the gun’s accessories for its maximum utility. They help you get enough service and enjoy your experience with the gun. The accessories are readily available at affordable prices. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Crosman 12 gram CO2 Pack

Regular use of my gun has made me realize the need for this pack of CO2. It is an excellent accessory to any gas-operated gun. You’ll surely need it to ensure more consistent performance of your air gun.

Colt Peacemaker SAA Pellet Revolver Shells

Every time you start your shooting, I can tell you how much you’ll need more shells. Having a lot of them just gives you some peace knowing you won’t run out of them in the middle of your shooting. It’s no secret you need several packs of spare shells so you can spend more time shooting.

Plano Protector Revolver Case

This is a multi-use accessory that you need for your air gun.  It has a thick wall for maximum protection of your gun and a molded handle for secure handling. Get one for your gun, or all your guns as it can carry up to 4 guns.

Daisy Shoot-N-C Targets

These are suitable for your shooting and training exercises. The adhesive-backed ones show some orange halo after they are shot.  Acquiring them will make your training exercises more fulfilling and enjoyable. You only need to apply to any safe target surface and start your shooting.

A Table for Other Necessary Accessories That You May Need

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Final Verdict 

Crosman SNR 357 is your ideal air gun for all your activities. Be it just as an easily concealed gun for self-defense, or any outdoor activities. Its guaranteed high-performance level and relative ease of use are only among many of its attributes. Head out and get this fantastic air gun in leading stores worldwide, and enjoy hitting your targets with a simple trigger pull. You can check out reviews of the Crosman Legacy 1000 and the Crosman 1377 here.

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