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Ok, this is of course only judged by what we think are really awesome t-shirts, primarily because they’re either really funny or just look freakin’ awesome. So we have tried to list a few categories of t-shirts all related to hunting. I hope you find them as cool as we do.

Things to consider when buying a hunting t-shirt

Material of the t-shirt

Cotton t-shirts

are light and give you a natural feel, and it’s relaxed and comfortable. The benefit of cotton is, it doesn’t cause itching to allergies, and you can throw it in the wash. The bad part about cotton is that it shrinks in the washing machine and can look quite wrinkly unless you properly care for it.

Ring-Spun Cotton t-shirts

Ring-spun cotton means that the t-shirts are made from smoother cotton and a long, open end yarn.

The process of spinning the yarn makes each fiber in the yarn straighter and it produces a softer, smoother and more luxurious fabric and feel. It’s more expensive but it’s usually the difference between a t-shirt you feel “fits just right” and your old ones that has absolutely no fitting left in them.

Polyester t-shirts

Polyester never wrinkles and it’s good at keeping the t-shirts colors fresh for years. For me this is a horrible material in t-shirts, it’s terrible for sensitive skin and keeps you very warm, so try to keep the amount and % of polyester in your t-shirts as low as possible. Especially when you are out hunting or just walking outdoors.

50 / 50 Cotton Blend T-shirts

This option is actually quite decent, this gives you the best of both worlds and also minimizes the downsides of pure polyester t-shirts. Here you get the breathability of cotton and doesn’t get as warm as polyester t-shirts. It also gives you the benefits of a polyester t-shirt, so it will keep its shape and color much longer than a standard cotton t-shirt.

Tri-Blend T-shirts

This is a mixture of three different fabrics which are 50% polyester, 25% cotton, and 25% Rayon. They usually have this dappled look to them where normal cotton t-shirts have a more solid color. Much like the before mentioned 50 /50 Cotton Blend, the Tri-Blend is an attempt at getting the best out of several materials.

V-neck vs Crew Necks / Round Neck?

I’m not a fashion expert in any sense of the word so I’ve tried to look up the best information for you from other sites and most information here comes from this site here that seems really legit when it comes to fashion and t-shirts.

What are the benefits of a V-neck?

  • Short neck: A V-neck elongates the length of the neck.  so this is a good option for you beefier guys with shorter necks.
  • Broad shoulder line: A V-neck narrows the width of the shoulder line by accentuating vertical lines, so again.. awesome for heavier guys
  • Petite height: A shorter person tends to look more proportioned in a V-neck because of its elongating the vertical qualities. 
  • Short waist: a V-neck can mitigate the short length of a waist by drawing the eye in a vertical direction.

What are the benefits of a Crew Necks / Round Neck

  • Comfortable: Most people find the crew neck t-shirt more comfortable than the v-neck, huge benefit in my book!
  • Easier to dress up: Apparently they look more “dressed up” than v-neck t-shirts and are easier to use in more formal settings.
  • Better for layer on layer: Its easier to use a crew neck t-shirt under other shirts.

Best Hunting T-shirt

Ok, the reasons for this t-shirt being without a doubt my most used ones is because it’s a long-sleeved, thin t-shirt that looks awesome! It’s perfect for long walks through the brush. It’s not funny but just practical and looks good! I think I have 4 of these in different colors by now. You can get yours here on Amazon.

Best Deer Hunting T-shirt

I actually prefer this t-shirt in blue, to me that looks the cleanest. You can get it in up to 5XL so even us bigger guys won’t have a problem finding a good fit here. You can find the link to Amazon right here. And while you’re at it you really ought to check out our guide for deer hunting with dogs.

Best Gun Owner T-shirt

“It’s funny because it’s true” is a famous Sheldon quote and in this case, I think most of us who roam this blog are quite liberal towards gun legislation. You can pick up this awesome t-shirt for free at this link here. It’s given away by the American Gun Association and part of a campaign to fight for your second amendment rights. And while you’re at it you really ought to check out our buyers guide for the 30-06 rifles.

Best Patriotic T-shirt

It’s a free t-shirt that you get from this link here, we just think it looks awesome. It’s given away for free by the Family Protection Association.

  • Printed in the USA
  • 100% Combed and ring-spun cotton
  • Supremely soft
  • Superior Quality (don’t know what they mean by that but it feels good!)
  • Modern slightly fitted shape (don’t worry I have some extra pounds and it looks decent on me)

Best Funny Hunting T-shirt

It’s a classic by now but still accurate and quite funny. And make sure you don’t wear this t-shirt unless you really want to trigger a few left-wingers and vegetarians on your way. I have noticed that I get a lot of reactions when going into bigger cities which I assume is the habitat of most vegetarians. Find yours here on Amazon.

Best Bowhunting T-shirt

Ok there’s not many t-shirts out there for bowhunters I tell you that much if I were a t-shirt manufacturer I would go into the field of bowhunting t-shirts without a doubt. It might be one of the most exciting ways you can hunt but not really that many t-shirts to reflect it. I did however find this one on Amazon and thought it was kind of cool. I really hope you didn’t miss our huge article on how to go bowhunting for deer?

Best Outdoor T-shirt

I don’t know if it’s my terrible sense of humor but I find this t-shirt to be really damn funny. And also it’s quite usable for camo, of course, the text “I’m hiding” is contrasting with the camo but not too bad, I have used mine a ton when I go hunting for hogs in the southern states. You can get yours here on Amazon.

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